Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Too much social media?

It's no secret in this house that I love my social media - Facebook and Twitter being my poisons of choice.

The Mad Hatter will often see a pic pop up on my FB screen and exclaim "Oh, how cute!" or "Mommy, who is that?"

This past Sunday morning I used Twitter as a resource to get some advice on something I can no longer even remember. However, I do remember exclaiming to my husband that having Twitter is having an entire world of information at your fingertips in seconds.

The MH has been working diligently in kindergarten and there's a lot of focus "kid-writing", sounding out the letters in a word and writing them the way she hears them.

The results are usually hilarious.

For a while she liked wen something would happen. She has besst frendz. If"miss" is spelled m-i-s-s, then isn't misstr the correct spelling for the female's male opposite?

A couple of minutes after discussing my love for Twitter (a conversation that so brief I wouldn't even consider it a conversation), I got this taped to my bathrobe:

Please ignore my five o'clock shadow.

A few minutes later, she decide to ammend her thought:

Twitter moms are awesome.

My thoughts exactly.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Random doesn't even begin to cut it.

I couldn't think of a good title for this post because I have a feeling it's going to be brain explosion. Here goes.

- I haven't touched my blog in God knows how long, but that's the great thing about a blog ... it's your little piece of the world on the internet and you can leave it alone but it's always there when you come back. I'm hoping to come back a little more frequently.

- The tooth fairy came to visit us twice and I didn't even write a post about the momentous occasion! The Mad Hatter lost 2 teeth in 3 days. Loose, out, tooth fairy time. I made her one of these:

Except her name is not Aliza. This one was a gift for someone. And the one I made her isn't this pattern. I have a picture of it somewhere but I'm too lazy to locate it. And I'm going to make one just like this because I love the fabric combo. So that's that. There was lots of fairy dust everywhere, a Unicorn Pillow Pet, money, and sugar-free gum, along with a lovely note from hers truly (yes, the tooth fairy is female) that MH loved having us read to her. Great fun in this household but no sight of any more wigglies since.

- The Mad Hatter is thriving along in kindergarten! She aced the PALS (literacy/math) testing, and is reading to us. Reading! Do you have any idea what my heart felt like when she came home with her first weekly "reading challenge" book and read it to me, my mother, DH, my father, and anyone else who would listen? I thought my heart might just explode with pride. She is changing and growing so much every day and amazing us with the things she knows.

- Which brings me to the other side of having a kindergartener. One who will be 6 in February but is really going on 36. OY. OY. OY. It's about all I can say right now. She loves staring at herself in any mirror she can find. She's all about fashion. She's all about doing things her way. Like putting lip gloss on her week-old American Girl doll. Because she "wanted to make her look prettier." She has an answer for everything. Which is really quite annoying if you ask me. It's all about control, friends, and lately I feel like I'm losing mine.

- I've been sick with a horrible bug. Really, really sick. And I realized I get really sick almost every year right around this time. I'm hoping this is it for the season, because this was no Man Cold. This was 3 days of 102 degree fever. The fever finally broke and I continued to cough so much DH asked me if I needed a moment to retrieve my lung from the floor. I'm still coughing. And living with the guilt that I did not make it to my father-in-law's funeral. Yep, you read that correctly. Very sadly, DH's dad passed away this past weekend. While it was semi-sudden to us, we were prepared (you know, in the way you are when they tell you someone won't be leaving the hospital after they've been there for just a few days). Either he knew how sick he was and didn't tell anyone, or he had no clue. Either way, he didn't suffer because the family made the decision to keep him comfortable with anxiety drugs and morphine. I, however, am suffering. What kind of person isn't at their husband's side for the funeral and shiva? Apparently one with a 102 degree fever who can barely form sentences. But can cry. A lot. And explaining death to said kindergartener? Oh so heartbreaking, even with some advance warning. I'm thinking that the behavior of late is definitely connected to this ...

- I didn't even do holiday cards this year. Shame on me, but I haven't been in "the spirit", and the idea seemed daunting. Merry Christmas. Hope you had a Happy Hanukkah. And Kwanzaa? Not sure when it is but I'm sending my best wishes and/or hope it was great.

- Speaking of spirit, I can't believe it's almost New Year's. Where has the last part of this year gone? 2011? We've got plans to go to a family party at our friends' home in MA. Super looking forward to it, especially since this is a childhood friendship rekindled. It's even better as grownups.

- All this death stuff has my brain in overdrive. And I can't stop crying. Sometimes I hate mortality. Maybe I can change the fact that I'm the one person in America who did not get sucked into the Twilight Saga, go back and force myself to read them all, become obsessed with vampires, and see how I could get my family into that kind of lifestyle. Or not.

- In good news, I've lost 35 lbs. since April. I've done it with Weight Watchers, which I love, and truly believe is the only program that works. I really should post some sort of before and now pics (there's no after yet because I have stalled with holiday treats, and really want to get back on the wagon to lose another 30-40). Anyways, I now own leggings (who, me?) and skinny jeans (skinny in the same sentence as Mommy - shocking!). DH and my mom would probably like to shoot me because I spend my days asking if I look like I shouldn't be wearing them, but I get a little obsessed like that. However, can you say comfortable? Nothing makes me happier than leggings and a huge comfy sweater. Well, I'm sure there are other things. Perhaps some of them are inappropriate to chat about here. So, we'll leave it at the fact that leggings. make. me. HAPPY. Now I better stop eating holiday treats so I can keep wearing them.

- I am going to Florida ONE MONTH from TODAY! It's a girls' only trip - my mom, MH and I are going to visit my Grandma. So excited! So many firsts - MH's first plane ride, first time in Florida, oh the fun we are going to have. Did I mention that Grandma lives RIGHT on the beach? In a gorgeous condo? I stop in my tracks every time I walk by her balcony window and see the beautiful ocean - truly breathtaking. I'm so looking forward to this vacation and being with the 2 generations before me and the one after me. And McMommy - get ready, I've got 7 days and nights and this time we'll make it work or else! And I believe you - I'll go in a dark bathroom with you :)

OK, so there's so much more but I am going to stop for now. I guess that's what happens when you neglect your blog for 2 months and 16 days (just noticed my last blog post was October 1st). But, like I said, that's the best part of the blogosphere - your blog, and bloggy friends are always there and so forgiving.

Happy Holidays, and I hope to be back to blogging more regularly, as I realize how cathartic it is and how much I've truly missed it. And as for my lack of commenting? Lazy - I read my fave blogs through Google Reader on my iPhone and don't visit actual blogs unless I have a specific reason. I really need to try and fix that. I love you all and hope you know who you are. And I'm sorry this is so rambly and long ... and I apologize if there are type-o's, mis-spells, and incorrect grammar. Usually that stuff drives me nuts so I edit and re-edit myself but tonight I just can't be bothered. I know you love me as I am. And for that, see the comment a few sentences back. Sweet dreams.