Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good Logic

The Mad Hatter likes to watch TV every morning in the kitchen while I am a short order cook make her breakfast.

In an effort to mix things up, this morning I switched from Noggin to PBS Sprout.

Syd the Science Kid (which she used to love) - negative.

OK, on to local PBS.

Curious George - also negative.

However, if you ask me, she has pretty good reasoning for a 4 and a half year old.

MH: No Mommy, I don't want to watch Curious George because I'm not curious, and Curious George is for kids who are curious. I used to be curious, but I'm not anymore, so I don't need to watch Curious George. (yep, think I got that verbatim)

So, the MH now sits eating her formerly "chopped" scrambled eggs learning Chinese with her dear friend Kai-Lan.

Because I'm quite sure she'll be needing to use the Chinese language in the near future.

I'm thinking that when the questions start flying at me from every direction as they do all day long, I might just have to give her another lesson on the definition of curiosity.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tell Me . . .

Is it wrong that I'm completely envious of my daughter that I have never looked this fabulous at the beach?

Not even when I was her age?

And just in case you were wondering, she needed no cue to pose like that.

Monday, August 24, 2009

It goes a little somethin' like this . . .

Nah, nah nah nah naaah nah . . .

Let me introduce you to some friends The Mad Hatter has made over the last 3 months or so:

Yes, that would be Kiki, Marina, Twist, and Shout, and I wouldn't be surprised if they are your kids' BFFs too.

We started hearing the catchy songs of this group who make up The Fresh Beats Band (although to me, they'll always be the Jumparounds, which is how we were first introduced to them) at the beginning of the summer, in between shows on Noggin.

The MH loves anything that has to do with music - she hears a beat (no pun intended for those of you who know the songs as well as I do) and it stops her in her tracks.

We took Music Together classes for 2 years.

Thanks to Kidz Bop (remember how I felt about that? Yeah, we now own 3 CDs, along with every one we were able to collect when they were Happy Meal prizes), she knows the lyrics to more Top 40 songs than I do.

My girl is in constant motion, and when she hears music (whether it's playing out loud or just in her head), she stops what she's doing and the world becomes her stage.

It's truly her world. And she definitely lives life to her own special beat.

As we watched the "videos" all summer, she quickly became most intrigued by drummer Marina, at one point carrying around a set of bongo drums so she could drum along.

And finally, yesterday, my sweet little 4 and a half year old girl's dreams came true - The Fresh Beats Band show premiered on Nick Jr.

Not one episode, but two.

While the show may be kind of cheesy and totally predictable, it is good, clean, upbeat fun.

Kind of like Kids Incorporated meets Saved by the Bell.

A sort of Hannah Montana for the Pre-K set.

And a true rite of passage for the Mad Hatter.

She has been waiting, and waiting (and waiting) for those in-between show videos to converge into a show.

The first show she's watched that isn't a cartoon or puppet based show.

Her first big girl show.

It was a huge event in our house. DVRd on two TVs, the plan was that if she was super-well behaved all day (we've been experiencing a bit of unsavory new 4 and a half year old attitude lately and I finally seem to have found the one thing I can successfully hold over her head to ensure that the majority of our days are filled with acceptable behavior), we'd sit down and watch together as a family after bath time.

The plan went swimmingly, and I observed in awe the look of sheer happiness and utter glee as she watched her friends come to life on TV in a real show.

She beamed from ear to ear, and for the first 10 minutes, she was so riveted by all of it that she did not move from her perch on the couch.

Then she danced. And danced. As though her life depended on it.

And when the second episode came on and Marina's drums broke, she picked up her bongo drums and offered them to the TV screen.

I can't describe my feelings, but this is just one more bittersweet time when I realize my little girl is really growing up.

She's not a baby anymore.

In fact, at this time next year I will be a blubbering mess as she prepares to enter kindergarten.

More than anything, watching her excitement made me happy. The idea that something so small could be so big to her - so special and important - really made me stop for a few minutes and watch the world through her eyes.

And I loved it.

So tonight, we're getting ready to "Stomp the House" yet again as we watch the next new episode.

And this mom will proudly admit that she's a fan too. What can I say? They're catchy and fun!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

She must be a Breck Girl!

Or maybe not.

This post could also be titled: Why I Have the Best Husband in the World.

He's a guy who never complains about me spending time with my girlfriends, and actually encourages it.

He constantly tells me how much I deserve to have some "me" time.

I'm pretty sure he knows it helps me to be the best mommy I can be.

And he absolutely adores the special time he gets with The Mad Hatter when I do take the opportunity to do just that - planning special "dates" for the two of them.

For me, today was a special girls' day filled with shopping at an amazing mall, cocktails, and yummy food in celebration of our three birthdays, and our friendship.

DH had a full day planned, which included taking MH for breakfast, to the bookstore, lunch at McDonald's, Chuck E Cheese, and a visit with the grandparents.

When I got home and it was bathtime, I learned that there had been one other stop on today's agenda.

While I'm perfectly content to use my drugstore line of Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine shampoo, conditioner, and styling products (seriously, I love them!), it seems that Daddy thinks the princess Mad Hatter is in need of some higher quality salon products.

A visit to Ulta brought home these items:

Yes, that would be Paul Mitchell's line of Baby Don't Cry products - both the shampoo and detangling spray.

Apparently, our four and a half year old's (happy half-birthday, MH!) hair deserves no less than the best.

Honey, this is just one more reason YOU are the best.

While I continue to be quite content visiting CVS to meet my haircare needs, MH is pretty lucky to have a dad who not only does so many cool things with her, but who is always looking out for her best interest in the beauty department too!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Daughterly Advice

Last night was girls' night out.

Not just any girls' night out, but one that consisted of 5 close girlfriends, who, due to work, schedules, kids, and that thing we all call life, haven't all been together in way too long.

We started with dinner at a hip sushi/hibachi restaurant with equally hip and delicious cocktails.

And strolled to another popular spot for one more (possibly unnecessary) round.

And on this particular Friday, morning came a bit too soon for me.

DH fed the Mad Hatter breakfast, brought me coffee in bed, and left for work.

For the following 10 or so minutes, MH was happily engrossed in an art project in the kitchen as I tried (rather unsuccessfully) to will my eyes open and my body to move.

A few minutes later, she came bounding into my room.

"Mommy! Could you puh-lease just wake up already?!?"

Me: "Sweetie, I'm working on it. Mommy's just moving a little slow today."

MH: "Well! Maybe you just shouldn't have any more girls' night outs if you're just going to sleep all day!"

It was approximately 8:11AM.

And I type verbatim.

Because although I was rather foggy this morning, that certainly got me up, and with quite a giggle.

Oh, MH, someday you will understand the importance of girls' night out, how they make me a better mommy, and why sometimes I just really need a good glass of mommy juice (or three).

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WW - Birthday!

Well, we all know me, and we know this won't be wordless.

BUT, how could I not post pictures from my 34th birthday (which was only a week ago tomorrow)?

We met friends at The Cheesecake Factory for lunch.
I just LOVE when I get to be a "lady who lunches".
Who knew July 30th also happens to be National Cheesecake Day?
(which means 1/2 off your cheesecake!)
Forget the cheesecake - this "lady" was all about the whipped cream and sprinkles!
And dinner at RI-famous Twin Oaks - the BEST lobstah (lobster) salad EVAH!
And . . . the sterling silver beads whose quest took on a life of its own, including many hours of retail research. Wanna know about sterling silver beads, mm size, necklace lengh, where (and where not) to purchase - just ask me or my wonderful husband!
(mine are graduated 10mm-16mm and I'm in love with them!)
Out of about 7 shots, the best family pic we got documenting the occasion!

My 34th birthday was fabulous.
I am truly blessed.
And my amazing husband already knows he just may have backed himself into a corner being that next year is really the "special" birthday! It's gonna be hard to outdo just how wonderful my day and weekend were!
I could not ask for a more wonderful family or group of friends.
More to come (including a close-up of my gorgeous necklace) . . .