Saturday, August 30, 2008

It can't be wrong if we BOTH heard it!

I was awakened today by my little monkey MH, climbing all over me.

This is not really much different than usual.

She is a tiny thing, really - at three and a half she weighs about 31 pounds fully clothed.

BUT, those 31 pounds really hurt this easily bruising, recovering from a spinal fusion mommy. I end up bracing myself, which in turn hurts my back, and it's just never a good thing.

Because the throws her whole 31 pound body into me, with all her little might.

She's not doing it to hurt me - she is just very excited to be with her mommy and wants to express love. But we've told her over, and over, and over that she just can't do that!

She can snuggle with me, cuddle with me, whatever - but there is no running and crashing into me, no climbing all over me in bed, no being on top of me.

Alas my pleas goes unheard on a daily basis.

I have so many little bruises one might think I've been suffering spousal abuse.

I digress.

This morning, the little darling climbed up, and on her way over me to the other side of the bed, kneed me right in the lower stomach.

If you're like me, you really have to pee first thing in the morning - badly. I should correct myself here and note that I got kneed in the stomack and bladder.

I almost wet my pants. For real.

Daddy instantly reprimanded her, but I've decided that it's not enough. I told her to go in her room and take a time out.

She cried hysterically, carried on, and went to sit on her bed in the semi-dark. This went on for several minutes, which is actually pretty unusual. She normally takes her time outs like a woman.

I finally went in to ask her to calm down, and explain again that she was just taking a break because she cannot continue that behavior and needs to learn that there will be consequences if she does.

She instantly stopped crying, and I told her I'd let her know when she could come out.

A couple of minutes later, a tiny voice calls from her room "Daddy, can I have a fuckin' rest?"

We both heard it. DH was in the kitchen and came running down the hall with this hilarious and incredulous look on his face. "What did she just say?" he asked me. I had the same dumbfounded look on my face.

Daddy calmly called "what did you just say?"

And her answer again: "Can I have a fuckin' rest?"

We looked at each other, unsure of what to do, besides dissolve in fits of laughter.

He whispered "where would she get that from?" and although we both know I have an affinity for the "F" word, I don't use it around her.

He finally went into her room and asked her one more time what she said.

She was standing at her bookcase and repeated a final time "Can I have a book and rest?"

Perfect sense.

And while I know she'll eventually learn those words, I'm glad we seem to have dodged a bullet for now.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Mom

This mom had a different kind of day today.

This mom did more today than she has done any day in at least six months.

This mom was showered, dressed fashionably, coiffed, made up, and accessorized at the crack of dawn.

This mom then made sure her princess was dressed, fed, coiffed, hugged, cuddled, pottied, and ready for her second day of preschool.

This mom got both of us out of the house ahead of schedule.

This mom managed to drop off an overdue book to the library and still arrive at massage torture physical therapy 15 minutes early. (This mom is usually running in the door of physical therapy as her appointment is starting.)

This mom then went to work at her new job for five and a half hours. And didn't remember to eat lunch.

This mom rushed to pick up her little girl so she wouldn't be one of the last kids at school.

This mom was thrilled at the squeals of delight from her daughter as she pulled into the parking lot.

This mom's heart broke a little when the teacher said her daughter cried a little this afternoon, and later at dinner when her daughter said she cried because she missed her Mommy and Daddy today.

This mom knows these things are going to happen, and that her daughter is normal.

This mom stopped at the market on the way home to pick up a few badly needed groceries.

This mom prepared one of the best dinners she has in a very long time. (This mom doesn't cook all that much even when she is home for most of the day!)

This mom managed to field about a hundred "why?" questions with considerable tolerance.

This mom has spent the last two days in excruciating back pain that is making her feel physically ill. (This mom is hoping she's just having a little flare-up from trying to act like a normal person and running too much!)

This mom has tons to blog about, but . . .

This mom is TIRED. EXHAUSTED. About to go to bed as soon as I hit publish (it's 8:03PM, about 4 hours ahead of my regular schedule).

This mom is proud of her accomplishments today, and also in awe of those of you who do it every single day.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday was The Mad Hatter's first day of preschool! A post with details will follow, but in the spirit of Wordless Wednesday, I had to post some pics! WARNING: I had a hard time choosing, so there are quite a few! Family and friend eye-candy . . .

Brushing our teeth so we don't have "dinosaur breath" (and inadvertently giving Mommy the finger! Check out the hot pink nail - we had a mini-mani with our haircut last week, and she picked it all herself, complete with bling-bling glitter overlay!)

Getting the giraffe dress on was way more important than underwear! Now we pick not one, but two pairs!

She thinks she's ready to go, but we need to do something about that hair!

A headband will do the perfect job!

My little wild woman - so excited! Still need to brush that hair!

Sharing a moment with Daddy

Ready, set, go! The new backpack is almost as big as she is!

She just had to go in Daddy's car!

So proud to be here!

Bob the Builder was there to greet us! Even though she barely knew who he was, she was enamored! Silly Daddy got a kick out of him too and borrowed his hammer!

Me and my most special girl in the playground right before going in

Oops! Those Oreos aren't real (we're going to have to work on that pretend eating thing a lot more, and Mommy's already stressing about all the the preschool germs!)
Stay tuned for all the wonderful details of the first day - she absolutely loved it! So much, in fact, that we've been up and active in this house since 4AM - she wanted to know if she could go back today. Now I have to explain why we only go two days a week . . .

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Top 5 Tuesday - In My Free Time . . .

This week Dana asked little ol' me for a suggestion for Top 5 Tuesday. Being as overwhelmed with life as she is right now, and trying like crazy to find some sense of balance, my answer didn't take too long - favorite things to do/hobbies besides blogging. In your free time, of course. Which is ever so abundant when you're a mom and a wife.

Now we all know how I scoff at "just 5", and these are by no means in particular order (except, maybe for number 1).

1. SLEEP. I just can't seem to get enough of it. But sometimes there are too many other good things going on! And I. LOVE. SLEEP. Nothing like a great mid-day nap! With a nearly dead thyroid (that depends on the help of 175 mcg daily of Synthroid), and still recovering from major back surgery, I could sleep 23 hours out of a 24 hour day. Once in a great while, I do!

2. Spending time with DH and the Mad Hatter - anywhere, anything, as long as it's the three of us sharing good times and giggles I am ecstatic to be there.

3. Rubber stamping and all things crafty. I used to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. For 3 1/2 years, actually. I even have a "stamping" room in my house all to myself. However, since the MH has come along and we no longer have a guest bedroom, that room has become the catch-all for any and all overflow when it comes to storage. Need to get it out of the way? Throw it in the room! The room has become overwhelming, and I'm working on getting things back to order, but it's become a highly intimidating and daunting task. I miss stamping and have not really sat down to do something fun just because in a long, long time. I'm working on changing that.

4. Reading. Another thing I used to do TONS of before I was a mom. And I do read. Blogs. They are short and sweet, can be read a few or a bunch at a time, and usually grab my interest immediately. But I really love to read a good novel. I'm a huge fan of any chick-lit, but also like to pepper my reading with some more thought-provoking pieces in between. I have been much better about reading since having my spinal fusion. I've been making it a point to read in bed at night before going to sleep - I get to enjoy my hobby, and it also helps make me a little sleepier. Currently reading Water for Elephants and thoroughly enjoying it.

5. Playing Wii. DH got me the Wii as a gift when I had my spinal fusion. It was an "I'm proud of you for all you've been through!" gift. Actually, more of a "I really want Wii, I'm going to be bored while you're laid up, and this is a great excuse to get one" gift. Seriously. Just had a spinal fusion. Wanna play tennis honey? We did work hard to find me some games I could sit and play. When I could sit. Now I'm getting back into action and playing Wii tennis is one of my favorite things to do at night after MH goes to bed. I enjoy playing against the computer, but enjoy dueling with hubby even more - he's a great match! We also have the Wii Fit, and although there are not a ton of activities I'm able to do with it yet, I really enjoy the things I can do. We also love to play Mario Kart together. It's fun because unlike watching TV or a movie, when we play anything together on the Wii, we chat, laugh, and joke around - it's great bonding and we get a little exercise too!

You'll notice I left other computer-related hobbies off this list. My new addiction Facebook has been taking up a good chunk of time. There is something insane about finding friends from 17 summers ago, finding out that your child is going to preschool with a little guy you taught at Gymboree and LOVE (and love his mom too!), and getting back in touch with friends from elementary school. And the giddy feeling you get when you receive blog comments? Don't even get me started on receiving friend requests!

Add upcoming Fall TV to the mix, and I am in big trouble . . . Grey's, Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Private Practice, The Hills, Lipstick Jungle, Dirty Sexy Money and more - thank goodness for DVR!

Want to play along? Make sure to head over to Supernanny, Where Are You? and link up to Dana. And of course, if you don't have a blog or don't feel like writing a whole post, feel free to add your list right here in the form of a comment.

The Post Where I turn 100!

OK, well, I don't actually turn 100, but this is my 100th blog post! Hard to believe since I've been blogging just short of 4 months!

When I first started poking around the blogosphere, I noticed people doing special things in honor of their 100th post. When I finally decided to start my own blog, I remember thinking that at some point, I’d probably do something to mark my special anniversary too. I just never realized how quickly the day would come!

I have decided to throw a fabulous clambake at the beach to celebrate, but also thought I’d celebrate in a more traditional way.

I absolutely love the word "meme". My suspicion is that it doesn't qualify as a "real" word, but is one that has come to be by way of Bloggywood. Meme posts generally contain information about the poster. I've heard through the blogvine that the correct pronounciation of the word rhymes with theme.

However, I love to think of it as being pronounced me!me!

As in, it's all about me.

And since it's my blog, today it's all about ME!ME!

So, without further ado, I’m going the traditional 100th blogiversary route with a good old fashioned meme!

100 facts about me – some random, some known, some quirky, some boring.

Regardless, by the end you'll know a lot of stuff about me, and I hope you'll find it worth the read!

1. I am 33 years old
2. I’m a Leo
3. I’ve been married for 7 years
4. I’ve been a mom for three and a half years to one amazing little girl, the Mad Hatter
5. The Mad Hatter started pre-school today!
6. Even though it was completely time, I am having a hard time with the fact that she’s old enough for it – wasn’t she just born yesterday?
7. She’s a social butterfly just like her Mommy – she barely said goodbye to myself and Daddy!
8. I cried a bit in the car as I drove away, but held back the real sobs because I knew once I started I’d never stop.
9. Before I started blogging, I had no idea who Ryan Gosling was.
10. Nor had any interest in seeing The Notebook.
11. I have now seen The Notebook, plan to watch it over and over, and love Ryan Gosling.
12. I have a little crush on Freddie Prinze, Jr. and have seen almost every movie he’s been in.
13. Lately, I am a tiny bit obsessed with Wii Tennis – my arm hurts from playing so much these past few days!
14. I get a tiny bit obsessed with many things that I find interesting – it’s never just “oh, that’s fun” it’s “oh, I’m a complete addict and must spend all of my free time doing this!”
15. I am currently addicted to Facebook, blogging, and Wii Tennis!
16. I love any and all things craft related.
17. I was a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator for 3 ½ years.
18. I cannot go into a craft store without spending money.
19. I get lots of grand craft ideas, buy all of the materials, and never finish (and sometimes barely start) the projects.
20. I am a total procrastinator – there is always something more important (like blogging, or blog-reading, or Facebooking)
21. I work best under pressure.
22. Almost 2 years ago, I found out I have degenerative disc disease (out of the blue – I thought I had pulled a muscle and the pain never went away).
23. After 10 months of trying everything under the sun to avoid surgery, I had to have surgery.
24. I am one of 5-8% of the population whose disc actually re-herniates after a discectomy.
25. I had to have a spinal fusion 6 months ago (L4/L5).
26. The recovery is long, slow, and more than anything, frustrating.
27. I am getting stronger and more active each and every day – I firmly believe that keeping on the move and having a positive attitude will help me heal faster!
28. Until a few weeks ago, I had not lifted the Mad Hatter in months – it has been an amazing joy to pick her up and hold her in my arms again, even if it’s only for a few seconds at a time.
29. I have an uncanny talent for memorizing song lyrics, and there are many in my repetoire.
30. I'm totally intimidated by the vast majority of amazing female bloggers – there are so many smart, witty, and sharp women out there that I often feel inferior.
31. Then I think about the fact that my main reason for blogging is to make me happy, and to preserve our family memories in a way that we can easily go back and laugh about all of it years from now. It’s serving both those purposes, so then I think, screw it!
32. Then I wonder how some of those other bloggers manage to be so funny and witty and where they come up with the stuff they blog about (and then I get over it again)!
33. I graduated from Ithaca College in 1997.
34. I spent the second semester of my junior year doing their special communications program in LA.
35. I interned at NBC in their Print Advertising department.
36. I ate lunch regularly at the NBC commissary, alongside many actors (especially those from Days of Our Lives) who worked on the lot.
37. I helped out at two photo shoots for the short-lived sitcom Boston Common.
38. My “connections” at NBC got myself and my family a private tour of the Days of Our Lives (closed) set – complete with the taping of a bedroom scene between John Black and Kristen DiMera.
39. Watching the taping of a soap-opera love scene is rather humorous.
40. Deidre Hall is not a very friendly woman – I might even go as far as to call her a bitch.
41. I broke my right leg two months before graduation (it was upstate New York) and had to spend the end of my college years living back on campus in the health center.
42. The break occurred literally 45 minutes after I got off a plane from Spring Break in Cancun. When I got out of the car in the driveway of our rented house, there were 2 inches of solid ice and I went flying to the end of the driveway.
43. I am a clutz, but even this was a bit much for me.
44. I spent 4 months in a full leg cast, unable to bear any weight on my leg.
45. Preserving a tan from spring break in Cancun under a cast for 4 months is not a good idea.
46. It took me two razors and two hours to shave the leg when the cast was finally off for good.
47. Speaking of shaving, it’s a chore I literally loathe.
48. When I have some disposable income, the first thing I’m doing is going for laser hair removal. Everywhere.
49. In the last 4 months, I’ve shortened my hair length by about 9 inches and bought funky new glasses to wear as an alternative to contact lenses. It’s done wonders for my self-image!
50. Having my eyebrows waxed makes me feel like a million bucks.
51. Before I was a mom, I had my eyebrows waxed regularly.
52. I also had a standing nail appointment every other Thursday at 5:30PM.
53. I was all too happy to give those things up to be a stay-at-home-mom.
54. No matter what the season, I need to sleep under several layers of covers – top sheet, electric blanket (not turned on in the summer), lightweight down comforter, and comforter.
55. DH radiates heat and we often argue have long discussions over climate control.
56. I can go at least two or three days between hair washings.
57. I get the most compliments on my hair the days I don’t wash it.
58 . In our first year together, DH made the mistake of making a comment that let me know he thought not washing your hair daily is gross.
59 . A rather large fight discussion ensued, resulting in my receipt of a dozen ginormous red roses at work, and a man well-educated in proper haircare.
60 . I would rather eat appetizers and dessert for dinner than a main entrée.
61 . I have a dangerous sweet tooth – if it’s got sugar and counts as dessert, I love it.
62 . Except for carrot cake, whose only redeeming value is the cream cheese frosting (if you ask me, and this is about me me me!)
63 . I especially love desserts with creamy fillings, like éclairs, Boston Cream Pie, cannoli, and cream puffs
64 . I’d happily make a trip to the North End in Boston (about an hour from me) just to go to Mike’s Pastry for a Lobster Tail.
65 . Now that I’m thinking of it, the idea of a dinner consisting of lobster (the shellfish), and a Mike’s lobster tail has me salivating.
66 . I’m also a huge fan of ice cream. Non-chocolate based unless it’s chocolate peanut-butter.
67 . I am not a fan of most breakfast foods (scrambled eggs freak me out!) - I prefer something sweet, like chocolate cake.
68 . If you throw up next to me, it’s highly likely that I will faint (unless you’re the MH – moms are usually right, and in this case mine has been – when it’s your own child it doesn’t bother you. So far, so good).
69 . I suffer from severe panic and anxiety, for which I take a good amount of medication on a daily basis.
70 . I have severe medical phobia and need a lot of drugs just to go for a routine physical (I have been known to faint from both a throat culture (3X) and having my blood pressure taken).
71 . My tolerance for anxiety medication and medication in general is scary – my neurosurgeon told me he’s never actually seen or met anyone like me.
72 . I’ve been told that my propensity towards fainting is my body’s natural way of protecting me – kind of like a trip switch that just shuts things down and keep everything from short-circuiting.
73 . Everyone who knows me knows the drill if I faint – do NOT call 911, I will just faint some more when the paramedics show up.
74 . Based on the above, giving birth and having two major surgeries which required an extended hospital stay and MANY doctor’s visits are of some of my proudest accomplishments in life.
75 . I HATE bananas.
76 . Cotton candy rocks my world.
77 . The first concert I ever saw was Whitney Houston – with my parents and brother when I was 12 years old. She was classy back then.
78 . At age 33, I pride myself on the fact that I do not have ONE cavity.
79 . The toilet paper must come over the top of the roll, never drop under.
80 . I rarely make my bed until tidying up right before I get in it.
81 . My organizational and time management skills could use some major help.
82 . Clutter doesn’t bother me.
83 . Actually, it does, in an underlying “I really should get on top of that" way, but usually gives way to another more fascinating addiction (see #15).
84 . I clean before my cleaning lady comes. OK, I clean up my clutter so she can actually clean.
85 . I want another baby so bad that sometimes I think I feel an ache in my uterus.
86 . It is very frustrating when your heart wants something very much but your body makes a different choice for you.
87 . I hope that with all of my hard work at PT, I can get my pain under some level of manageability and get strong enough that my doctors will say it’s okay to try to get pregnant.
88 . I am SO thankful and blessed that I have my little Mad Hatter, and that the back problems started after I was at least lucky enough to have her.
89 . My husband and I have talked about it and can honestly see our life feeling totally complete even if it ends up just being the three of us.
90 . I never knew that even when you’re 33 your best friend in the world could be 3 and a half years old.
91 . I live about 40 minutes from the beach and have spent almost 33 summers going there as often as possible.
92 . I have an amazing memory when it comes to people, places, and events. A scary memory.
93 . I secretly (well, now not so secretly) fear that because I have such a gift (people always rely on me for the details) I will be the one out of my friends to end up with early-onset dementia or Alzheimer’s.
94 . I don’t see what the big deal is with brussels sprouts being a “punishment” veggie – I actually love them!
95 . I have completely flat feet and am jealous of all those people who make perfect little wet footprints when they get out of the pool while I make my huge Saskwatch prints.
96 . I get fits of giddiness where I start laughing so hard I can’t contain myself – my stomach literally aches and I can’t stop crying – my friends and family call this a “Rachael Moment”
97 . Sometimes Rachael Moments occur at completely inappropriate times.
98 . I am a talker. Room full of strangers? No problem whatsoever.
99 . Case in point – coming up with 100 facts about myself has been a breeze – I can’t wait till my 200th blogaversary post!
100. This post has been so much fun to write! Got more questions? Ask away!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Stop what you're doing and come on over to my place!

Earlier this month, while I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Barking Mad, I was made aware of a fabulous idea! In the interest of introducing each other to other fabulous blogs/bloggers in the community, Auds decided to host a "Barking Mad" dinner party.

The rules are simple (well, almost simple). Pick 10 blogs you love (here's the not so simple part, I love MANY!), link to them with the reasons you love them, and link back over to her blog.

Never one to pass up a party, here I am! I decided to wait until now because I my next post will be my 100th - what better reason to celebrate?!

So, without further ado, would the following please join me at the Mommy Learns to Blog 100th Post Blogoversary Bash!

Please note that I have worked hard at my selection - there are many people who get automatic invites, but because they are already very much a part of the blogging community I've found myself in, I'm opting to go for blogs that I love but you might not know much about (this means Dana, Carol, and Shannon, come on over immediately! The rest of you who I talk to on a regular basis, or whose blogs I comment on regularly, come share the love too!). Now, onto the business!

The location: Since I live in Rhode Island and have pretty much instant access (ok 40 minutes) to the beach, I thought we'd do a clambake. The works - lobster, clams, corn on the cob, potatoes, you name it! And for beverages, well of course we'll have some ice cold beer (I'm loving Bud Light with Lime these days), margaritas (also a new summer fave this year), hot cocoa (in case the ocean breeze really kicks up), and of course some other fun non-alcoholic libations as well. Dress warm, it's already starting to get a little chilly at night here!

And the guests of honor:

Memoirs of the Shoe Obsessed - when I was laid up after my first back surgery, my dear friend Marni told me I HAD to visit Andie's blog because it was hilarious. Never one to dissapoint, she was dead on! Andie is most definitely shoe obsessed - if I am remembering correctly (offhand, of course), she's got over 400 pairs of shoes! She has a special binder system for cataloging them, and let me tell you, her shoes are FABULOUS! Every Tuesday is Shoesday on her blog, and we get a glimpse of the fabulosity (plus the bottoms of her fab skirts too!) Since the moment I first read her blog, I knew we were destined to be friends - she is a shopaholic, is the bomb at getting amazing bargains, and she has an adorable little girl named Boo who is just a few months younger than (and reminds me quite a bit of) the Mad Hatter. I can never get enough of reading about her fantastic family adventures, Boo's fabulous clothing and accessories, and all of the things that make her happy. Andie is pregnant with her second child and currently on bedrest, so we might have to bring a bit of the party to her. Drop by her blog and leave her a comment, I know she'd love it! And she's sure to have the perfect information for you on which MAC lipstick will suit you best, where to get the best desserts in RI, and when she's up to it, she'd probably love to take you on a guided tour of the Wrentham shopping outlets.

Levett-Ventures - this would be my dear, dear friend Marni. We met probably 5 years ago when I was still a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. From our first conversation, we were immediate friends. Marni (still a demonstrator - you must check out her amazing website Marni is one of the most talented people I have ever met in my life. She is also one of the most patient. Her little boy Ryan is just 18 months older than her sweet daughter Megan, and she is such a go with the flow mom. She's got a great sense of humor about everything, especially parenting two children so close in age, and you'll get a great taste of this over at her blog. As far as real life friends go, she is the best! I'm sure if I ask her, she'll bring some of her stamping stuff and set up some great projects for us to make and take home with us! The best part is, no one will believe you made it yourself!

My Life on the East Coast - I was lucky to come across this blog through Andie's. Rae is what I call SuperMom! She's in her early thirties, mom to 3, cleans her house religiously every day (she's got a set schedule she does not deviate from!), and still manages to plan all kinds of special and fun things with her kids. She is a Brownie troop leader, and just became president of the PTO at her girls' school. I'm in awe of all she manages to get done in a day! AND, she has some insane interior decorating skills! I always love seeing pictures of what she's done in her house, because it's a mix of antiques and funky modern stuff. She's very artistic, and her love of her life just shines through in every blog post she writes! Rae is sure to give us all tips on how to turn someone's trash into our own personal treasures, share some great recipes, and give great ideas on how to change the look of a room in your house for mere pennies!

Mamasphere - Laurel has to be one of my favorite daily reads. She is so candid and has a true knack for sharing the details of her everyday life in a humorous, light-hearted, and humble way that many people just don't. From the time she went to work with a hole in her pants AND shirt (and blamed it on her sister!) to her concern that there MUST be cameras in the bathrooms there (and therefore someone plays tricks with her mind by stopping the automatic sinks she chooses to use), I never leave her blog without giggling out loud. She has a four year old daughter named Gabi who sounds as spirited as MH, and I have no doubt that she'll be the gal at the party surrounded by people who are entertained by yet another funny thing that happened to her, probably that day!

Lipstick at the Mailbox - I cannot even remember how I discovered Lipstick's blog. All I know is I love it! She's mom to JBB and Pretty Girl, and a working mom. Not just any working mom, but a pharmacist! She's a true southern belle with perfect manners! And some of my favorite posts are about her "redneck" moments, or her description of the "rednecks" she is so clearly not! Lipstick loves her some Sylvester Stallone - I cannot remember the exact number, but she has watched Rocky many times! Lipstick's hubby is a master craftsman, and has done some amazing work around their home. She also gets insanely giddy when she gets home to realize that the cleaning lady has brandished her magic wand and made everything all fresh and sparkly. Lipstick has a great sense of humor, and of course, a love of lipstick. She and Andie will get along famously - maybe they can do our colors for us! She might even bring along some plum wine for us to try!

Everyone Has A Story To Tell. This is Ours. I've got two words here - GORGEOUS FAMILY. I discovered Candy's blog when she was kind enough to keep stopping by mine and leaving me such sweet comments. She is an absolute doll. Mom to 3, wife to one very handsome HOT hubby, and all around beautiful person, both inside and out. She's an avid runner, currently training for the NYC Marathon, and also the owner of Eye Candy Photography. Talk about a talented photographer - her photos are amazing! I have to admit, sometimes I love to browse through her blog just for the pics! But I also love reading her stories about her family, whether it is scoping out the perfect spot for Christmas card pics (and bribing the kids with ice cream cones and getting equally perfect shots) or hearing about the little pranks her boys like to play on her (revenge will be sweet!). Her blog is a great little bright spot in the blogosphere, and I really enjoy spending time there! I hope Candy will agree to photograph this whole soiree, or at least share some of her best photography tips with some of us novices!

Daily Mish Mash - if I had not discovered this blog, I would never have known who Ryan Gosling is (gasp!). And I never would have finally rented The Notebook, which is quite possibly one of the best movies I've ever seen. I love Jen's blog - it truly is just that, a mish-mash of her daily thoughts, ideas, and some of the most fantastic eye-candy imaginable! Name a celebrity you love and she'll get you pics, pronto! Open letters to her fave John Mayer - no shortage here! She is just hilarious, and I always giggle when I read one of her posts. Except, of course, when it's Make a Difference Monday. I love that Jen is using her blog as a platform to get others to talk about the good they are doing in the world - whether on a personal, local, national, or global level. Jen is also a travel agent specializing in Disney vacations - I'm sure she can give all of us at the party some great tips on our next trip to Mickey-Town!

The Bean - I cannot remember how I found her blog, but it was love at first sight when I saw that Bejewell and I share an affinity for a certain swear word that rhymes with Buck. How could I NOT invite her to my party (pickmepickmepickme)? Her posts are hy-sterical! Her little guy is precious. She was rather obsessed with figuring out what the mysterious "desk booger" was, and even ran a contest on her blog, complete with pictures (the stories that went along with getting those pictures had me rolling). If you want someone frank, funny, and not afraid to share her opinion, get yourself to this blog immediately. She is a terrific writer. So terrific, in fact, that she might just write a book one of these days . . . maybe. No doubt that Bejewell will be at the center of the social scene at the party, full of wisecracks and teaching some of us the finer skills of not taking crap from anyone!

Ladybug's Picnic - yet another blog I discovered early on in my adventures in Bloggeritaville. Something about her blog just kept me reading. Probably the fact that she was 41 weeks pregnant with her 2nd ladybug, and went to labor and delivery 3(?) times with nothing in hand but her bag and an iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. Her second little girl was most definitely worth the wait - Claire is absolutely gorgeous! I love Ladybug's sarcastic wit, dry humor, and the fact that we share a mutual love for Target. And if you want to laugh until you cry (I know it wasn't all that funny to her), go read the post about how her mommy-mobile's back window got shattered at the gas station while amazingly managing to a)not injure anyone in the car and b)not keep the family from staying on their target schedule and getting to their party on time! I also love that Ladybug lives in the New England area, and I can relate to a lot of the areas she talks about in her posts. Ladybug will be sure to provide us with much insight into raising two adorably preppy little girls, purchasing fantastic bags and shoes, and converting a formal dining room into a playroom!

Barking Mad: Musings of a British-American Family - of course my party would not be complete without the person who came up with this terrific idea! Talk about smart, bright, female writers. I am usually amazed when I read one of her posts. Auds has it all - humor (the dog ate what?), sarcasm, wit, and also raw, harsh, gut-wrenching reality - the kind that will have you in tears at your computer, but not because you are laughing. I cannot begin to express my admiration for her ability to share herself and her life experiences with the blogging community. I love that Auds is using her blog and the blogging community as a way to express herself and really put herself out there. I think a little party is just what she could use these days!

I know my party is going to be a blast - how could it not be without all of you lovely ladies? There is so much diversity, so many sharp, quick-witted women, I know it's a night I won't soon forget!

Wanna take my cue and host your own party? I will happily bring a dish (or two) and stay to help clean up! Just link back to Auds, then go to her blog and add your name to Mr. Linky, along with your blog post url. Super easy.

And make sure I'm invited. As I said, I am never one to miss a party!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sweet Caroline . . .

Bum, Bum, Bum . . . Good times never seemed so GOOD (so good, so good, so good)!!!!!

Guess who is going to see Neil Diamond in concert tonight?



And just found out at 8:30PM last night?

Are you still wondering???

Yes, that would be ME and the hubs!!!

Thanks to two fabulous friends (one of whom works for the most popular local radio station network in RI), we will be heading into Boston tonight for what I am considering a once in a lifetime opportunity!

I mean, I grew up watching the Jazz Singer. It was and probably still is my dad's favorite movie.

For the longest time I thought the song "Forever in Blue Jeans" was about a reverend in blue jeans. It didn't make much sense at the time, but you know, it was Neil.

So my friend texted me last night - her husband was walking out of work when his boss handed him these two tickets (which they really aren't up to using). And even though he said he didn't need the tickets, the boss told him he was taking them anyways (a grand prize winner NEVER picked them up!).

And for some insane reason, my friend thought of US first!

Not that we don't love us some Neil, it just wouldn't be something I'd be going crazy to buy tickets for.

However, the offer made us giddy. We (DH and I) were on a date (MH's great behavior of late had earned her a special sleepover at Sweetheart and Poppy's house), madly texting everyone we knew to babysit (yes, I humbly admit that we were those people I normally scoff at).

I didn't want to have to ask my parents again, PLUS they are HUGE Neil fans and I felt sort of weird about the whole thing. I even asked my friend if I could take the tickets and give them to my parents (to which she said absolutely).

In the end, I called my parents and told them about the opportunity. After telling me she hated me (in pure love of course, my mom never uses words like this), she told me there was absolutely no question - they would of course watch their darling granddaughter again tonight.

I repeatedly offered them the tickets and my ever-gracious mother refused, telling me that this was something hubby and I should go and enjoy, because truly, when will it happen again?

And you know what makes my parents even more amazing (and will thrill MH to no end)? They are taking MH overnight AGAIN. You know, because we'll probably get home late and this way they can go to bed whenever they want.

Mom and Dad, we owe you in a big way. HUGE. You've made our night and will no doubt make MH's night (especially since you have "all those princess jammies" for her) - a two night in a row sleepover? Sheer happiness.

But watching Neil perform Sweet Caroline AND America in the middle of the Big Green Monster - priceless!

Well, I'd love to chat more, but I must go shower and figure out what to wear . . . we leave in one hour, 7 minutes, and the hubs is already on me . . .

I will definitely report details ASAP!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Not only because you are my princess, but because a tiara is always in style.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Top 5 Tuesday - Favorite Movie Soundtracks

OK, this week's theme (Favorite Movie Soundtracks) really made me think!

Here's a list of my favorite movie soundtracks, and I think I can limit it to just 5 this week (my movie memory is horrible!).

Beaches - I love every song in it - especially the Friendship theme that carries throughout the whole movie as the girls are writing their notes back and forth to each other. Of course, I am a cheeseball and will always love Wind Beneath My Wings, but also love all the other songs on the soundtrack. You haven't lived till you've heard the whole version of Otto Titsling!

Hairspray - I don't know why I love it more - because I love the movie and the music was so catchy I couldn't sit still even with a bad back, or because my mom bought the CD and has it in her car and the Mad Hatter begs to listen to it all. the. time. She knows every word of every song by heart and belts it out with such fervor! For further proof, check this out.

Mamma Mia! - yes, I love me some Abba! Of course I knew Dancing Queen and a couple of others before seeing the play, but after seeing this play, I could not get enough of the soundtrack (I'm assuming that the movie soundtrack is the same). Another get you out of your seat (or out of your funk and back into a good one!) and get you moving soundtrack - love each and every song!

Dirty Dancing - it's on my list of all time favorite movies, and one of the reasons is that I have the fondest memories of listening to my TAPE (yes, I had it way before I had a CD player) over and over. There's not a song on that soundtrack I do not love. In fact, I can remember many an evening spent with my friends across the street choreographing dances. Our best on was to "Be My Baby" and if I do say so, we were fabulous. One of us would always be the lead singer (I believe it was Ronni) and the other two would be the backup Ronnettes! Oh, I am dating myself for sure!

Waiting to Exhale - I probably should have added this one to my list of movies that I could watch over and over again. I love seeing Whitney at her best, both as an actress and a singer. She was a good girl back then. I loved the story of friendship in the movie, and every time I listen to a song from the soundtrack, I can envision exactly what scene it came from. Great mix of music.

Well, I actually managed to keep it to 5 - maybe Dana should make me a special award or something!

If you want to play, head on over to Supernanny, Where Are You and link up.

And if you want to play but don't want to do your own post, leave your list right here in my comments section!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A style all your own . . .

I love that each and every day you are becoming a more independent little girl.
(okay, sometimes it makes me sad that you seem to need me a little less each day).

I love your infectious giggle and your need to "do it yourself".

I love what a big girl you are. How you can go to the potty and wash your hands all by yourself.

I love that yesterday, after you splashed around in the bathroom sink for 15 minutes washed your hands, your dress was all wet and you felt the need to change clothes.

I love how when you first came running to find me, you were wearing just underwear and this sweater.

I love that when I asked you where all of your clothes were (meaning the ones you had been wearing the last time I saw you), you replied "In my closet!" without skipping a beat.

I love that when I told you that you needed some clothes on underneath your sweater, this is what you came up with:

I love that despite my insides screaming "No! You can NOT go out of the house looking like that! What will people think of your Mommy?", I was able to embrace your pride and let you go anyways.

I embrace you and all the pride that comes along with getting bigger and more independent each and every day.

I love being your Mommy and knowing that I have a major hand in helping you become the amazing girl Daddy and I are so lucky to call ours.

I love your mad accessorizing skills - from the headband so your hair will look bee-you-tee-ful right down to the "buh-ling buh-ling (read: bling bling) on your coveted flip-flops ("because Mommy wears them").

I love you, Mad Hatter.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm sorry, so sorry . . .

I have been a very bad bloggy friend lately.

You see, life has been extremely busy around here.

MH starts pre-school in just a week and a half. We're trying to cram lots of stuff in before we start with our new routine of 2 full days of school a week. Including signing up for and purchasing all materials for her Tiny Toes ballet/tap class she'll be taking on one of the off-school days.

I am in the middle of training for a new job, that I have not even had a chance to post about that.
(Note to self: post about new job when you have time)

My back has been majorly acting up - I have needed pain pills for the first time in a couple of months.

I am spending lots of hours every week at physical therapy trying to get my back better.

I am not sleeping nearly enough - there are just not enough hours in one day.

And of course, there is the whole new Facebook addiction. I'm telling you - elementary school, high school, college friends oh my! I'm hoping this obsession is just a passing phase, but I am having a blast!

Anyways, my reader has built up in a BIG way and I am slowly but surely making my way through.

If I have not left you a comment recently, it's not because I'm not reading. Or because I don't love you. I'm ashamed to admit I am reading posts from last week.

So, a public apology to all of you who take the time to visit me and leave me the wonderful comments that make me feel so special - I do love you, and your blogs, and am coming by for a visit and comment just as soon as I can!

While I can't promise I'll post a comment on each and every blog post like I wish I could, I will do the very best I can. And I am truly enjoying catching up with what you've all been up to.

And once again, thank you for always taking the time to catch up with me, and leaving me some bloggy love. It makes me more happy than you could know.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Everything you wanted to know but never asked . . .

Or maybe you could care less!

BUT . . .

A few weeks back, my dear friend Carol tagged me and I am just finally getting around to doing this cute little meme.

Here goes!

4 Places I go over and over
1. Physical therapy
2. The beach (any chance I get, if it’s not raining!)
3. Dunkin’ Donuts (it’s a win-win, I help the economy, and in return they give me the Iced Caramel Skinny Latte that has become my crack)
4. Target – my most favorite store in the universe!

4 People who email me the most
1. “The Girls” (my close group of IRL friends)
2. My Mom
3. Hungry Girl (who makes me hungrier with her fab food ideas!)
4. Blogger, with comments – Woot!

4 of my favorite foods
1. Chocolate
2. Most desserts, with ice cream and cupcakes being particular faves
3. Chips and dip
4. Fluffernutters

4 Places I'd rather be
1. Having a massage in a dimly lit, aromatic room, with soft music
2. Taking a nap
3. On a vacation with my husband - with all the recent talk of how a vacation is no longer a “vacation” one you’re a mommy, I mean a good old fashioned vacation, no wake-up times, doing whatever we want whenever we want to do it, you know, the old life I’d never trade a thing to have back!
4. In Hawaii – I’ve never been and would go this minute if someone a handed me tickets! And I’m not picky, a family trip would be just fine!

4 movies I can watch over and over
1. Dirty Dancing
2. The Notebook (now that I’ve finally seen it and know of its utter fabulosity!
3. Sex and the City
4. Silence of the Lambs (I know it seems odd thrown in here, but it’s that movie that I turn on and leave on every time I see it. It’s freaky, but I know most of the lines by heart!)

4 Places I have worked
1. The Coffee Grinder (a local coffee and bagel café, in high school/college breaks)
2. Egbert Dining Hall – I was a student manager in college, lots of yuck for little pay!
3. For my dad’s company, selling promotional products (anything with a logo on it – specifically, I managed the Fleet Bank contract)
4. Gymboree Play and Music and Gymboree Retail (well, let’s be honest – with the amount of clothing I purchased, I pretty much paid Gymboree Retail to let me work for them)

4 Places I have lived
1. Warwick, RI
2. Ithaca, NY
3. Los Angeles (best four months of my college life!)
4. Cranston, RI

4 TV Shows I love (note: I am a TV/Tivo addict, there are far more shows I love than the following 4!)
1. Grey’s Anatomy
2. Lost
3. Private Practice
4. Desperate Housewives

4 Places I have Vacationed/Holidayed
1. Cancun, Mexico
2. Cruise through the Panama Canal (visited Panama City, Aruba, Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, and a couple of other islands I can’t remember off the top of my head – it was our last vacation pre-MH and it was amazing)
3. Disneyworld
4. Jamaica

4 of my favorite dishes
1. Anything Mexican with lots of guac and sour cream
2. Lasagne
3. Sushi
4. My mom’s lemon chicken (which is actually the recipe of a deceased cousin who was an amazing caterer)

4 sites I visit daily
1. Blogger
2. Facebook (now that I am a complete and total addict)
3. Gmail accounts (actually, they visit me because I have them rigged to come through Windows Mail)
4. My iGoogle page, which has everything I could ever need – most importantly Google Reader!

And now, I tag: anyone who thinks this would be fun and would like to share a little more about themselves!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

We've been hard at work on practicing our catching skills!
On Monday, we had an impromptu visit from Uncle DKR and Shay (who was sadly not feeling well, but I am happy to report is doing 100% better now!).
MH definitely gets her athletic skills from my brother Uncle D and DH's sister Auntie P.
And Uncle DKR is always too happy to play with MH, no matter what request she throws at him. Their adoration of each other is most definitely mutual!

Here we are, ready for some action! You may notice that we are never at a lack for accessories!

Uncle DKR helps show her how to hold those arms out and close in for the big catch

Well done, Mad Hatter!

Even Shay was blessed with a little lei-action. And even feeling as lousy as she was, she handled MH's full-on affection like a total trooper!

I am still totally in love with my new camera. If only I could find the time to read the manual, I'd probably love it even more! And for those of you who have asked for details, I apologize for not getting back to you. I promise I will post about it soon - it's just been a crazy week around here!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happiness is . . .

A leisurely family trip to our fave ice cream spot after dinner.

The kiddie size is equivalent to a large anywhere else.

The MH likes hers pink.

There is nothing better than watching her try to maneuver a huge cup/cone of melty, sticky, strawberry soft-serve and loving every last driplick of it.

Or laughing when it starts to rain and hubby gets the great idea for all of us to finish said ice cream in the car.

And on the way home, MH exclaims: "Oops! I had a little accident . . . I spilled some ice cream on my dress!"

And getting home to find that not only is it on the dress, but all over the back seat (along with the gazillion napkins I have handed her along the way now covered with ice cream and EVERYWHERE) and her carseat.

And not really caring because we had such a great time.

And feeling just a tiny built guilty because I indulged in said "kiddie size" cup of soft vanilla with hot peanut butter topping. Heaven.

But not too guilty because before we know it, summer will be over, and these impromptu trips will be a thing of the past until next summer.

And the fact that hubby had more ice cream on him than anyone (eating a cone and driving are not a great combination for him)!

OK, off to whip hubby's butt at a little Wii tennis.

That counts as exercise, right?

What's making YOU happy right now?

Top 5 Tuesday - Blog Me, Baby!

Once again, it's that time of the week!

For this Tuesday, Dana over at Supernanny, Where Are You? has asked me to think about why I blog.

Seriously. I ask once again. The list can only have 5? I could give you 50!

So, here goes.

And as always, they are in no particular order.

1. I have so much to say that my brain would explode (and I'd have no more friends) if I didn't find somewhere else to help get it all out!
2. I have always loved writing, and with such a tough couple of years of back pain, and then 2 surgeries in the last 10 moths, I have found it quite therapeutic.
3. I love being able to capture all of the funny little things that MH does and says, and document them along with pictures, since I know that years from now I will have long forgotten some of the day to day stuff. I love the fact that there are companies who will take all of this "documentation" and turn it into a book that I will be able to order and cherish for years to come (and have for MH to read when she is older and can really appreciate it).
4. Comments in my inbox make me do backflips. OK, we all know I can't do backflips. On a good back day. But, seriously, it makes me so happy when someone has read my writing and takes the time to say something about it! I still do a little happy dance each and every time.
5. Blogging allows me to reach out to anyone and everyone who wants to hear about me, my family, and our happy little life. My 83 year old grandmother who lives in Florida 9 months out of the year (and who rocks because she can do email AND read blogs!) can check in daily to see what's going on with all of us MH. My dad can pass along the link to his work clients and brag about his only favorite granddaughter, who he likes to refer to as the "dividends" of being a parent himself. And I can share my thoughts, stories, and mommy-pride with tons of amazing other women just like myself, who are blogging for the same reasons. I am making real connections with people who are like me in some way or another. I am finding such a strong and unique community, and I love it.

OK Dana, I know I kind of pushed it with number 5 there and it might count as more than one of my reasons, but I just couldn't stop myself!

Now hop on the bandwagon and make a list for yourself! You can either add your list to my comments, or write your own post and go link it at Dana's blog. She's got Mr. Linky, which makes it a snap!

Thanks again Dana for an awesome Top 5 Tuesday topic!

How Old Are You?

I'm that mom.

The one who does not want her baby to grow up.

I'm the mom who never rounds up.

If she's going to be six months old tomorrow I'll tell you just that.

I'm pretty sure most normal moms would just round up.

The thing is, I have a hard timed handling the fact that time passes so quickly.

Recently, I've loosened up a bit.

A couple of weeks ago, as we were on our way to the bathroom at the beach, an elderly couple stopped us to comment on how adorable she was. Who was I to deny them the pleasure? When they asked her age, I replied "She's three and a half".

As we walked away and continued on to the bathroom, I was surprised to receive a very indignant little "Mommy! I not fwee and a haf, I fwee!"

Could it be? A sudden role reversal?

8/8/08 - My sweet little Mad Hatter actually turned three and a half.

I decided that a little celebration was in order.

There's a bakery near us that sells fabulous cupcakes.

MH loves them because they are adorned with Disney Princess rings. And lots of frosting.

After a fairly simple explanation of how we were celebrating the fact that she was now three and a half, how birthdays work, how many months are in a year, and the concept that this day was exactly halfway between the day she turned 3 and the day she'll turn 4, she seemed to get it.

That, or she just wanted the freakin' cupcake already.

I lit a candle, Sweetheart and I sang, and MH nearly caught herself on fire reaching for that ring!

ahh, behold the glorious frosting . . .
simply delish! (and wearing my new ring makes it that much sweeter!)
"This is my super special magical ring!"
And I am so very proud of it!

Friends, that cupcake was licked clean of all visible frosting. To my major dismay, MH has not yet learned to behold the wonder that is cake! I am sadly reminded of this every time I spend money on one more beautiful cupcake. Here's what happened as I (in slo-mo, running hobbling towards the sink) yelled "Noooooooooo!"

You see, the Mad Hatter has become quite the little helper in the kitchen. When she's done eating something, she brings it right over to the sink and heaves it right in. Normally, I give her a big kudos.

But - I must say - I was ready to kill her slightly disappointed this time.

That's right - I'm that mom too.

The one who would have scraped off the part she'd slobbered all over devoured, and eaten the perfectly good cake that was left.

Happy half-birthday my beautiful little princess.

Each and every day of the last three and a half years has been one big adventure with you, and I wouldn't trade it for a thing.

Except maybe the rest of your cupcake (although you are far sweeter and more enjoyable than even that!).

Oh, and since our little party?

Go ahead and ask her how old she is.

She will pause for just a second or two and proudly proclaim "I fwee and a half!"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

From the mouth of my babe . . .

Recent conversation with the Mad Hatter:

Me: (giving her a huge squeeze) Oooh, I just love you, love you, love you!
MH: (in her most adorable little voice): Why do you love me so much?
Me: Because I do! You're just so CUTE! You're my little peanut!
MH: Oh.

a few seconds pass . . .

MH: But mommy, boys have that!
Me: absolute hysterics.

Maybe we need a little more work on our comprehension of anatomy.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Intervention Required

I think it is quite possible that I am an addict.

Yes, we've all chatted about it in one blog post or another.

The blog addiction.

Reading. Writing. Doing the happy dance when receiving comments.

Making and learning about new friends.

Yes, I have made no excuses for my blog addiction.

I am perfectly okay with it.

However . . .

Until recently, my computer addiction was limited to blogging, emailing, and web surfing.

No interest whatsoever in any of that MySpace or Facebook BS.

Who has the time?

Why bother?

I have a husband and a beautiful daughter.

I have great friends and manage to stay in touch with them.

I love my life.

These places are for the late teen, early twenty-something girls who babysit for MH.

College kids.

Post-college kids who haven't grown up yet.

To be honest, I've peeked at some MySpace pages.

If you have one, please take no offense when I say that some of them just plain seem like a waste of time.

Yes, some people use them as a way to update friends and loved ones about their lives. Great!

(I like my blog for that).

But some of them just seem "pimped-out". And silly.

Do I need that?

I don't have any more time to wastespend on the computer than I already do.

Or do I?

I happened to receive an email from my alma mater Ithaca College the other day.

Ithaca College - We're On Facebook!

There is no logical explanation for what made me click the link right then.

But I did.

And I needed an account to see the page.

And all I had to do was give them an email address and my name.

Could it really be so bad?

Let's just say that at about 2 full days later, I am a self-professed Facebook "whore"***.

At first I felt devious. Like I was stalking people.

Do I post a picture of myself in my profile? Any of my family?

Is it odd to email someone after not speaking to them for 15 years?

Is there really a point?

Well, I say . . .


I will say this - I now have a serious Facebook addiction. I have it bad.

I have found people I haven't spoken to in forever.

Will we become great friends?

I doubt it.

However, there is an amazing little thing about Facebook.


So now I've connected with some old peeps, and Facebook is giving me a list of other people I might know!

Technology. It's unbelieveable.

And then there's the giddiness of people finding you and requesting that you be their friend.

My friends, it's kind of like the comment happy dance.

It's not so much about where it's coming from, it's that someone is interested in you!

And so, for the past 2 days I have neglected my blog so I could spend every spare moment checking to see what new requests and notifications await me.

And randomly thinking of people who might be on there and who I might want to get in touch with, just because I can.

And of course getting all giddy when new people write to me and ask me what's going on in my life.

And even giddier when I find that we have a mutual friend, and figuring out what the connection is.

Remember the post where I told you about my 16th birthday being one of my most favorite memories ever?

I was on a cross-country teen tour.

A friend from that trip 17 summers ago found me through a mutual friend we share here in RI.

And, her SIL and BIL live in Providence!

So there is definitely something to be said for all of the hype - I was and am still floored!

I will say this - I don't want to be the mean girl.

A girl I went to high school with sent me a friend request. I barely knew her, but accepted.

She keeps trying to send me "gifts", and asking for "food", and other things I don't quite get.

I keep hitting the ignore button.

I'm thinking that people like her are the reason I resisted Facebook and the likes in the first place.

My guess is too much time and not enough to do on her hands.

And although I did get a little caught up in taking a SATC which girl are you quiz (Charlotte), that's about as far as I go.

Besides using it to reconnect with old friends.

However, there is only so much time in one day.

And soon, Fall TV is coming.

I have a feeling that I'm going to have a new addiction very soon - time management skills.

So friends, I have eaten my words, caved and joined the revolution.

And I'll be looking for you on Facebook!

***Mom, (Dad - not that you really need it), and Grandma - I use the term whore as a current pop catch-phrase, please forgive me as I know you're cringing right now.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

(Not Quite) Wordless Wednesday

Last Friday, Daddy took the day off and we went here.

After a trip there last summer, we decided this would have to be an annual visit - it blows our zoo out of the water!

All pictures are courtesy of my new birthday gift.

I am LOVING it!

And I did not even edit any of the photos yet!

A great time was had by all!