Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Top 5 Tuesday - In My Free Time . . .

This week Dana asked little ol' me for a suggestion for Top 5 Tuesday. Being as overwhelmed with life as she is right now, and trying like crazy to find some sense of balance, my answer didn't take too long - favorite things to do/hobbies besides blogging. In your free time, of course. Which is ever so abundant when you're a mom and a wife.

Now we all know how I scoff at "just 5", and these are by no means in particular order (except, maybe for number 1).

1. SLEEP. I just can't seem to get enough of it. But sometimes there are too many other good things going on! And I. LOVE. SLEEP. Nothing like a great mid-day nap! With a nearly dead thyroid (that depends on the help of 175 mcg daily of Synthroid), and still recovering from major back surgery, I could sleep 23 hours out of a 24 hour day. Once in a great while, I do!

2. Spending time with DH and the Mad Hatter - anywhere, anything, as long as it's the three of us sharing good times and giggles I am ecstatic to be there.

3. Rubber stamping and all things crafty. I used to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. For 3 1/2 years, actually. I even have a "stamping" room in my house all to myself. However, since the MH has come along and we no longer have a guest bedroom, that room has become the catch-all for any and all overflow when it comes to storage. Need to get it out of the way? Throw it in the room! The room has become overwhelming, and I'm working on getting things back to order, but it's become a highly intimidating and daunting task. I miss stamping and have not really sat down to do something fun just because in a long, long time. I'm working on changing that.

4. Reading. Another thing I used to do TONS of before I was a mom. And I do read. Blogs. They are short and sweet, can be read a few or a bunch at a time, and usually grab my interest immediately. But I really love to read a good novel. I'm a huge fan of any chick-lit, but also like to pepper my reading with some more thought-provoking pieces in between. I have been much better about reading since having my spinal fusion. I've been making it a point to read in bed at night before going to sleep - I get to enjoy my hobby, and it also helps make me a little sleepier. Currently reading Water for Elephants and thoroughly enjoying it.

5. Playing Wii. DH got me the Wii as a gift when I had my spinal fusion. It was an "I'm proud of you for all you've been through!" gift. Actually, more of a "I really want Wii, I'm going to be bored while you're laid up, and this is a great excuse to get one" gift. Seriously. Just had a spinal fusion. Wanna play tennis honey? We did work hard to find me some games I could sit and play. When I could sit. Now I'm getting back into action and playing Wii tennis is one of my favorite things to do at night after MH goes to bed. I enjoy playing against the computer, but enjoy dueling with hubby even more - he's a great match! We also have the Wii Fit, and although there are not a ton of activities I'm able to do with it yet, I really enjoy the things I can do. We also love to play Mario Kart together. It's fun because unlike watching TV or a movie, when we play anything together on the Wii, we chat, laugh, and joke around - it's great bonding and we get a little exercise too!

You'll notice I left other computer-related hobbies off this list. My new addiction Facebook has been taking up a good chunk of time. There is something insane about finding friends from 17 summers ago, finding out that your child is going to preschool with a little guy you taught at Gymboree and LOVE (and love his mom too!), and getting back in touch with friends from elementary school. And the giddy feeling you get when you receive blog comments? Don't even get me started on receiving friend requests!

Add upcoming Fall TV to the mix, and I am in big trouble . . . Grey's, Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Private Practice, The Hills, Lipstick Jungle, Dirty Sexy Money and more - thank goodness for DVR!

Want to play along? Make sure to head over to Supernanny, Where Are You? and link up to Dana. And of course, if you don't have a blog or don't feel like writing a whole post, feel free to add your list right here in the form of a comment.

5 Fabulous Replies:

Rae said...

I can't WAIT for the Fall lineup to begin!!!!!

Jen E said...

How could I forget sleep? It's like my number one favorite thing to do ever! And if I had a Wii it would so be on the list. My sad little Game Cube just wasn't list-worthy...

Also, yay for Grey's Anatomy!

Thanks for such a great topic - I for one had a blast with it! :)

OHmommy said...

Sleep is overrated.


At least that is what I tell myself to make me feel better. I love to sleep and have made it my mission to be in bed before 11.

It is 11:05 right now. ;)

Marla said...

i love sleep too, but since i started with the CPAP machine for my sleep apnea I thankfully don't need as much :)

can't wait for fall TV... i just wish i wasn't so adicted to trash tv... gossip girl... and now there is a new 90210... lord help me :)

Wendi said...

Another great list!
Your #1 would be mine also.
One day I swear I am going to be caught up on sleep.
One day.
I too can't wait for the fall lineup.