Friday, August 8, 2008

Intervention Required

I think it is quite possible that I am an addict.

Yes, we've all chatted about it in one blog post or another.

The blog addiction.

Reading. Writing. Doing the happy dance when receiving comments.

Making and learning about new friends.

Yes, I have made no excuses for my blog addiction.

I am perfectly okay with it.

However . . .

Until recently, my computer addiction was limited to blogging, emailing, and web surfing.

No interest whatsoever in any of that MySpace or Facebook BS.

Who has the time?

Why bother?

I have a husband and a beautiful daughter.

I have great friends and manage to stay in touch with them.

I love my life.

These places are for the late teen, early twenty-something girls who babysit for MH.

College kids.

Post-college kids who haven't grown up yet.

To be honest, I've peeked at some MySpace pages.

If you have one, please take no offense when I say that some of them just plain seem like a waste of time.

Yes, some people use them as a way to update friends and loved ones about their lives. Great!

(I like my blog for that).

But some of them just seem "pimped-out". And silly.

Do I need that?

I don't have any more time to wastespend on the computer than I already do.

Or do I?

I happened to receive an email from my alma mater Ithaca College the other day.

Ithaca College - We're On Facebook!

There is no logical explanation for what made me click the link right then.

But I did.

And I needed an account to see the page.

And all I had to do was give them an email address and my name.

Could it really be so bad?

Let's just say that at about 2 full days later, I am a self-professed Facebook "whore"***.

At first I felt devious. Like I was stalking people.

Do I post a picture of myself in my profile? Any of my family?

Is it odd to email someone after not speaking to them for 15 years?

Is there really a point?

Well, I say . . .


I will say this - I now have a serious Facebook addiction. I have it bad.

I have found people I haven't spoken to in forever.

Will we become great friends?

I doubt it.

However, there is an amazing little thing about Facebook.


So now I've connected with some old peeps, and Facebook is giving me a list of other people I might know!

Technology. It's unbelieveable.

And then there's the giddiness of people finding you and requesting that you be their friend.

My friends, it's kind of like the comment happy dance.

It's not so much about where it's coming from, it's that someone is interested in you!

And so, for the past 2 days I have neglected my blog so I could spend every spare moment checking to see what new requests and notifications await me.

And randomly thinking of people who might be on there and who I might want to get in touch with, just because I can.

And of course getting all giddy when new people write to me and ask me what's going on in my life.

And even giddier when I find that we have a mutual friend, and figuring out what the connection is.

Remember the post where I told you about my 16th birthday being one of my most favorite memories ever?

I was on a cross-country teen tour.

A friend from that trip 17 summers ago found me through a mutual friend we share here in RI.

And, her SIL and BIL live in Providence!

So there is definitely something to be said for all of the hype - I was and am still floored!

I will say this - I don't want to be the mean girl.

A girl I went to high school with sent me a friend request. I barely knew her, but accepted.

She keeps trying to send me "gifts", and asking for "food", and other things I don't quite get.

I keep hitting the ignore button.

I'm thinking that people like her are the reason I resisted Facebook and the likes in the first place.

My guess is too much time and not enough to do on her hands.

And although I did get a little caught up in taking a SATC which girl are you quiz (Charlotte), that's about as far as I go.

Besides using it to reconnect with old friends.

However, there is only so much time in one day.

And soon, Fall TV is coming.

I have a feeling that I'm going to have a new addiction very soon - time management skills.

So friends, I have eaten my words, caved and joined the revolution.

And I'll be looking for you on Facebook!

***Mom, (Dad - not that you really need it), and Grandma - I use the term whore as a current pop catch-phrase, please forgive me as I know you're cringing right now.

17 Fabulous Replies:

Jill said...

Been down the same path with Facebook - about a year ago. It sure can be addicting! :)

Chelle said...

You crack me up! I always find myself smiling or laughing at what you write and for that I thank you. :)

What does it say that I have a Facebook and a MySpace?!

And my blog...crap, I may have an online addiction, my friend :)

Lipstick said...

OMG Mommy Rach!!!! I just became addicted to facebook a couple of weeks ago (actually not even sure if its been two weeks). I am SO addicted! I have decided that there is no way I am going to twitter, cause I would be addicted to that too. I just know it.

Carol said...

Yep, that was me last summer. Fabulous to catch up with people. The novelty does wear off. I still check most days but just for a couple of mins as opposed to 2 hours like I did at first.

Krystyn said...

I've intentionally not done anything on Facebook...don't have the time. Can't do it.

Jen said...

Rachael, that is so weird that you posted this. I just signed up for Facebook yesterday. I swear! I got an invite from a friend and wanted to see what all the hype was about. I'm still confused as to how to used it. I looked through my high school/ college and didn't see anyone I wanted to "catch up" with. Now what? I just don't get the whole social networking thing. I think I need one of those "Dummies" books.

Melissa said...

hehehehe! Didn't I warn you to not get too addicted?!?! ;) It is so cool to catch up with people from the past and to keep in touch with family and friends.

Don't feel bad about ignoring requests from people that want to send you things like gifts and stuff, I do it all the time. The only applications that I really like on Facebook are the "I've Got Kids" and the "Superpoke" ones.

Like Carol said, the addiction does wear off a bit after a few months, though.

Anonymous said...

you are sooooo not alone!! I've always hear it takes 21 days to break a habit. Yeah Right.

OHmommy said...


I will so not go anywhere near the social networks. I have been SUCKED in by blogging.

I need some time management skills myself, ;)

Mamasphere said...

If it's not one addiction it's another, lol.

I'm boycotting Facebook because they think pictures of babies reastfeeding are obscene.

Gotta have a cause!

Dana said...

I am guilty of having the pages, but sooooo not guilty of the addictions. There is no room for those addictions in my world, all I know is blogging and I'm happy about that!

Belle said... too. Mainly because I'm nosey!

Dana said...

Hey, Rach, me again. I wanted to let you know I left you a little invite to my place for my dinner party.

McMommy said...

Oh wow! See, you are braver than me! I can't touch Facebook with a ten foot pole.

I would literally get SUCKED RIGHT IN to my laptop and cease to exist in the real world!!!! :)

4funboys said...

Ha... funny you mention it!

I'm right there with you!!!

I'm not quite as "bad" because I haven't figured it all out yet- what's all those little things you can send to people...etc (I've been too busy blogging, and avoiding my "real" mommy jobs to spend the time to get it )...

but I have hooked up with a few people we haven't seen or talked to in YEARS. How fun is that!

We leave Wednesday to drive 5 hours to meet up with some of them actually...


Marla said...

facebook was my first addiction... hten i turned to blog land because facebook got to kitchie...)is that spelled right? anyway... the bonus is that people will continue to find you... freaky... I have been reunited with all kinds of people from my past.

Wendi said...

Don't say another word!
I can't hear you!!!
I can't have any more addictions.
No time.