Sunday, August 17, 2008

A style all your own . . .

I love that each and every day you are becoming a more independent little girl.
(okay, sometimes it makes me sad that you seem to need me a little less each day).

I love your infectious giggle and your need to "do it yourself".

I love what a big girl you are. How you can go to the potty and wash your hands all by yourself.

I love that yesterday, after you splashed around in the bathroom sink for 15 minutes washed your hands, your dress was all wet and you felt the need to change clothes.

I love how when you first came running to find me, you were wearing just underwear and this sweater.

I love that when I asked you where all of your clothes were (meaning the ones you had been wearing the last time I saw you), you replied "In my closet!" without skipping a beat.

I love that when I told you that you needed some clothes on underneath your sweater, this is what you came up with:

I love that despite my insides screaming "No! You can NOT go out of the house looking like that! What will people think of your Mommy?", I was able to embrace your pride and let you go anyways.

I embrace you and all the pride that comes along with getting bigger and more independent each and every day.

I love being your Mommy and knowing that I have a major hand in helping you become the amazing girl Daddy and I are so lucky to call ours.

I love your mad accessorizing skills - from the headband so your hair will look bee-you-tee-ful right down to the "buh-ling buh-ling (read: bling bling) on your coveted flip-flops ("because Mommy wears them").

I love you, Mad Hatter.

12 Fabulous Replies:

Wendi said...

too sweet!
love her independence!

Dana said...

I do love seeing the slight difference between boys and girls. Although, Hunter does have a bit of a shoe fetish, and sometimes the dress loafers look a tad bit uncoordinated with the regular play clothes, shorts and no socks.

I just love that headband. And the blue jean skirt, oh the memories.

(I swear, blogger just HATES me with these word verifications...)

poppy said...

Ms MommyBlogger, I see more and more of you in her when Sweetheart and I have the MH. Her signs of independence are a beautiful part of her growth process :)

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Oh it could be so much worse mom!

She is beautiful.

Chelle said...

Oh what a sweet post! I love her look, very cute :) And I love how you let her wear that--that is too sweet!! I bet she was so proud :)

Krystyn said...

What a sweet post. So independent. So, you let her go out like that, right?

The Mrs. said...

What a sweet post and what a good mommy!!!

Mamasphere said...

I think she looks adorable! She might even be on to something with the hears/stripes combo. My daughter has put on MUCH worse, lol.

Marla said...

i want to be that mom...

Carol said...

Oh that was such a lovely post Rach.

She is better dressed than I am!

mom2natnkatncj said...

Oh boy, she's trouble ;). What a beautiful smart little girl you've got there. You are lucky.

Angelique said...

Awww...I remember writing a post similar to this one back in January when Avery started HAVING to dress herself. She is miss independent. And as hard as it is to let them walk out the door in those hot ensembles, it's so sweet to see how they grow into their own people.

She is a doll!