Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Mom

This mom had a different kind of day today.

This mom did more today than she has done any day in at least six months.

This mom was showered, dressed fashionably, coiffed, made up, and accessorized at the crack of dawn.

This mom then made sure her princess was dressed, fed, coiffed, hugged, cuddled, pottied, and ready for her second day of preschool.

This mom got both of us out of the house ahead of schedule.

This mom managed to drop off an overdue book to the library and still arrive at massage torture physical therapy 15 minutes early. (This mom is usually running in the door of physical therapy as her appointment is starting.)

This mom then went to work at her new job for five and a half hours. And didn't remember to eat lunch.

This mom rushed to pick up her little girl so she wouldn't be one of the last kids at school.

This mom was thrilled at the squeals of delight from her daughter as she pulled into the parking lot.

This mom's heart broke a little when the teacher said her daughter cried a little this afternoon, and later at dinner when her daughter said she cried because she missed her Mommy and Daddy today.

This mom knows these things are going to happen, and that her daughter is normal.

This mom stopped at the market on the way home to pick up a few badly needed groceries.

This mom prepared one of the best dinners she has in a very long time. (This mom doesn't cook all that much even when she is home for most of the day!)

This mom managed to field about a hundred "why?" questions with considerable tolerance.

This mom has spent the last two days in excruciating back pain that is making her feel physically ill. (This mom is hoping she's just having a little flare-up from trying to act like a normal person and running too much!)

This mom has tons to blog about, but . . .

This mom is TIRED. EXHAUSTED. About to go to bed as soon as I hit publish (it's 8:03PM, about 4 hours ahead of my regular schedule).

This mom is proud of her accomplishments today, and also in awe of those of you who do it every single day.

9 Fabulous Replies:

debbie said...

This Mom is very proud of you.

Mamasphere said...

Rachael, you rock my world.

Dana said...

You are awesome. I hope you got some much needed rest, although I think I saw that you were unable to sleep, so I hope you at least got to sleep in.

Krystyn said...

Wow! This mom is proud of you, too! You did so much! And, when you were in pain?

I think I went to bed at about 8:30 last night...and I didn't do that much! Must be the incubation process.

Anonymous said...

HOLY COW. I would need a nap. My favorite thing you did: "showered, dressed fashionably, coiffed, made up, and accessorized at the crack of dawn".....this is only something I WISH I could do. Then I drop my kids off at school and see the mommies who look fantastic and I wonder how they do it.

Lipstick said...

Way to go Rach!!! You are awesome. What a busy day. I hope you have a restful weekend!

Carol said...

Oh poor Maddie. Thomas did the same thing when he started preschool last year. Heartbreaking but it is so good for them to be there.

You take it easy lady. One day at a time. Do I need to remind you that you're in reciver from spinal fusion? Nope, thought not!

Anonymous said...

I love this post.

All the little victories really do add up!

Wendi said...

This mom think YOU done good!
I think I need to go take a nap after reading ALL that!