Monday, August 25, 2008

Stop what you're doing and come on over to my place!

Earlier this month, while I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Barking Mad, I was made aware of a fabulous idea! In the interest of introducing each other to other fabulous blogs/bloggers in the community, Auds decided to host a "Barking Mad" dinner party.

The rules are simple (well, almost simple). Pick 10 blogs you love (here's the not so simple part, I love MANY!), link to them with the reasons you love them, and link back over to her blog.

Never one to pass up a party, here I am! I decided to wait until now because I my next post will be my 100th - what better reason to celebrate?!

So, without further ado, would the following please join me at the Mommy Learns to Blog 100th Post Blogoversary Bash!

Please note that I have worked hard at my selection - there are many people who get automatic invites, but because they are already very much a part of the blogging community I've found myself in, I'm opting to go for blogs that I love but you might not know much about (this means Dana, Carol, and Shannon, come on over immediately! The rest of you who I talk to on a regular basis, or whose blogs I comment on regularly, come share the love too!). Now, onto the business!

The location: Since I live in Rhode Island and have pretty much instant access (ok 40 minutes) to the beach, I thought we'd do a clambake. The works - lobster, clams, corn on the cob, potatoes, you name it! And for beverages, well of course we'll have some ice cold beer (I'm loving Bud Light with Lime these days), margaritas (also a new summer fave this year), hot cocoa (in case the ocean breeze really kicks up), and of course some other fun non-alcoholic libations as well. Dress warm, it's already starting to get a little chilly at night here!

And the guests of honor:

Memoirs of the Shoe Obsessed - when I was laid up after my first back surgery, my dear friend Marni told me I HAD to visit Andie's blog because it was hilarious. Never one to dissapoint, she was dead on! Andie is most definitely shoe obsessed - if I am remembering correctly (offhand, of course), she's got over 400 pairs of shoes! She has a special binder system for cataloging them, and let me tell you, her shoes are FABULOUS! Every Tuesday is Shoesday on her blog, and we get a glimpse of the fabulosity (plus the bottoms of her fab skirts too!) Since the moment I first read her blog, I knew we were destined to be friends - she is a shopaholic, is the bomb at getting amazing bargains, and she has an adorable little girl named Boo who is just a few months younger than (and reminds me quite a bit of) the Mad Hatter. I can never get enough of reading about her fantastic family adventures, Boo's fabulous clothing and accessories, and all of the things that make her happy. Andie is pregnant with her second child and currently on bedrest, so we might have to bring a bit of the party to her. Drop by her blog and leave her a comment, I know she'd love it! And she's sure to have the perfect information for you on which MAC lipstick will suit you best, where to get the best desserts in RI, and when she's up to it, she'd probably love to take you on a guided tour of the Wrentham shopping outlets.

Levett-Ventures - this would be my dear, dear friend Marni. We met probably 5 years ago when I was still a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. From our first conversation, we were immediate friends. Marni (still a demonstrator - you must check out her amazing website Marni is one of the most talented people I have ever met in my life. She is also one of the most patient. Her little boy Ryan is just 18 months older than her sweet daughter Megan, and she is such a go with the flow mom. She's got a great sense of humor about everything, especially parenting two children so close in age, and you'll get a great taste of this over at her blog. As far as real life friends go, she is the best! I'm sure if I ask her, she'll bring some of her stamping stuff and set up some great projects for us to make and take home with us! The best part is, no one will believe you made it yourself!

My Life on the East Coast - I was lucky to come across this blog through Andie's. Rae is what I call SuperMom! She's in her early thirties, mom to 3, cleans her house religiously every day (she's got a set schedule she does not deviate from!), and still manages to plan all kinds of special and fun things with her kids. She is a Brownie troop leader, and just became president of the PTO at her girls' school. I'm in awe of all she manages to get done in a day! AND, she has some insane interior decorating skills! I always love seeing pictures of what she's done in her house, because it's a mix of antiques and funky modern stuff. She's very artistic, and her love of her life just shines through in every blog post she writes! Rae is sure to give us all tips on how to turn someone's trash into our own personal treasures, share some great recipes, and give great ideas on how to change the look of a room in your house for mere pennies!

Mamasphere - Laurel has to be one of my favorite daily reads. She is so candid and has a true knack for sharing the details of her everyday life in a humorous, light-hearted, and humble way that many people just don't. From the time she went to work with a hole in her pants AND shirt (and blamed it on her sister!) to her concern that there MUST be cameras in the bathrooms there (and therefore someone plays tricks with her mind by stopping the automatic sinks she chooses to use), I never leave her blog without giggling out loud. She has a four year old daughter named Gabi who sounds as spirited as MH, and I have no doubt that she'll be the gal at the party surrounded by people who are entertained by yet another funny thing that happened to her, probably that day!

Lipstick at the Mailbox - I cannot even remember how I discovered Lipstick's blog. All I know is I love it! She's mom to JBB and Pretty Girl, and a working mom. Not just any working mom, but a pharmacist! She's a true southern belle with perfect manners! And some of my favorite posts are about her "redneck" moments, or her description of the "rednecks" she is so clearly not! Lipstick loves her some Sylvester Stallone - I cannot remember the exact number, but she has watched Rocky many times! Lipstick's hubby is a master craftsman, and has done some amazing work around their home. She also gets insanely giddy when she gets home to realize that the cleaning lady has brandished her magic wand and made everything all fresh and sparkly. Lipstick has a great sense of humor, and of course, a love of lipstick. She and Andie will get along famously - maybe they can do our colors for us! She might even bring along some plum wine for us to try!

Everyone Has A Story To Tell. This is Ours. I've got two words here - GORGEOUS FAMILY. I discovered Candy's blog when she was kind enough to keep stopping by mine and leaving me such sweet comments. She is an absolute doll. Mom to 3, wife to one very handsome HOT hubby, and all around beautiful person, both inside and out. She's an avid runner, currently training for the NYC Marathon, and also the owner of Eye Candy Photography. Talk about a talented photographer - her photos are amazing! I have to admit, sometimes I love to browse through her blog just for the pics! But I also love reading her stories about her family, whether it is scoping out the perfect spot for Christmas card pics (and bribing the kids with ice cream cones and getting equally perfect shots) or hearing about the little pranks her boys like to play on her (revenge will be sweet!). Her blog is a great little bright spot in the blogosphere, and I really enjoy spending time there! I hope Candy will agree to photograph this whole soiree, or at least share some of her best photography tips with some of us novices!

Daily Mish Mash - if I had not discovered this blog, I would never have known who Ryan Gosling is (gasp!). And I never would have finally rented The Notebook, which is quite possibly one of the best movies I've ever seen. I love Jen's blog - it truly is just that, a mish-mash of her daily thoughts, ideas, and some of the most fantastic eye-candy imaginable! Name a celebrity you love and she'll get you pics, pronto! Open letters to her fave John Mayer - no shortage here! She is just hilarious, and I always giggle when I read one of her posts. Except, of course, when it's Make a Difference Monday. I love that Jen is using her blog as a platform to get others to talk about the good they are doing in the world - whether on a personal, local, national, or global level. Jen is also a travel agent specializing in Disney vacations - I'm sure she can give all of us at the party some great tips on our next trip to Mickey-Town!

The Bean - I cannot remember how I found her blog, but it was love at first sight when I saw that Bejewell and I share an affinity for a certain swear word that rhymes with Buck. How could I NOT invite her to my party (pickmepickmepickme)? Her posts are hy-sterical! Her little guy is precious. She was rather obsessed with figuring out what the mysterious "desk booger" was, and even ran a contest on her blog, complete with pictures (the stories that went along with getting those pictures had me rolling). If you want someone frank, funny, and not afraid to share her opinion, get yourself to this blog immediately. She is a terrific writer. So terrific, in fact, that she might just write a book one of these days . . . maybe. No doubt that Bejewell will be at the center of the social scene at the party, full of wisecracks and teaching some of us the finer skills of not taking crap from anyone!

Ladybug's Picnic - yet another blog I discovered early on in my adventures in Bloggeritaville. Something about her blog just kept me reading. Probably the fact that she was 41 weeks pregnant with her 2nd ladybug, and went to labor and delivery 3(?) times with nothing in hand but her bag and an iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. Her second little girl was most definitely worth the wait - Claire is absolutely gorgeous! I love Ladybug's sarcastic wit, dry humor, and the fact that we share a mutual love for Target. And if you want to laugh until you cry (I know it wasn't all that funny to her), go read the post about how her mommy-mobile's back window got shattered at the gas station while amazingly managing to a)not injure anyone in the car and b)not keep the family from staying on their target schedule and getting to their party on time! I also love that Ladybug lives in the New England area, and I can relate to a lot of the areas she talks about in her posts. Ladybug will be sure to provide us with much insight into raising two adorably preppy little girls, purchasing fantastic bags and shoes, and converting a formal dining room into a playroom!

Barking Mad: Musings of a British-American Family - of course my party would not be complete without the person who came up with this terrific idea! Talk about smart, bright, female writers. I am usually amazed when I read one of her posts. Auds has it all - humor (the dog ate what?), sarcasm, wit, and also raw, harsh, gut-wrenching reality - the kind that will have you in tears at your computer, but not because you are laughing. I cannot begin to express my admiration for her ability to share herself and her life experiences with the blogging community. I love that Auds is using her blog and the blogging community as a way to express herself and really put herself out there. I think a little party is just what she could use these days!

I know my party is going to be a blast - how could it not be without all of you lovely ladies? There is so much diversity, so many sharp, quick-witted women, I know it's a night I won't soon forget!

Wanna take my cue and host your own party? I will happily bring a dish (or two) and stay to help clean up! Just link back to Auds, then go to her blog and add your name to Mr. Linky, along with your blog post url. Super easy.

And make sure I'm invited. As I said, I am never one to miss a party!

10 Fabulous Replies:

Dana said...

I can't wait! Is it ok if I come over and camp out until the party starts? I'm one who likes to be the first one there, and unfortunately for you, I don't like to mess a thing and I don't know when to leave, so I'll likely be the last one out the door. Sorry sista, you invited me, I betcha wssh you could take it back now, huh?

Marni said...

Oooooooh! Thanks for the shout out! I'm on my way over with paper, stamps, inks and all sorts of things! PAR-TAY! :)

Mamasphere said...

Oh, I'm SO there! And a margarita for me, please.

I need to go check out some of these blogs so I know who I'll be rubbing elbows with!

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes!! me too me too!! Candy is GAME.

Ladybug's Picnic said...

Whoa - thank you SO MUCH! That's probably the nicest thing I've ever read about myself on the blogsphere (and I've been blogging since 2002!)

I really appreciate the shoutout and like one of the previous commenters, I am never one to miss a party and I like to hang around until I'm politely asked to leave!

Rae said...

I'm hoppin' in the car and speeding your way! (Which actually might happen one day so be prepared!!)

You always boost my spirits and make me feel so good! Thank you, thank you!

I too need to check out some of the other invitees. I love reading new blogs and making new friends!!

You are the best!

Lipstick said...

Whoo-hoo!!!! *blush*giggle*giddy laughter*dancing around*
Thank you SO much for the invitation to the clambake. You are so chic with your fancy party. I'm quite sure that Martha Stewart would feature our soiree as her cover story.

Jen said...

I am totally blushing right now. Thank you so much for inviting me and saying such nice things about my blog! :)

I enjoy yours too, but for some reason I don't think I have it in my reader. I'm adding you right now!

PS Do you mind if I bring a date to the party who has the initial R.G.? I'm sure you wouldn't mind one extra guest, right?

Elaine A. said...

What a fun idea, sounds like you girls are going to have a riotous time!

p.s. I can "crash" if I bring a bottle of wine, right? ; )

bejewell said...

I am SUPER late and sorry about that... but I do accept the invite, if you'll still have me. I'll be the one who shows up late and then complains that all the food is cold. Then I'll stay well past the appropriate time and pass out on your choich while you clean up, after refusing the last guest's offer of a ride home because I "don't want to be a bother to anyone."

Can't wait!