Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Top 5 Tuesday (A Day Late)

So, Dana - guess you're not taking my suggestion of top 10 Tuesday!

This week's top 5 is favorite places to shop.

Mom and Dad, I'm sure you're laughing already.

So, once again, I'm going to have to narrow this one down - and the only one that is in any special order is number 1.

1. Target - hands down, my fave place to shop. I mean, wear else can you pick up a cute outfit, adorable shoes, toothpaste, an iPod, some books, and some toys. And of course the popcorn or pretzel and lemonade that always help get the MH through the store! As a matter of fact, I was just there last night!

2. Marshall's/TJ Maxx - I'm always up for a bargain, and always up for a great hunt. Their shoe department is fabulous, and kid's clothing finds are always pretty good!

3. Sephora - I am such a girly-girl. When it comes to makeup (even though I don't wear a ton at once!) and all things girly, I could play forever. I just love browsing and looking at everything they have!

4. Lane Bryant - I love that I am the smallest size in there (and slowly working my way out), and I can rock a bargain in that place like nobody's business! And it's the one store (in my opinion) that actually offers fashionable plus-size clothing. Also LOVE their bras.

5. Gymboree - yes, since becoming a mom I am obsessed with shopping for MH. Is that any surprise? I am a Gymboree addict - absolutely love their stuff. The quality is amazing and it's so generously sized and well made that she gets several seasons of wear out most things I get there. AND, once again, I know how to rock a sale. No full price for me - EVER!

Seriously, you could close stores 2-5 and I'd be okay, as long as I had my Target. Sad, isn't it. Just another one of those addictions!

If you haven't done so already, make your list and go link with Dana at Supernanny, Where Are You?

6 Fabulous Replies:

Chelle said...

Great list! I love Target, Sephora and Gymboree!! My favorites :)

Patrice said...

lol! Everyone loves their target! I think Lane Bryant has really cute clothes and it's great you're working your way out! Gymboree has such cute clothes.. I am such a sucker for baby clothes! I have no one to buy them for and I am still tempted just because they are so freakin cute!

Melissa said...

Great list! Listing only 5 was hard for me too, since I am a shopaholic! Wish that I could be a buyaholic as well....

I LOVE Lane Bryant's bras and underwear! As soon as I'm done bf'ing, I'm heading there to get new bras. I really wish they made nursing bras!

Oh, and Gymboree is THE BEST STORE EVER! My newest Gymbo addiction is the outlet! Same great clothes at even cheaper cost! I spent $150 there a couple weeks ago and got the kids both 5 outfits and an outfit for my newest niece!

Krystyn said...

You've stolen a large majority of mine! Target! #1....Hands down!

Dana said...

With everyone loving Target, it really makes me wonder. The one by my house was supposed to be open last year, then this month, and now it's been pushed back again. Seth said he heard next least they have started working on it (well, the parking lot) anyway. At this rate we'll have moved by the time it gets open, and we're not even planning to move soon.

Mamasphere said...

My list would be exactly the same! I love all of those places. We should totally go shopping together :-)