Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How Old Are You?

I'm that mom.

The one who does not want her baby to grow up.

I'm the mom who never rounds up.

If she's going to be six months old tomorrow I'll tell you just that.

I'm pretty sure most normal moms would just round up.

The thing is, I have a hard timed handling the fact that time passes so quickly.

Recently, I've loosened up a bit.

A couple of weeks ago, as we were on our way to the bathroom at the beach, an elderly couple stopped us to comment on how adorable she was. Who was I to deny them the pleasure? When they asked her age, I replied "She's three and a half".

As we walked away and continued on to the bathroom, I was surprised to receive a very indignant little "Mommy! I not fwee and a haf, I fwee!"

Could it be? A sudden role reversal?

8/8/08 - My sweet little Mad Hatter actually turned three and a half.

I decided that a little celebration was in order.

There's a bakery near us that sells fabulous cupcakes.

MH loves them because they are adorned with Disney Princess rings. And lots of frosting.

After a fairly simple explanation of how we were celebrating the fact that she was now three and a half, how birthdays work, how many months are in a year, and the concept that this day was exactly halfway between the day she turned 3 and the day she'll turn 4, she seemed to get it.

That, or she just wanted the freakin' cupcake already.

I lit a candle, Sweetheart and I sang, and MH nearly caught herself on fire reaching for that ring!

ahh, behold the glorious frosting . . .
simply delish! (and wearing my new ring makes it that much sweeter!)
"This is my super special magical ring!"
And I am so very proud of it!

Friends, that cupcake was licked clean of all visible frosting. To my major dismay, MH has not yet learned to behold the wonder that is cake! I am sadly reminded of this every time I spend money on one more beautiful cupcake. Here's what happened as I (in slo-mo, running hobbling towards the sink) yelled "Noooooooooo!"

You see, the Mad Hatter has become quite the little helper in the kitchen. When she's done eating something, she brings it right over to the sink and heaves it right in. Normally, I give her a big kudos.

But - I must say - I was ready to kill her slightly disappointed this time.

That's right - I'm that mom too.

The one who would have scraped off the part she'd slobbered all over devoured, and eaten the perfectly good cake that was left.

Happy half-birthday my beautiful little princess.

Each and every day of the last three and a half years has been one big adventure with you, and I wouldn't trade it for a thing.

Except maybe the rest of your cupcake (although you are far sweeter and more enjoyable than even that!).

Oh, and since our little party?

Go ahead and ask her how old she is.

She will pause for just a second or two and proudly proclaim "I fwee and a half!"

10 Fabulous Replies:

Melissa said...

Kendra is just like MH and licks all the icing off and doesn't eat the cake! These kids just don't know yet that the cake is the best part! ;)

Happy 3.5 birthday to MH!!! :D

Poppy said...

Happy "FWEE and a half" Maddie. Sweetheart and I love you (and your parents) vweery vweery much :)

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Round up? Never! I don't want them to grow up to fast!

Aren't you the mama who wanted to start a cupcake delivery service? Maybe you should talk to the cupcake place you went to about that!:)

Happy 3 1/2 birthday MH!

Krystyn said...

How sweet. Happy 3.5! I didn't round up for the longest time, but I found my self saying, "she'll be...on the 14th" or "she's almost..." and it got old. I've pretty much rounded her up to 2 and she's almost 22 months!

And, for the record, I would have eaten the licked cupcake, too! I hate to waste.

Chelle said...

I never, ever, ever round up! Never. She grows up so fast, why would i even want to rush it even more?
How cute was her cupcake half birthday celebration?! Those cupcakes look so delicious...
PS-I would have eaten Bella's cake, too--even the part that was drooled on :)

Anonymous said...

isn't it so sweet how they do this to us? they just get cuter, and sweeter.....and we never want it to end. (my competitive little boys like to have a race and see who can lick the icing off first.....LOL) great pics;-) You captured it.

Jill said...

Great photos - taken with your new camera?

Congrats on her half-birthday. :)

Carol said...

Rach what a cute idea!

Those cupcakes look delicious.

YOur blog is all wide, did you learn something new? Such a clever clogs!

Anonymous said...

Very cute idea to celebrate her half birthday.

My girls love those cupcakes too! And they do the exact same thing- frosting only.

Wendi said...

Knowing how much you love cupcakes...that must have been painful!
That MH!
She is something.
Happy 1/2 Birthday!