Wednesday, August 13, 2008

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

We've been hard at work on practicing our catching skills!
On Monday, we had an impromptu visit from Uncle DKR and Shay (who was sadly not feeling well, but I am happy to report is doing 100% better now!).
MH definitely gets her athletic skills from my brother Uncle D and DH's sister Auntie P.
And Uncle DKR is always too happy to play with MH, no matter what request she throws at him. Their adoration of each other is most definitely mutual!

Here we are, ready for some action! You may notice that we are never at a lack for accessories!

Uncle DKR helps show her how to hold those arms out and close in for the big catch

Well done, Mad Hatter!

Even Shay was blessed with a little lei-action. And even feeling as lousy as she was, she handled MH's full-on affection like a total trooper!

I am still totally in love with my new camera. If only I could find the time to read the manual, I'd probably love it even more! And for those of you who have asked for details, I apologize for not getting back to you. I promise I will post about it soon - it's just been a crazy week around here!

8 Fabulous Replies:

Carol said...

I love how thrilled they are when they actually catch it. Too cute.

Shannon said...

Beautiful pictures!!!!! She looks adorable (love the accessory, of course) and Shay looks very relaxed and "cool" too.

Marla said...

oh the manual... i just started shooting and now i can't find the manual... i wish i knew where it was because after 8 months of pictures i'm ready to get down to the technical stuff :)

Krystyn said...

What great shots you got of her catching!

And, I read my manual and I'm pretty sure I'm still clueless! I need personal tutoring sessions!

Jill said...

Very sweet photos!

Just opened my iMac... I could definitely use a manual right now.

Anonymous said...

good job catching!! My 6 year old is still afraid to catch anything. He DUCKS at anything coming towards him....(even if it's his Mommy!)

The Mrs. said...

Great pictures and she is so cute!

Wendi said...

Too cute!
Great shots...your birthday present is working nicely!