Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Open Letter

Dear Blogosphere,

We need to talk.

I'll admit it, I am totally and utterly in love with you. Butt-ass crazy (to coin a term from my friend Pam) in love. It happened fast and furiously and out of nowhere. Well, not nowhere - a good friend did send me a link to a blog and told me to check it out. I didn't have to listen to her, but I did. From that moment, I've become a hopeless case.

I think of you day and night. I think I even dream of you. I cannot get enough of you. I'm even fine with the fact that we're not exclusive. There's plenty of you to go around, and I have no problem sharing with the other ladies both inside and out of Bloggywood. In fact, I'd be doing them a disservice if I didn't share you!

The problem is, the more you give me, the more I want. And boy, are you a giver. Never, have I EVER had a relationship with someone so giving. Almost too giving. Just when I think I've gotten my fill, you offer me more.

My laptop taunts me every time I see it - open me, open me! Just one click! Don't you want to hear what McMommy has come up with today? And while you're there, it only takes a few seconds to leave a comment. You have to leave a comment! Wait! McMommy posted about you?!? Well, you MUST write about that - you're nearly a celebrity in Bloggeritaville if she's talking about you! And all those other fab peeps McMommy wrote about, well if you're not already reading them and she thinks they're worthy, shouldn't you? How can you not add them to your reader? You don't want to miss the boat, do you?

Blogosphere, I do love me some good blog. And let me tell you that there is NOTHING better than a good blog. I could blog all day and night. And lately it seems that I am doing just that. But I'm starting to get a bit worried - can too much bloggity-blog become too much of a good thing? I mean, my husband and daughter know all about us, and are surprisingly fine with our relationship. But you're I don't know how much more good I can take. I'm starting to worry that I might be addicted to you.

You and I have the perfect relationship, and such chemistry! I know I can always depend on you. I know you'll always be there for me, giving me all you've got and then some. You make me laugh, you make me cry (but in a good way), you have great taste, and you are such a great teacher. Best of all, I haven't gained an ounce since we got together! I take that back because it's not entirely true, I've gained a lot of bloggy friends and funny tales to share. But I feel like I am starting to think of you and only you, and maybe neglecting a few other things that require my attention.

I mean, I do have a family. They need to eat. The Mad Hatter needs attention. And Hubby, well poor hubby - he has taken to a relationship with the Wii, specifically Mario Kart. When I'm feeling really guilty about my love for you, I go down and play a few courses with him. I always end up in last place, which makes me sad. Then I come back to you because I just know you'll always have something to make me happy.

But I do need to get my rest - you know what the doctor said about my recovery! My morning showers are getting shorter and shorter. I'd rather catch a fix than do my makeup! And forget about things like straightening the house, reading my real books, doing the crafts I once loved so. I just can't seem to be bothered. Last night in the middle of the thunder and lightning, I was worrying about whether we'd lose power and then my laptop battery would die. I don't think this obsession is healthy.

Oh Blogosphere, what's a girl to do?

If you have any ideas, please let me know. Until then, I'm going to continue to accept your unconditional love, selfless giving, and all the other wonderful things that make you YOU, In the short time we've been together, I've become so dependent on you, and I can't bear the thought of not having you in my life. Maybe one day you can help me find a blog that will teach me a bit more about time management.

Or, Bloggers Anonymous.

My name is Rachael, and I am a Blogoholic. And proud of it.

With my deepest love and affection,


15 Fabulous Replies:

Lipstick said...

Oh Blog Mommy, this post is a winner, one for the ages! I can so understand--I am a new blogaddict. I have blog-ddiction. And it is serious. I think I have gained five pounds from sitting on my ass and blogging. Oh the relaxation and yet oh, the guilt. I mean, I HAVE to read my dailies, I simply must comment (and then return to see subsequent comments), and then tend to my own little corner of the blogosphere. So glad I am not alone. What am I saying? Of course, I'm not alone. We blog-addicts are flitting about online, commenting like there's no tomorrow.

Carol said...

Honey, Bloggers Anonymous is surely the next step. Loving though that I can hear in your writing how happy you are and with all the back issues you have been enduring for so long I am thrilled to hear you so full of joy!

Dana said...

I definately need some BA. Just add my name right under yours deary. Thanks.

Lisa said...

You're a hoot!!!

Keep up the love affair!

trying said...

hi my name is lea and im a blogoholic too. sigh. i need help. so if you start bloganon let me know. Althought then I'd probably just blog about it. ARGH the cycle never ends!

Beth said...

another blogaholic raising her hand here...

The Roaming Southerner said...

blogaholic here too! Great post!
I know that comment just fueled the fire!

Elaine A. said...

Yeah, there are times when I think I need a 12-step program (and my husband would agree!). But I don't want to quit my addiction so... ; )

Love your letter!

Allison R said...

Yet another blogaholic. I'm not ready for meetings though

Shannon said...

So true - I had to smile and nod my head the entire way through your post :-) Well said, I'm an addict too. I got my DH a Wii for Father's Day - maybe secretly b/c I knew I'd get more blog time to log? I'm like you - I play a few rounds with him to keep him happy . . . and then back to the blogger-hood. Happy POW - really glad I stopped by your blog!!!

The Mom said...

I'm joining BA too!!

amanda said...

sign me up too :)

great post!

happy POW

Megan said...

My husband, who is about to partake in his own bloggy adventure, told me how he couldn't sleep last night because he was writing a blog post in his head.

I had to explain that this is normal & expected blog behavior. :-)

Happy POW!

McMommy said... have just written....


You described my LIFE. I swear! And to make it worse, I keep my laptop in the EVERY SINGLE TIME I walk by it...I am guilty of just taking "a quick little glimpse"....which then sucks me in to the big black bloggy hole!!!

What is it that makes us so addicted? I like to think of it as my own little reality show...whereby I check in on the various episodes to see what happened since the last time I tuned in!

I am hopelessly in love with bloggeritaville.

And YOU, missy! You are one fabulous blogger.

What a perfect POW post!

Lindsey and Adam said...

So so true!
I stumbled across your blog from someone else's blog, but you know what? I can't even remember who's blog I was looking at! Tell me that's not addiction! :D

Love your blog. The MH is so stinkin' adorable!
Hope we get to know each other better through this bloggy blog world!

Lindsey :)