Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day Fun, a few days late

Our father's day plans to head to the beach were sadly ruined by rain. How dare that Mother Nature rain on our parade (yep, bad pun intended). Hubby really wanted to hit the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and while braving it with back pain and a very active Mad Hatter wasn't first on the list of activities I'd have chosen, it was Father's Day after all, so of course I was ready to comply.

Hubby took his shower, and then MH proceeded to throw a fit. One that assured me a trip to the mall in either of our conditions was not a wise idea, and that into bed for a nap was the only place she would be going. I told Hubs I hoped he didn't mind, but that he knew better, and to go enjoy a little time on his own. We had plans to visit the IL's and have dinner at my parents' house later anyways. No biggie. Sad not to spend the day together as planned, but we do what is necessary to get by, and a tired, tantruming MH is no-one's idea of a good time.

Poor DH - he didn't find much at the sale, and came home to Raving Lunatic Mommy, who had spent 2 hours dealing with a highly defiant and quite stubborn MH. An MH who got herself so riled up she showed me who was boss - by screaming so much she threw up all over her bed. NICE.

Once everyone calmed down and Mommy had a nap, the world was better. We jetted off to the IL's for a quick visit, then on to my parents' house for a DELICIOUS steak dinner. Mom really pulled out the stops on the great steaks, sweet corn - the works. By this time, MH was being fairly charming, no doubt largely due to the fact that Uncle DKR had come down for dinner, and had brought along Shay the dog.

Uncle DKR lives about an hour away and is incredibly successful at his highly demanding job, so we are lucky if we get to see him every few weeks. He and the Mad Hatter have a very special relationship, to put it lightly. After dinner, we had some great fun with the camera:

Sadly, all good fun must come to an end, and unfortunately this ending was abrupt. I watched in what seemed like slo-mo eternity as she fell backwards over the arm of the couch and I screamed in horror. I thought for sure she was about to crack her head open on the ceramic tile (and we couldn't see because she went out of our line of vision). The MH is amazing enough to have only hurt "right here" (her foot), although that didn't stop incessant hysterics on her part. It took some time, but we finally convinced her that while we didn't have our trusty frozen Cinderella (which she doesn't hold on the boo-boo as intended, just touches to where it hurts and tells us Cinderella made her feel better), Frozen Nemo would work just as well. Since she was more interested in examining Frozen Nemo, we were pretty sure she was okay.

Then it was time for some fun family shots:

Myself, DKR, Dogs Shay and Cassidy, and the rest of the fam . . .

DKR, Hubby, Sweetheart, MH, Shay, and Poppy

And would you believe I never knew how to use the timer on my camera? Shocking, I'm sure. With a little work on Hubby's part, we got the camera propped and timed, and got a couple of decent shots - we'll have to work on getting better at that stuff!

I'm sure I said it that day, but I'm putting it here for the world (or at least the people I am lucky enough to have read my blog) to see: Hubby, I couldn't ask for a better partner in life or a better dad for our daughter. We are both so lucky to have you.

And Dad, you are an amazing support to me and the best Poppy the MH could ever ask for.

Of course, I can't leave out Uncle DKR - the best doggie daddy ever!

We love you bunches!

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Dana said...

Nice to see the family pics. We definately don't take near enough.
And clue me in on the timer, I've never used mine, was it easy?