Thursday, June 5, 2008

Do YOU want a piece of ME?

So, chances are if you've found your way here and have decided to come back for more, you're enjoying my blog (insert me doing happy dance). I love your comments - they also make me do the happy dance.

If you're new to blogging like me, I thought you'd appreciate a couple of tips on how to get back here easily. First, you could just bookmark my blog in your internet faves list. But then, you need to remember (and really, do you need to add one more thing to your to-do list?) to come back and check for updates.

OR . . .

You could do it the easy way.

Get yourself a "reader". Check out or Google Reader. Both are free services that allow you to sign up for an account (this takes maybe a minute) and add your favorite blogs.

Example: You LOVE me (thank you so much!). You go to bloglines (this is what I use, as my good friend recommended it to me a while ago, before I even had my own blog) and create your free account. You add my blog address. You bookmark in your internet favorites.

OK, here's the part where you need to remember to do something, but I'm not asking for much. Go to your favorites and visit daily. If I have added an entry in my blog, it will show you the entry right there - how cool is that? You can either read my entry right there, or click on the link that will take you to my entire blog. LOVE IT.

Here's the best part. If you're here, I certainly hope you've checked out some of the links I've included to other fabulous blogs I enjoy reading. Guess what? If you like their blogs, you can add them to bloglines too!

I think we've already established that this blogging thing can get addictive. Think of bloglines as your "one stop shopping" in Bloggeritaville (thanks Alex!). You click, you read, you laugh. You find more blogs you love, you add, you click, you read, you laugh, and add more.

Got it? Good.

1 Fabulous Replies:

Wendi said...

I too am addicted!
I LOVE google reader.
I don't know how I survived without it.
My reader is overflowing...I need to catch up!