Thursday, June 26, 2008

Driving Lessons

Tonight my hubby and Dad had a meeting for an organization they belong to, so MH, Sweetheart, and I had a little girls's night out planned. We were on our way for a bite to eat, and to drop by a friend's house.

First, let me give you some details of relevance:

  1. We live at the top of a hill with 4 stop signs on the street we take down to the main road.
  2. We were on our way down that street.
  3. My mother drives like a saint. I swear, if she hits a mile over the speed limit, she takes her foot off the gas. It's actually somewhat annoying to drive with someone who follows the rules of the road so steadfastly (is that even a word?) and she takes quite a lot of (loving) abuse from our family about it. But seriously, she's an excellent driver. Rainman would approve.
  4. MH's carseat in my Mom's car is right in the middle of the back seat, giving her the perfect view of the road in front of her.
  5. There was a car about one stop sign ahead of us.
  6. The license plate was AMEN. That part isn't so relevant, I just for some reason found it humorous.

And so the conversation went:

MH: Sweetheart, don't hit that car in front of you!
Sweetheart: Honey, of course I'm not going to hit the car in front of us.
MH: Well, I don't want you to hit that car in front of us because I don't want you to hurt the front of your car.
Sweetheart: Sweetie, you know what? More than anything, I would never want anyone inside of this car to get hurt. That's the really important part. I always want to make sure that you and Mommy are safe.
MH: (after a pause) Yeah. I just telled you that because I really didn't want you to hurt your car.

Lucky for us, Sweetheart continued to be a perfect chauffeur, no car accidents ensued, and we had a lovely evening together.


11 Fabulous Replies:

Rae said...

MH cracks me up! She is such the little darling!!

Marla said...

I had no idea that there were saintly drivers in RI...

Phat Mama said...

Ciara does that to me all the time too! I'll be driving and she'll suddenly pipe up from the back "Watch out Mommy! Don't crash into that car."
In her defense, I did actually crash into a car with her in the back once, but I don't actually think that she remembers it. She's gotten particularly into the whole "don't crash" thing ever since we had to drive past a serious accident a few months ago. She still talks about it.
So cute of MH to be worried about the car!

Wendi said...

I. love. it.
Gotta love a backseat driver.
Especially when they are three!

Beth said...

A license plate that says AMEN, that's hillarious (sorry God, not laughing at you). MH say some pretty incredible things, so cute!

Mamasphere said...

My mom obeys ALL the rules, too. But she's a bit absent minded, and tends to wander over the lane dividers, so driving with her is too stressful for me!

I trust her with my daughter, but I'm hoping that Gabi's in the backseat sending sweet reminders just like MP!

Lisa said...

So glad she has her priorities straight :)

lattemommy said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog tonight! I have a back seat driver, too, but he's 19 months. He sits there and yells "go, go, go" anytime I stop at a light. So helpful. :)

Cecily R said...

That is so great!! She's adorable!

My kids back seat drive too...they tell me I'm going the wrong way (when I am driving AWAY from the McDonalds)or they wonder aloud if I REALLY know where I am going. So what if get lost in my back yard...

I came over because I saw you on Classy Chaos and Little Princess Chronicles. Great blog!!

Don Mills Diva said...

I love that she has her priorities straight!

Shannon said...

OMG, that is so sweet and so funny!!! My kids say crazy stuff when we're in our van, lol. I love your Rainman mention - I totally puffy heart that movie!!! I can't get Dustin Hoffman out of my head now :-)