Monday, June 2, 2008

Mommy Needs Your Help!

OK, so I got some great video footage (using my digital camera) yesterday - I assure you it's the stuff blog entries are MADE OF. Now I just need some help getting them into the right format and into a post like all of you "pro's" out there! I did a Google search but I ended up more confused than when I started.

So go ahead, send along any and all advice you've got, and in return, I promise I won't disappoint.

And as a side, thank you all SO MUCH for your kind comments - I am so excited to already have a blog "audience", I literally do a happy dance every time I get another comment in my inbox (yes, I am a dork).

2 Fabulous Replies:

Dana said...

Hey friend- there's a little icon on the top of the posting box, right next to the picture one, for uploading video. I just tried it and it worked. My video was about 90 sec, from my digital camera, and it literally took forever. I just waited and it finally got uploaded. It looks like some people use youtube, but I tried it and I didn't get it to work right away, and I have no patience, so I just did it the other way. I hope this helps, maybe someone that does youtube will be able to help more.

Deana said...

Hi Rach,
If your videos are not in the right format for the site, there's a website ( that will convert the filese- for free! Nice job on your blog!