Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Today's Reasons for Why I Am a Great Mommy

According to the Mad Hatter, of course, in her infinite 3-year old wisdom.

Author's note: comments were both unsolicited, and made at different intervals throughout the our day

  1. I am a great mommy because I kiss all of her boo-boos and make her feel soooooo much better (pretty sure that's a regular part of my job)
  2. I am a great kisser (not sure if that should go in the book of great parenting)
  3. Because I make the Best. Juice. Ever. (who knew that mixing 1/4 part juice to 3/4 parts water would give me such an honor?)
  4. Because I'm beautiful and so fancy (to see through the eyes of a 3-year old again!)
  5. Because she loves the bathing suit with "dots" that I wore to pool therapy

All comments really were preceded by "My mommy is a great mommy BECAUSE . . ."

Sweetie, I adore you too. And I could never possibly list each and every reason why you are the best daughter in the world. You are amazing, and your bright smile is the highlight of each day I am blessed to spend with you.

But for today, I'll go with this - you're the best daughter in the world because you come up with comments like the above on a regular basis.

And though I'm constantly questioning myself as a parent, if the above reasons make me a great mommy, then I know that for now, I'm definitely doing just fine at all the other stuff.

I love you!

Edited to add: I posted this after midnight and had to add one more that I got this morning:

"Mommy, you're a great mommy because of all those songs you sing that make me go to sleep".

If only my singing MADE her go to sleep! But I will take the compliment that she likes my singing - she's probably the only one!

7 Fabulous Replies:

Rae said...

MH is just the sweetest!!! Let me tell you what my darling girl said to me..........

During one of our trips to Target (hee, hee!) Kenners had to go potty. After she went I decided to go to. She says to me, "Mom? Why does your bottom hang over the toilet seat? Are you fat?"

Can you say, not nice?!?!?!?!

Polina said...

It is so sweet and heartwarming when your child says such things to you... I've never got the whole list of "My mommy is the best mommy in the world because...", she just says "Mommy, I love you"... And I melt down at once:)

Fawn said...


I was going to say more than that, but, really, what more is there to say?!

Lipstick said...

What a precious post!

Rae, your comment me LOL!

Wendi said...

What a great list.
What a treasure for you to read later.
Like when she is rolling her eyes at you and being all sassy.
I, of course would not know about that.

I have sent you two emails.
(at gmail)
go. read them. and reply.
BTW...Don't stay up all night!

Shannon said...

Great list!!! I'm glad you've got the juice mixing down to a science :-) And the singing too!!

Lisa said...

Those are the sweet things they do to keep us going, huh?

What a sweet, sweet story from a sweet, sweet girl!