Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Morning Tidbits

I LOVE Saturday morning. Daddy is home and not rushing off to work. I love family snuggle time when The Mad Hatter isn't ready to pounce on the world the minute she opens her eyes.

She woke up earlier than I would have liked this morning. Don't they all wake up earlier than we'd ever like?

Anyways, she was in an adorable and playful mood, and although I wanted to close my eyes and snooze while she watched her "Princesses" dvd for the zillionth time, I couldn't resist her chatter and snuggles.

And let's face it, she was not going to LET me close my eyes if I tried.

Random comments I felt the need to document this morning:

*Mommy, why do you have a shirt with no pants on? (I slept in a t-shirt and undies, lest you all have a picture you'd rather not have in your heads right now. Sorry if you have it anyways.).

*Mommy, why isn't Daddy wearing a shirt? (boxers)

*Daddy, you have hair ALL OVER YOU!

*Mommy, Daddy has hair all over him! (Mommy replies, yes, Daddy does!). Why don't you have hair all over you? (it was way too early for a discussion of puberty, so I told her mommies don't have hair all over us. It was good enough.).

*Mommy, I don't have enough room! (we have a king size bed. There's room. However, since my last surgery, I've been sleeping with this. I slept with it throughout my pregnancy with her, and DH and I used to joke that there was a third person in the bed with us. Inevitably, the side closest to the edge of the bed falls off in the middle of the night. In the morning, MH likes to climb into the "nest" right next to me in the side that stays IN the bed. By that point, I am normally falling out of said king size bed with plenty of room).

*(after her pronouncement of no room, I tell her I'm about to fall out of bed). Here Mommy (wraps her whole body around my arm), I got ya! You won't fall out now . . . I'll hold you here as long as you want!

OK, time for some java. I say I'll be right back, but my little shadow is right behind me in the kitchen. Apparently snuggle time is over.

*Mommy, why are there numbers on there? (seriously, why are there numbers on the coffee pot? I make the whole 10 cups. Every day. Most mornings I'd prefer a direct IV)

*I. Need. Eggs! (not in this kitchen without rephrasing that statement!)

*Can I have some eggs, puhleeeeeaaaaaaase?

(Mommy tries to gather egg making ingredients while MH reads her Big Backyard magazine that comes via subscription from Auntie P)

*Mommy, look at the teeth on this hippopotamus! (she says the word perfectly. I'm proud.)

*Mommy, come look at this fox!

*Mommy, this one. big. alligator. Look at his teeth!" (Mommy twitches her nose so someone else will whip up the eggs that will no doubtedly be shouted for in 1 minute. I am SuperMom of course! I can read magazines at the island and cook at the stove with no problem whatsoever, m'kay?)

*Daddy! (who has just made his way into the kitchen). Mommy's makin' me cut-up eggs! (scrambled)

Daddy proceeds to eat a muffin while standing up.

*Daddy! You sit DOWN while you're eating! Mommy, Daddy's being a bad boy. He needs a time out.

(We've been working really hard on staying seated during meals. Can you tell? I gently thank her for reminding Daddy of the rules and tell her Daddy gets one warning. He only needs a time out if he doesn't listen again, and then his breakfast will be over.)

I tell Daddy he better follow the rules! (if he gets a time out, he'll be there for 35 minutes, as we do 1 minute per year of age. He'd probably enjoy his forced time out).

The two of them sit down to eat breakfast together (MH tells Daddy and me that he's being a good boy now, and they're sittin' next to each other) while I run hobble back to bed to hop onto my laptop and record the comments that I know will make us laugh hysterically several years from now.

She's now trotting around the house in a pajama top, undies, and flip-flops. We're so glamorous around here!

Happy Saturday everyone!

10 Fabulous Replies:

Rae said...

What a fabulous morning! I hope the rest of your weekend is just as wonderful!! And seriously,? MH is HYSTERICAL!

debbie said...

Had myself a good morning laugh. Can see AND hear every word she said. What a ticket!!! You have a way of writing everything to make it real for everyone.

Lipstick said...

So sweet! I love mornings at home too.

Dana said...


Can you remind me what's a Saturday?

I know what a Sunday is, but really, you get Saturday too?

I really need to tell those chumps at the post office that I NEED Saturdays off. Maybe then I'd be a little more relaxed.

Shannon said...

Oh fun!!! Eggs sound yummy :-) That body pillow looks way comfy, I could use something like that some nights. But I have to kick the dog out of the bed first, lol!!

Kristen said...

Ummm, yes they always wake up earlier than I would like! :)

But, it is so hard to resist their cuteness even if it is early!

What a cutie pie she is.

Sounds like the perfect start to the day. :)

Happy weekend friend!

Wendi said...

Love your Saturday Morning Tidbits!
I forgot what it was like to wake up naturally.
I can't wait for that day to happen again.
One can wish...right?
You DON'T have hair all over you?
Well...that is just not fair! ;)

amanda said...

how fun are your saturday morning tidbits??

and how cute is it that she is trotting around in a pj top, undies and flip flops??

Beth said...

ha-ha, third person body pillow, I'm guilty of that too until husband forced him out.

And we umm me make the kiddos stay in their seat for at least 15 minutes for breakfast, 30 minutes for lunch and dinner. It's a rule!

Marla said...

this is fantastic... good stuff... and so much fun for her to read when she grows up.