Friday, June 6, 2008

Are you kidding me?

I get a monthly newsletter from my old chiropractor (who incidentally specializes in pre-natal care, which is how I started seeing him). Although I haven't been to see him in about a year and a half, I still liketo read his newsletters, as they are usually full of interesting and good information. This one, I'm not so sure about - I found it so funny I had to post it:

Cell Phone Use During Pregnancy Can Cause Problems

Women who use mobile phones when pregnant are more likely to give birth to children with behavioral problems, according to a study of more than 13,000 children.Pregnant women using the handsets just two or three times a day was enough to raise the risk of their babies developing hyperactivity and difficulties with conduct, emotions and relationships by the time they reached school age.

The likelihood is even greater if the children themselves used the phones before the age of 7. Specifically, mothers who used mobile phones were 54 percent more likely to have children with behavioral problems. When the children also later used the phones themselves, they were:

80 percent more likely to suffer from difficulties with behavior
25 percent more at risk from emotional problems
34 percent more likely to suffer from difficulties relating to their peers
35 percent more likely to be hyperactive
49 percent more prone to problems with conduct

The results of the study took the top scientists who conducted it by surprise. The research will carry particular weight because one of its authors, UCLA's Professor Leeka Kheifets, had previously been skeptical that mobile phones could pose a risk to health.

The Independent May 18, 2008
Epidemiology July 2008adapted from

Hmmm, an explanation of 3-year old behavior? I think not. But if you're having a bad day and need to use it, here you go!

I'm dying to hear your thoughts on this!

4 Fabulous Replies:

Marla said...

i stand by my motto - ignorance is bliss....

Dana said...

Well, I guess all of the women in third world countries are safe from having a child with behavioral problems. I'm so relieved. Unfortunatly I used my phone at least once a day during both pregnancies, so probably both of my kids will have problems. Or, they will most likely be just normal kids growing up in the 20th century.

Lipstick said...

Interesting... Sometimes I do wonder about increased risk of a brain tumor with prolonged cell phone use. Just one more thing to worry about, I guess.

Wendi said...

So that is why my kids are wild?
So glad to finally learn the truth.
I have been blaming the gene pool all along.
What was I thinking?