Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bragging, then bedtime

OK, last post of the night. I swear I've been at this computer for 3 hours. I need a life. I need sleep.

My post last night was REALLY, REALLY long.

"No shit, genius!" (see . . . I can hear the blogosphere roaring already)

Anyways, I am back with much shorter post to shamelessly shout out again "WA-HOOOOOO!"

First of all, if you read the entire post, you deserve the award too. I was having a shit-ass day. So I offer my utmost gratitude. It hurts my eyes to look at it now - I apologize if yours are bleeding too.

I digress . . .

I am the recipient of an award from McMommy (I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy).

It's the Arte y Pico award, and according to McMommy the criteria for receiving it is to: Choose 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contribute to the blogging community

Here it is in all its bloggerific glory:

Just wanted to thank McMommy again for being such a wonderful inspiration, and for thinking highly enough to rank me up there with some pretty amazing bloggers! I consider you all professionals in BlogWorld!

I will do my best to uphold the honor to its fullest, and can't wait to pass it on to other more equally deserving women (and men, if you're out there and I find you, I don't discriminate!)

NOW, hutt-to! If you didn't read the post last night all is forgiven, but now you have no excuse, so go ahead and leave me some lovin' in my comment section!

And again, many many thanks to those of you who did read and comment - I need to check on blog ettiquette as I haven't actually received this award myself so I don't know if it's okay to borrow and pass on. Hopefully I'm not committing a huge blogospherical faux-pas (be sure to let me know if I am, you know I am the learning Mommy), but I bestow upon you this:

PS Did you notice that I learned how to do the word cross-out thingy? Guess what? I can actually teach you something!

6 Fabulous Replies:

Melissa said...

Rach, you are totally cracking me up with how "into" blogging you are! You're making me feel slack! ;)

Keep up the good work!

Luv ya!


debbie said...

Loved your post. Congrats again on your wonderful award.


McMommy said...

PLEASE TEACH ME how to do the word cross-out thingy!!!! So soon as I saw you do it, I was like "SHE DID THE WORD CROSS OUT THINGY AND SHE'S ON BLOGGER!"

Because I swear I thought only Wordpress people could do it.

You just made my day! Email me and let me know the secret!

And congrats on your Arte y Pico! Did you do your mandatory tequila shot???
heh heh

Lisa said...

I don't know how you do the word cross out thing either? Can you do a post explaining that to all of us that aren't that with it in bloggy land???

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Can't wait to read more about you & your little cutie!!!


Shannon said...

Ooh, teach me too! I've been wondering how to do that! Also not sure how to attach all of the cool little graphics to my posts either.
I'm sure I could figure it out- but why should I when I have all of the lovely lady bloggers out there who have already done it for me?!

Mark Salinas said...

Great journey..keep it going!