Sunday, June 22, 2008

3-year old logic

One of the gazillion reasons I am loving the Mad Hatter this weekend . . .

Yesterday I was having what we call a "coma" day around here.

This is what we've dubbed those days where my body just hits a road block and I literally cannot wake myself up or muster any energy to get out of bed. They usually happen after a few days of trying to do too much (or in this case, a few days of rest followed by one day of doing too much).

DH (or Mom, depending on what day of the week it is) is fabulous when this happens, and did a great job of keeping the MH entertained. They went to Johnny Rocket's for lunch, did a few errands, and came home and had a nap, most of which without my even realizing it.

When MH woke up from her nap (blissful, the 2nd one in two days since she's been on a nap boycott), DH opened the door to our bedroom to slowly get me stirring.

MH got very indignant about not waking me. My eyes opened to loud yelling. "Daddy, you're going to wake Mommy! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't go in your bathroom, you're going to wake Mommy - use MYYYYYYYYYYYYYY bathroom!"

DH knew my eyes were already opening, and I was quietly giggling while dying to hear how the scenario would play out.

The idea that our little girl was being so fiercely protective of my need for sleep and rest was incredibly endearing - the fact that I woke up because of her yelling and carrying on to her Daddy about it, and not his actual walking into our bedroom was priceless.

The best part was when Daddy got the cold shoulder as MH incorporated one of our favorite tactics - disappointment in his behavior. She told him "Daddy, I'm very sad that you're using your bathroom because you're GOING to wake Mommy!"

At a deafening 10+ on the noise scale.

At the foot of my bed.

All the while, having no concept of the fact that she was the one doing the waking.

3-year olds and their logic - there actually are days when I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

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Dana said...

Ha. I wish Hunter would care that someone is "peeping". Once in a while he'll whisper, which is really cute, but then he'll turn around and shut a door and not be quiet about it, which then always has the effect of waking everyone up.

Mamasphere said...

My daughter turns four in a few weeks, and I'm hoping there's some sort of magical switch that turns on (or off, lol) that day that KEEPS HER QUIET! She's such a loud little thing!

Melissa said...

Kendra did the same thing after my surgery! I was sleeping in my bed, and Kingston woke up, so Curt was going to bring him in so I could nurse him, and Kendra got SO mad at him for waking me up! :) Of course, she didn't wake me, since I woke up when I heard the baby cry (gotta love that mother's increased sense of hearing when you have a newborn in the house!) but it was cute that she was making so much noise about Daddy having gotten me up. They just don't realize how loud they're being!

I have a feeling that if we were to ever get Kendra and the MH together, they would have a BALL! Such similar little personalities! :)

Rae said...

JK thinks if he pokes me on the forehead while I'm sleeping I won't wake up. When he wants to wake me he grabs my arm, yanks and yells, "Mom! Mere!!" Translation "Mom! Come here!" Sigh. Gotta love these little guys!

Marni said...

Hysterical! I can just hear that little voice saying those things!

debbie said...

Trust me, as I was reading, I was howling. Could hear MH saying every word with every rise in her voice. Can only see DH raising his eyes and trying not to laugh. I don't know how you kept quiet. I would have been doubled over in laughter. Thanks for another episode of a day in the life of..... Looking forward to the next installment.

McMommy said...

That was just about the CUTEST thing I've read all day long!!!!!!

I love how she said "I am VERY SAD that you used your bathroom.." Love her!!

How are you feeling? Hopefully a little better?

Lipstick said...

This story is too cute! I think it's funny too how kids have no concept of volume-like the way toddlers "whisper".