Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beauty and the Beach

And so begins our beach season . . . I've never seen the MH take such a liking (ok, LOVE) to the camera! When she started with the hands on the hips and I started to giggle uncontrollably, the rest was history. The little ham just kept going, making sure I got her best side (which, clearly is all of them).

We should all be so comfortable in our own skins!

Momma rights got me braggin'!

6 Fabulous Replies:

Pam said...

Talk about working the camera! Ham is right. OMG she is so cute!!

Shannon said...

The pose is hysterical!

Jenny Shutan said...

Very cute pics! She definitly is loving the camera.

Wendi said...

What a little poser!
What a cutie!!!

Dana said...

Wow, I wish my belly looked that cute in a 2 piece. How adorable, love the hat and glasses. Such a diva. And how many bathing suits does MH have exactly? I'm guessing no less than 5, and they probably all look that adorable.

And really, before you know it she won't be that comfortable in her own skin so definately enjoy it!

beth said...

This is a fabulous series of pictures! We are also big beach lovers here.