Monday, June 23, 2008

Recipe For Disaster?

*One birthday party at an ice skating rink

*One mom who has no business being within a 20 mile radius of an ice rink, unless she's lying on it to ice her back

*One dad who has never been on ice skates and is not particularly athletically inclined

*One three-year old who has no idea what we're about to do, has also never been on skates, but looks pretty darned adorable

The scenario:

Mommy needs to convince the Mad Hatter that although it's 85 degrees outside, we need to dress for winter. This was no easy feat. Come on, socks in Crocs? Luckily, she was excited about going to a birthday party and wanted to look beautiful, so I worked it.

Daddy says he doesn't think it's a good idea for him to try skating - we already have one broken back in the house, two would not be a good thing.

Mommy is not so sure about all of this. The birthday girl's dad and some of his friends are avid skaters and hockey players. They have assured us that they will help. But will they help DH or MH?

Get to rink, deliver birthday gift, get skates for MH. Spend 20 minutes maneuvering said skates onto MH. Watch 3-year old MH learn to walk all over again - it takes two of us to hold her up.

Birthday girl's dad (who MH happens to have a MAJOR crush on) asks MH if she wants to go for a ride. He puts her on top of some milk crates and whooshes her around the rink. From the look on her face I'm not sure if she's going to throw up or errupt into giggles.

Birthday girl's dad offers to help her skate "by herself". With lots of assistance, a not so sure MH slowly holds onto said milk crates and tries to move.

At this point, I'm sure she's about to cry.

They get back to the entrance, where Daddy and I are waiting, cheering her on.

Birthday girl's dad asks if she wants to go around again.

Her answer: "Can I go put on my Crocs?"

Yes, my friends, I think we have found the one activity in life that could possibly slow down our little Mad Hatter. She lives life to its fullest and NEVER stops, so I found it quite ironic that an ice rink could bring her to a screeching halt.

She happily spent the rest of the afternoon munching on party pizza, cheez curls, and a DELICIOUS cupcake made by my dear friend N (birthday girl's Mommy). Or should I say the frosting on the cupcake. She licked it clean and told me she needed more frosting. That's my girl!
The highlight of MY day? Watching DH put on a pair of skates and attempt to navigate the rink. 6 feet of man clinging to a stack of milk crates with the fear of God in his eyes. Sadly, I didn't have the camera with me for the short amount of time he was out there. But I am happy to report that he made it back safely, and can live to tell the tale.


As for the MH? Maybe next year.

Heck, maybe by next year I will be able to get on the ice. OK, I can dream.

Regardless of next year's party locale, we will definitely be there for the cupcakes great friends and good times! Always a recipe for success!

9 Fabulous Replies:

Polina said...

children seem to enjoy any activities while they are together with their parents:) visiting skating rink is a great idea for child's BD, thanks for the hint:)

Cindy said...

I like your style. I hopped over from Classy Chaos. I shall add you to my favorites and check back in, over coffee in the AM.

Mamasphere said...

I used to ice skate like no one's business back in highschool. I thought we'd take my daughter about a year ago and show her the ropes. Let's just say that I'm not in highschool anymore! Gabi actually did better than me!

Beth said...

I thought my kids was the only kid who only ate the frosting! What a adventerous family to have a three year old birthday party on skates. Wow to go them!

Great post~

Carol said...

Too funny about watching her learn to walk all over again. Skating is tricky stuff to master, I'm glad she was happy enough to just enjoy the yummy food and frosting.

McMommy said...

Love the milk crate pic!! I didn't know they used those to help novice skaters!

p.s. Thanks to you,I am also madly craving a cupcake now!!!!!

Lipstick said...

Wow...those parents are so adventurous to have a kids party at an ice rink! Maybe it terrifies me b/c I have only been ice skating once (in 6th grade-and I never let go of the wall) and it was enough for me. I still skate around the house in my socks though after watching figure skating on TV (under the guise of playing with my son, of course).

Wendi said...

Milk crates?

No one ever offered to do that for my kiddos.

Great idea though.

Hilarious thought that you shouldn't be near an ice rink unless it was to ice your back!

Shannon said...

Well, that's a cute story (isn't any story with cupcakes?)! I'm laughing b/c I used to be a figure skater, and then coached for about 10 years. I'm so mean I've already had my 4 and 2 year old in lessons! Maybe Mad Hatter will surprise you yet and head off to the Olympics one day :-)