Friday, August 7, 2009

Daughterly Advice

Last night was girls' night out.

Not just any girls' night out, but one that consisted of 5 close girlfriends, who, due to work, schedules, kids, and that thing we all call life, haven't all been together in way too long.

We started with dinner at a hip sushi/hibachi restaurant with equally hip and delicious cocktails.

And strolled to another popular spot for one more (possibly unnecessary) round.

And on this particular Friday, morning came a bit too soon for me.

DH fed the Mad Hatter breakfast, brought me coffee in bed, and left for work.

For the following 10 or so minutes, MH was happily engrossed in an art project in the kitchen as I tried (rather unsuccessfully) to will my eyes open and my body to move.

A few minutes later, she came bounding into my room.

"Mommy! Could you puh-lease just wake up already?!?"

Me: "Sweetie, I'm working on it. Mommy's just moving a little slow today."

MH: "Well! Maybe you just shouldn't have any more girls' night outs if you're just going to sleep all day!"

It was approximately 8:11AM.

And I type verbatim.

Because although I was rather foggy this morning, that certainly got me up, and with quite a giggle.

Oh, MH, someday you will understand the importance of girls' night out, how they make me a better mommy, and why sometimes I just really need a good glass of mommy juice (or three).

4 Fabulous Replies:

Simply Shannon said...

I really think our girls would get along famously if we ever got them in the same room. They seem to share the same little attitude. So precious!

Shana said...

HILARIOUS!!! If they ONLY knew!! Glad you had a fun night out!!

Chelle said...

Love it! And your nite sounds like a lot of fun--even if you DID sleep all the next day :)


Wendy@RuensOnTheRun said...

We do need our girl friends and the 'mommy juice"!