Sunday, December 7, 2008

Overheard . . .

This morning after 2 hours of lovely non-stop chatter in bed, MH decided to get up and do some "cleaning".

This cleaning consisted of her tying one of her good jackets around her waist and telling me "Mommy, I need this so I can clean your house.".

Petrified at the idea that she might ruin her jacket (while scratching my head in wonder at why she would need a jacket tied around her waist to clean, and why this isn't the first time I've seen and heard her about to do this), I told her to find Daddy and ask him for a rag to clean with.

She spent the last half hour or so puttering around and swinging that rag around.

And doing things like swiping my new glasses off my nightstand with the swinging rag.

She "finished" our bedroom and went off on her way to do the rest of the house.

When she came back and told us she was done, Daddy decided to pay her for her hard work and gave her a dollar for her piggy bank.

Her first response?

"No Daddy, I want money."

Daddy explained that this was money, it was a dollar bill, which was way better than coins.

Her response?

"Daddy, next time I want TWO dollars."

Daddy found it funny preposterous.

I challenge him to find a cheaper cleaning lady.

3 Fabulous Replies:

Melissa said...

wow! I'm impressed! Kendra doesn't have a clue about money value or worth. Everything is either a "bunny" (penny) or just plain money.

Steph said...

How cute is that?? She is a smart girl!!! Daddy better watch out.

Carol said...

Hey it costs money to be a fashinoable as the MH. She'll need all those dollars for new shoes no doubt.