Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The post where I come back after 2 months . . .

. . . and the crazy reason why!

I have been getting comments (which I now realize are spam) for months now in another language.

Somethine potentially Chinese.

Or Japanese.

Or Korean.

I've even tried to translate it. You know, just out of sheer curiosity.


Well now, it's just plain annoying.

If you want to comment on something I wrote 4 months ago, talk to me in a language I understand.

So unfortunately for those of you who read my blog hahahaha, isn't that hilarious since I've written nothing to be read in say, FOREVER! and leave me comment love, I've decided to turn on word verification for a while to see if this will help resolve the issue.

While I'm here, I may as well do a brief update, filled with bits of random:

1) After a week of a cold/virus that seemed like it was getting better, I turned the road into sinus hell yesterday and am now on antibiotics for a raging sinus infection.

2) Said antibiotics are causing extreme nausea because a) I have a weak stomach and b) I can barely muster an appetite to get any food down to eat with these bad boys. I pretty much feel like a truck ran me over, backed up, and did it again.

3) My little Mad Hatter is more endearing and loveable than ever. She is going to be 5 in a little less than THREE MONTHS! I am in complete denial. My baby can not be turning 5.

4) I am now a part-time working mom! This has been a huge adjustment on many levels - one of which being that the last time I had a career, I was not yet a mommy. I also didn't realize or maybe was just in complete denial that agreeing to a part-time job would actually equate to a full-time career that far exceeds the hours I am "supposed" to be working on a weekly basis. I work 3 full days a week and just finished my second month. It's flown and I love most aspects of it - especially the empowerment of that paycheck that gets direct-deposited every other Friday. It feels totally different after not working for 5 years.

5) I have total blog neglect guilt. I have so much to say, so many people's blogs I'd love to be reading and commenting on, and miss all of my bloggy and Twitter friends. But there are only so many hours in the day and this tired Mommy has been a lot more discerning about her lack of free time. I had the respect before, but let me tell you -those of you with more than one child and full-time career - I am now bowing down to you. I don't know WHERE you find the time do deal with your regular life AND blog, comment, and even do giveaways and reviews. You. Amaze. Me.

6) I just got the most amazing tea at Trader Joe's. It's called RENEW and it's an herbal green tea that is both delicious and soothing. I highly recommend it. If I could meet Joe I'd give him a big fat kiss for enhancing and enriching the status of my family's gastric lives.

7) The MH is finally getting the H1N1 vaccination tomorrow - something I never thought I'd actually be excited about, but if I'd been sans brain-crushing headache last night, would have been jumping up and down about when I got the pediatrician's email and scored a spot at the clinic.

8) I really hope that this will be the last of my blog neglect. Now that I'm here visiting my own special space, it's like catching up with an old, missed friend. Blog, you know I haven't meant to neglect you. My life has just taken over. But, my life is what I'm here to document, it's why I started you. So, for now I'll be realistic and set a goal of spending some quality time with you at least once a week.

If I'm doing a proper blog post, I should include a little eye candy for the grandparents, uncle, and anyone else who cares:

My gorgeous little Ariel ready for Halloween

Whose hair I patiently and lovingly worked on for ONE HOUR . . .

The awesome (if I do say so myself) hair clip I made to go with her costume (photo taken on preschool dress-up day) Note to self, the half hour of braiding wet hair the night before schoool was well worth the time and effort because as you'll see in the following shot . . .

THIS is what her hair looked like exactly one hour after I finished my hard work with that curling iron. I lost one hour of my life, nearly lost my temper a couple of times, may or may not have needed a drink by the time I was done . . . but all in all, would not change a thing because the bottom line is this:

It was gorgeous while it lasted, and if you ask me, waves or not - my girl is just plain stunning!

Friends who are loyal and still here reading, I love you and miss you!

And, I guess I should give props where props are due:

Thank you Asian spammers. Thanks for bringing me back.

3 Fabulous Replies:

Lipstick said...

Welcome back!!!! and LOL about the spammers...I had to turn on word verif too. I have been getting the craziest comments on *old* posts.

congrats on the new job, I hope you feel better soon, I have to say I can't believe how big MH has gotten, and finally....girl, don't you even get all guilty feelin' about the blog. Welcome back!

Chelle said...

Lol about you may or may not have needed a drink after doing her hair! Haha!

And I've MISSED you!! And your blog! I always love reading what you talk about it, Rach.

And so sorry you are sick--it seriously is ridiculous that everyone has been so sick--and it just turned November :( Get to feeling better soon, honey!

And yay for your job! I can't imagine how wonderful it feels to get a paycheck!

And, again...I've missed you!! xoxo

Anti-Supermom said...

You have bee up to some major changes in your life - no wonder the blog has to take the back seat.

Congrats on the new job, I'm excited to hear about the transitions you and your family will be going through.

keep us posted!

PS - I've been getting the spam comments too, lots of them.