Thursday, January 20, 2011

The best and the worst.

What's the best part of being on vacation in paradise (aka sunny Florida) with your daughter, mom, and grandmother?

Well, there's the whole amazement, wonder, and joy of being 4 generations adventuring
and loving each second of being together.

There's the awesomeness that is getting to have dinner with McMommy (SO much fun and my apologies that I have no clue how to link while blogging from my phone and hoping it works).

The worst? Insomnia. When 4 people are staying in a 1 bedroom condo with a pullout sofa. 2 people per bed. With an almost 6 year old who wakes if you move and won't slow down until it's bedtime again, and even then isn't quite ready for the party that has been our day to end. When your back hurts. And you don't want to bother anyone, and aren't sure if 5am is the best time to head out for a solo walk in an unfamiliar area.

So here I lie hoping this phone blogging thing works. And the insomnia? Sucks. But? I wouldn't trade this week for all the sleep in the world.


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