Thursday, July 18, 2013

Losing my religion.

Until about an hour ago, the only reference I'd ever heard to a "God's Eye" was on my favorite episode of Family Guy - the one with "Bitch Stewie". 

I stopped in at Hobby Lobby today (I'd been there once before, but only for about 3 minutes in the floral section). I knew the company had some sort of religious focus and they close on Sundays to allow their employees time for worship with their families. I did NOT know that they sold so many religious-themed crafts. 

Summer crafts were 80% off, so I looked for a few things I thought my Mad Hatter might enjoy - avoiding those of the variety that said things like "I Love Jesus!", which were in abundance.  One little treasure was a kit that makes 4 God's Eyes, and at $.60 I definitely wasn't leaving without it! 

MH's friend came over play, and I convinced them that we just HAD to try  making them. I was so excited! What's not to love about popsicle sticks and variegated yarn?!?

For a crafter, I must be incredibly challenged because I couldn't understand the instructions to the point that I had to find a tutorial on YouTube (thank God's Eye for the digital age). As the young boy in the video was showing his mad skillz and I tried to keep up, the mom started narrating about how they make these at VBS (?), you can make smaller ones for Christmas tree ornaments, something about "four points". In a sudden flash a light bulb went on!

I looked at the picture again, and what did I see? Wow, it looked very similar to a cross with yarn wrapped around it! And THAT's when this Jewish girl realized why she has no recollection of EVER making one growing up - even throughout years of (Jewish) camp!

So, I'm still not convinced that I got it right - it looks kind of lopsided - BUT, if you're in need of a new ornament this year, it's free to the first bidder. The only thing is, you're going to have to figure out how the make the loop for hanging it, because I GIVE UP!

Those sweet little girls? They abandoned me ages ago for far more exciting activities. 

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