Thursday, February 12, 2009

On My Brain

Some call it random thoughts. Others brain potpourri. Others mish-mash.

For me, it's what's on my brain.

Lots of stuff going on around in there.

Not a ton of it coherent.

But, I need to get a bunch of it out, so here goes:

1) I can understand my ridiculous need to clean before the cleaning lady comes, but should I really have to be doing it after? Seriously, the woman can forget to clean my bathroom mirror, dust my entire family room, and miss vacuuming the stairs. The problem is, my back throws a slight wrench in my cleaning abilities, and good help is hard to find. Finding someone you trust is even harder. The hardest? Telling the one you have that they suck.

2) Why was I able to eat for part of yesterday and all of today, and all of a sudden feel overcome with another round of nausea, weakness, and utter exhaustion 20 minutes ago? If I'm all better, shouldn't I be all better?

3) I hope the Mad Hatter never starts calling Subway by its correct name and forever refers to it as "Someways".

4) It makes me incredibly sad when the MH starts saying things correctly that were formerly highly ranked on my humor list (au revoir "thanks you", I miss you terribly.).

5) I need a way to start making some serious money. Now. Anyone have ideas? Or some they'd like to send me? Or instructions on how to defrost the frozen money tree in my tundra of a backyard?

6) I had the beginnings of a massive panic attack when I picked up the MH from preschool today. I felt like I should be wearing a mask and spraying Lysol in front of me as I walked in. Scary germ-hotel.

7) I had lunch today with a dear friend who moved from RI to CA about 6 years ago. I miss her terribly and love the fact that we always pick up exactly where we left off. Slightly disconcerting? Her almost-three-year-old can navigate a globe far more quickly than I can at age 33. At Barnes and Noble, she showed me where she lives (CA), where her Nana and Papa currently live (Hong Kong), and where we were right then (MA). It was both amazing and sad - I suck at geography and this kid put me to shame. The fact that she is absolutely adorable and the sweetest little thing in the world definitely work in her favor.

8) It is so windy right now I can feel the walls of our house shaking. Deck furniture is moving around. I'm wondering if Miss Gulch and her little dog are on their way to the cul-de-sac.

9) I'm wondering how so many wonderful blogger moms have time to blog daily (we're talking quality posts), Facebook daily, Twitter daily, do giveaways, reviews, yada-ya and still manage to be amazing moms, wives, and spend quality time with their families. Because I just can't seem to get a grip on it all.

10) DH always busts my chops about returning things. I have a slight problem. I can't just go straight to the register, make the return and leave the store (can you?). Today I was returning a pink hoodie to Baby Gap - I'd bought it for the MH a couple of weeks ago, then found something I liked better and decided she didn't need it. I actually behaved myself today (okay, I did peek at the sale section - can you pass it by?). I went to that register and swiped my debit card so the money could be re-deposited into my account. And then I just had to open my mouth. I believe the words were "My husband will be shocked that I managed to walk in here and just make my return!". To which the nice old Baby Gap lady said (almost under her breath) "That really dropped in price". Wouldn't you have had to know the price too? $3.97. So I said, "I can't really re-buy that now, can I?" and she said "What do I care?". Guess who now owns the adorable pink hoodie she didn't really need?

11) I think something was in the water in November of 2008 and I'm pretty happy I didn't drink it. Someone was stuffing more than turkeys (sorry Grandma, I couldn't resist). I must know more than a handful of gals whose bellies are-a-swellin' and who are heading into trimester number 2. Super excited for them! I, however, will continue to live vicariously. And start stocking up on lots of fabulous baby gifts.

This concludes tonight's edition of "On My Brain". There is far more, but if you've read this far I give you major props.

What's on your brain?

7 Fabulous Replies:

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

Know how you feel about the Lysol!!! And the returns.... totally get it!!!

ciara said...

fire the cleaning lady...and i don't know how ppl can tweet, blog, fb, and all that other social media stuff either. i have a hard time with my 4 blogs, tweeting and whatever lol

Wendy@RuensOnTheRun said...

Talk to your cleaning lady, prior to our move I had the same one for many years and she started getting lazy on my house and I talked to her nicely but it scared her because she couldn't afford to lose the income, she returned the next week and did amazing work!

As for the Mom's who do it all - key word on that topic of your...amazing...they are NOT doing it all amazingly.

And it sounds like you gave my Noah whatever he has...thinking about being mad at you! hehe

MarvelousMOM said...

First of all, I tried commenting last night and everything that I had written somehow got erased and no comment posted. I wasn't too happy!

You should never pass up a super cute ANYTHING that is on sale for $3.97! That would just be a sin. I like you would like to start making some serious money if you figure out how, please share! I would get rid of that cleaning person. She should NEVER forget to dust. Maybe a little piece of furniture, but not the WHOLE room! YIKES! You are paying her for a reason.

Krystyn said...

Love the random thoughts!

I love that the lady let you (or would have let you) re-buy the hoodie!

And, I think you need to get a new cleaning person.

A Crafty Mom said...

I am a freak with the germs lately - I'm driving everyone nuts with my washing and cleaning hands. Every time someone puts a toy down I run to wash it, lol.

It's impossible to keep up with all the networks and blogs and such. I almost never Facebook, Twitter or blog on the same day, I just can't. I pick whatever I'm in the mood for that day and just go with it.

I bet the hoodie is pretty sweet :-)

GET a new cleaning lady - you really deserve it.

Laural Out Loud said...

I went through three cleaning ladies before totally giving up. I'd pay big bucks at this point to find someone reliable and good. BIG bucks. Word of mouth seems to be the best way to find someone good, so start asking if you haven't already!

I'm terrible about returning things and then buying MORE. And who can pass by a sales rack?