Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two by two.

When you’re lucky enough that your electricity is still working and the phone lines aren’t down sitting at your laptop perusing online pictures of the damage that has been done by flooding that has turned the state you live in into a “State of Emergency” and made national news:


flood1I’m at this intersection so regularly and I almost didn’t recognize it (it’s right near the mall)



Seriously … imagine being IN that car!


The fact that your kitchen is in craft shambles brought about  by your 5 year-old who is channeling her inner artist (and has been doing so for almost 4 hours, and it’s only 11AM), and who keeps repeatedly telling you “I made this, isn’t it cool?” yes, honey it is – I must have missed the last 457 times you mentioned that, and you must have missed all 457 of my oohs and aahs just doesn’t seem quite as bad as if it were a normal day.


IMG_3826What’s that, you ask? No it’s not a Native American head-dress. 
It’s an “ice-cream sundae-helper-crown”.


Well of course I should have known. Ice cream does put a huge smile like that on MY face.
Like mother like daughter.
And that’s a star on top (on the green part in the center). Because it’s so. cool.


In the time it’s taken me to upload pics and write this post, she’s moved on to making a wearable truck (a happy truck with googly-eyes and a smile not dissimilar from the one above) out of a Gymboree bag.

No one can ever accuse my child of lacking imagination or creativity. Or being a good little recycler for that matter.

As for the cleanup?

Well, as illustrated above, it could be a lot worse.

Thank you to all of you who have asked. We are safe, warm, and DRY.

And now I must run … someone just grabbed the Elmer’s glue.

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Chelle said...

Ohmygoodness, Rach. I am so sorry, sweetie. Let me know if there is anything I can do. If you need me to mail you anything let me know!

I say y'all fly down here to the coast and stay with us. Just sayin'...

Love ya honey. And stay safe, okay?