Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hanging my head in shame.

Wow. I had really gotten my blogging mojo back there for a while.

Then, BAM!

An impromptu, pretty last-minute (and totally unlike us) tropical getaway for DH and I.

As in, leave The Mad Hatter for the first time for more than two nights at a destination an hour away, fly to Florida (where it was so freakin' cold my first souvenirs were a frozen iguana, a new pair of sweats, and hoodie!), hop on a cruise-ship for four days, return to Miami and stay one more night, making us gone for a total of 6 nights.

Make that 7, if you add in the fact that our flight for Florida (thank you Delta, for making it oh-so-easy for us to use our frequent flier miles. Aren't you the friendly skies?) left at 5:45AM so MH slept at Sweetheart at Poppy's house the night before we left for said vacay.

Anyhoo, if you're still following, I give you credit.

The time leading up to our trip was chaotic.

The time leading up to our trip was traumatic.

Our trip? Was amazing.

I remembered what it was like to have intelligent (and not so intelligent) adult conversation.

I did not miss the words "excuse me" followed by non-stop interruption.

I savored having NO schedule.

I adored having time to reconnect with my hubby.

We were desperately in need of that time together. Desperately. Seriously, after almost 9 years of marriage, we are like newlyweds again!

Is it easy to leave your little one for almost a week? Hell to the NO!

I missed my little MH like crazy (in a healthy way while we were sailing the high seas, when we returned and still had another day before heading home - well, let's just say there were lots of tears and a wonderful hubby willing to give up our paid-for hotel and car rental and pay extra so we could come home early. Ultimately, we did not come home early, but hubby definitely gets major bonus points for trying, and I'm really glad we ended up staying and having a fabulous time in South Beach).

Did the MH totally get over-indulged as a result of my guilt over leaving her? Uh, that might be the understatement of the year (I made sure to leave a gift for every day, she was with her grandparents - enough said, had a special night out with a very close friend, spent time with her amazing Uncle, and was showered with gifts upon our return, along with a special "Mad Hatter" week filled with special activities just for her).

Do I think it's wrong that my child was over-indulged? Nope.

Am I over my guilt about leaving her and having some true me/us time? Yup.

Did hubs and I see a Royal Caribbean commercial tonight and sigh longingly? You betcha.

Can I wait for our family vacation this summer? I'm counting down the days because everything in our life is better since she made us a family.

This would be me a full hour after we got off the plane and I sprinted through the airport, knocking out anyone in the way of me getting to my little girl. Still crying. And right now, in disbelief that I'm actually posting such a picture of myself!

So about that hanging my head in shame ... I went on vacay, came back, and life got the better of me. The people and things in my life deserved the better of me. The all of me.

But I've missed my blog, and my friends' blogs, and the way writing makes me feel. So, I'm working on making some time and getting that mojo back.

Even if it is at 2:02 in the morning.

6 Fabulous Replies:

McMommy said...

No guilt, friend!! My parents rarely went away when my sister and I were little...but OH MAN, did we LOVE IT when they did!!! There was nothing more fun than staying with our aunt!! She let us stay up late, and eat Lucky Charms, and took us all sorts of fun places!

My point? You RE-CHARGED your batteries...that's so important. And I promise you did no lifelong harm to your sweet girl. In fact, you probably gave her lifelong memories of that special time with her grandparents, uncle, etc.

You are awesome.

Loukia said...

Yay! I'm so glad you wrote this post because I am struggling with my fear over leaving my two little boys this August when I go to BlogHer for 3 days. I have serious guilt over it... even though I know they'll be in excellent hands with my parents/inlaws/their father, etc! I will miss them like crazy but I'm sure they'll be fine and I'm sure I'll have a great time and I'm sure there will be no life-long problems as a result of me leaving for a few days, you know? So glad you had fun, so glad things worked out so well. :) xo

Krystyn said...

I have serious guilt about doing anything like that, too. We've only had one night away together since the kiddos.

We need a vacay together, too. Just the two of us.

And, I'm sure MH was glad to have some time without rules, too!

debbie said...

:) :) :) For you and for us! :):):) You had the best time and so did we!!!!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

I think its great that you and DH had a nice vacation together!! Its so important to work on our relationships with our spouses.

Glad you had a wonderful trip - welcome back to the wide world of lets get that girls night going!!

Shana said...

Sounds like a well deserved trip! Glad u went and survived ;)