Monday, February 22, 2010

The things I never want to forget.

I constantly say that I wish I walked around with my life on record because the conversations and things that come out of the Mad Hatter’s mouth are the things that get me through the roughest days of motherhood.

Not to mention that unless you’ve heard her, and the little voice that goes along with them, you honestly wouldn’t believe the things she manages to come out with.

Seriously – there are so many “Mad-Hatterisms” that sadly, I forget the majority or them, or just can’t do them justice by the time I get to sit down and write about them.

This morning, as we were walking out the door for her first full-day back at preschool after a week’s vacation, she’d said to me: “I hope it’s okay that I asked Daddy to take out your exercise ball for me – I wanted to do some exercise. Is that okay? Can I do some exercise when I get home from school?” I told her of course (clearly humoring her!), and off we went for the day.

We walked in about 10 minutes ago and she pulled off her coat and sweater.

“Ok Mommy, I’m going to do my exercises now. Can you turn on the TV so I can watch while I do them? And then, I have to get on my computer like I promised myself.” (Daddy just got a new computer and the lucky little one inherited a laptop of her very own – I can still remember the day mid-elementary school when we got our first family computer – a Commodore 64)

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. “You promised yourself you were going to ‘get on your computer’"?”

“Yeah, mommy. I made a plan for exactly what I was going to do today. So, I need to do my exercises, practice on my computer, and then I can eat dinner. Okay?”

Can I just remind everyone once more that she turned 5 exactly TWO weeks ago today?

I wonder if I can work cleaning the house into her future “plans”.

6 Fabulous Replies:

debbie said...

Too funny for words. She didn't forget a thing about what she wanted to do when she got home. Nothing will ever settle under her feet! MH, you NEVER cease to amaze and make us smile:) What a memory!!!!

Shana said...

What a DOLL!

Chelle said...

Love it! MH is adorable, Rach--exercising, computer and dinner. That's my kind of day :)

And I agree that there are just SO many adorable things that they say...I need to start blogging about Bella's funny things--a great way to jot it down and read it down the line.


pixie said...

Write down all the cute things your kids say, before you forget them! I finally started a word doc for each of my kids because it took so long to write them down!

Loukia said...

Oh my goodness, is she the cutest thing EVER or what? How adorable!!

Brittany said...

I gave you an award today! :)