Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Almost WW - 5 til FIVE

That's right - just 5 days until this sophisticated little diva (who refers to herself as my little fashionista) turns 5. FIVE! Where have the last FIVE years gone?

Of course, with the things that come out of her mouth on a daily basis and the things she continues to amaze us with, she could be going on 25. At a minimum.

Here we are, just lounging in style (do you LOVE it? We were at a party/event expo and this was one of the vendor's setups! Makes me want to throw a swanky cocktail party for no reason whatsoever just so I could deck the place out in this vendor's vision!)

For the record: My little "fashionista" picked the entire outfit herself, right down to the flower clip in her hair (made by yours truly), scarf around her neck (made by Sweetheart) and (much to my dismay) self-applied tattoo on her cheek. And of course we can't forget the stickers (amongst much other loot) she collected that afternoon.

Oh, and upon "previewing" this post, I noticed the cocktail napkin on the arm of the sofa. Yes, although she refuses to eat most chicken outside of nugget form and gags at the sight of a meatball, my sophisticated girl with her sophisticated palate had just indulged in a smoked salmon, cream cheese, and spinach pinwheel. I do not jest.

Words could never describe just how deeply I love and adore my precious girl, but there is no doubt that reflecting on moments like these only makes it run deeper.

No matter how old you get MH, you will forever be mommy's baby girl.

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2 Fabulous Replies:

debbie said...

Love this. It's so very MH!!!

Michelle said...

She is beautiful!