Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Narcissism at its best

If you're a mom of any child in the preschool age range, chances are pretty good that Noggin Nick Jr. makes an appearance in your house during at least some point every day.

You know those birthday songs?

Yes, those two.

The one where Moose A. Moose does a little deal about today being "your" birthday, and then singing you "this" song.

The other being the Britishy-Pop girl group ... sing it with me "Happy buuuthday, happy buuuuthday, happy buuuuuthhhdaaayyy yeahhhhhhhh"

We hear them daily, and as with anything musical, MH loves to sing along. To my dismay, once I hear them, they tend to stick with me for the day too. I mean they're nice and all, and the concept is cute, but I and I'm quite positive anyone around me unlucky enough to experience it could really live without my random and spontaneous outbursts of birthday celebration serenade.

On Monday, she got particularly excited that is was, indeed, her birthday and Moose was really singing for her.

Fast forward to five minutes ago - she's watching and the Brit-chicks come on. Overheard:

Daddy (working from home today): "OMG, MH - how did they know it was your birthday this week?!? That is so cool!"

MH (all matter of fact): "Daddy, they've known for a long time. They've been doing this for me every day all year."

Oh to be five again.

And oh, to go to work at an office every day so you don't actually know every word of the birthday songs on you'll still always be Noggin to me Nick Jr.

4 Fabulous Replies:

Marni said...

Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday - that song by the "Ting Ting's" makes me dance every time. And guess what? TODAY, they were singing to ME! :)

debbie said...

You did give Poppy a Sweetheart quite the laugh and smiles. Thanks to all 3 of you!

Anonymous said...

That's so cute and funny! Reminds me of when we were listening to Dan Zanes sing about Daniel in the den and Jonah in the belly of the whale, and Nate got all wide-eyed and remarked, "Jonah--Dan Zanes knows your name!!"


Chelle said...

Love this post! Five...what a great age.

And I actually enjoy the shows instead of cringing a little bit would be nice, too, haha!