Friday, July 31, 2009

Natural Talent

Yesterday was my 34th birthday.

Despite a raging sinus infection, I rallied (everyone knows you can't be sick on your birthday!), and The Mad Hatter and I met some friends for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory

(sidebar: how ironic that MY birthday happens to fall on National Cheesecake Day and I landed there for lunch by the sheer fate of not having much of an appetite and wanting a killer salad?)

After a wonderful lunch, my girlfriend and I decided to brave the mall with the kiddos.

MH loves to visit "Barnyard Kids" aka Pottery Barn Kids - it's an absolute must (er, bribe I hold over her head) every time we visit the mall.

I decided that first, I was going to treat myself to a little gift (or 3) at Sephora. Pottery Barn happens to be right across the way and the natives were getting restless, so my friend told me to take my time finishing up and meet her over there.

When I walked in, this is what I found!

(Yes, I am loving my new camera and the fact that I can shoot in color, vivid color, sepia, black and white, and all kinds of other cool effects)

I'm kinda thinkin' my girl is a shoo-in for the next Barnyard Kids (er, PBK) catalog!
Maybe it's time for an agent?

2 Fabulous Replies:

Chelle said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, sweetie!!

I loooove me some Sephora--it's my weakness!

And how cute is MH?! Seriously--she could be the next PBK model! I love it!

PS--Cheesecake factory...yummy!

lolit said...

sorry to hear your is really awful,i think....hey! Belated Happy Birthday friend.