Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Almost WW - Summer to Winter

When the MH begged to wear a certain dress to school yesterday, I had to offer a little help in revising its original look to accomodate the weather (read: I didn't want preschool to call DCYF on me). As I did so, I thought about the last time she wore this dress, and was entirely overcome with a huge rush of emotion!

This picture was taken on her first day of preschool, at the end of August

This one was taken yesterday morning before school.

My little Mad Hatter is going to be FOUR just two weeks from this Sunday, which is hard enough to digest. Then I look at these two pictures, taken just 5 months apart, and am floored by how different she looks to me.
In the first one, she looks so little. So innocent. So full of excitement about the new journey she is about to embark on.
In the second picture (which is one of about 10 because she's quite the little fashion model poser), I see such a different person. She LOVES to go to school. She has many friends (including most of the parents). After just 3 days at school, her teachers dubbed her the official "Welcome Wagon".
I am more than anything blown away by what a different child she has become in the last five months. She is really is no longer a baby.
She will always be my baby, but she really is a little girl now.
A bright, vibrant, beautiful, intelligent, caring, and quite intuative little girl.

All of which adds up to one very proud (and pretty sappy) Mommy.

Editor's note: when I first posted about MH's first day of school, I got MANY comments asking where I got the dress. It was from Baby Gap, early summer. I saw it and knew we had to have it. And I'm so happy I was able to "winter" it up!

Edited again to add: this post probably should have been entitled "Not Quite WW!"

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Carmi said...

It's inspiring to read your words - I wish all parents saw their children as you see yours. Thank you for making my day.

My WW is up...nowhere near as resonant as yours, mind you! Still, hope you'll pop by and say hi.

All the best,


Poppy said...

Hey Ms Blogger - How do you think "sweetheart" and I feel when we see you, the uncle, the DH and our "little MH" growing up so fast.

Krystyn said...

Oh, what a sweetie! And, she does look so different.

♥georgie♥ said...

OMGosh she is sooooo adorable!!! she is the next heidi klum I tell ya!!!

MarvelousMOM said...

She is just beautiful! It totally blows my mind how much they change in just a few short months!

Emily said...

That dress is really cute! She is lucky to have a trendy mom that can accomodate a wardrobe change any time of year! She has changed quite a bit, but she is gorgeous! Is she wearing cowboy boots??? it!

♥spoiled mommy♥ said...

Very adorable!!
School--wahhhhh, I dont even want to begin to THINK about that day!!!
I do, but I dont.
I really would love for my princess to have more friends to play with her age-to me its very sad...but the time will come, I guess!

And she looks oh so cute-she has changed a lot in 5 months!!

Lisa said...

love how you wintered that dress up! It's adorable, as is the Mad Hatter!