Monday, January 19, 2009

"Making Me Happy" Monday

I did this last week, and think I'm going to try to make it a weekly ritual. Feel free to join me and let me know if you have so I can be sure to pop by your blog!

Things making me happy today:

*Whatever alien replaced the MH yesterday seemed to disappear overnight. We had a fabulous day together - one of those days that reminds me I was made to be a mommy.

*Disappearance of said "alien" meant the sweetest little girl ever today, and not ONE temper tantrum (and one VERY happy mommy).

*The MH telling me at rest time that her heart had a smile on it because she was so happy (and then proceeding to take a 2 hour nap - unheard of these days!).

*After bad weather rained snowed on our parade, DH and I enjoyed a fantastic and much needed evening out on Saturday night to celebrate his birthday. Made even more perfect by the fact that we ate at our of our favorite restaurants, with a hefty gift certificate handed to DH by his boss, joined by our closest friends, and entertained by the interesting (read: whacko) couple next to us who insisted on buying us a round of drinks after we'd paid our bill and were ready to leave. They wouldn't take no for an answer, so all of us, including our server, downed shots of Patron Silver. GREAT. TIMES. And lots of laughter.

*My first Saturday of the season as a tax widow wasn't as awful as I thought it would be. MH and I found our way to story hour at a very cool toy store we hadn't yet been to, made an awesome craft, and had a very klassy lunch at Chez McDonald's. (note to self: no more Saturday visits to McDonald's PlayPlace. Ever.)

*DH let me sleep in until after 12 yesterday afternoon, and was completely reasonable when I was completely (and admittedly) unreasonable and bitchy for no reason I could explain other than I didn't feel like being anyone's mommy or wife, just for a little while. Honey, you are a WONDERFUL man.

*I finally found a case for my iPod Touch so I am no longer afraid to take it out of my house. I must agree with Apple, who calls it "the funnest iPod ever." Gotta love free Wi-Fi at Panera and the library. Although (shock and awe), Chez McD's does NOT have free Wi-Fi. One more reason to boycott.

*MH and I had so much fun at home today doing lots of nothing. Crafts, new toys, and our fave - an impromptu dance party around our kitchen.

*Rachael Ray's Mini-Meatball Soup for dinner last night. It rocks. It rocks even more for lunch the next day. Today's lunch ROCKED.

*DH's new stove-top espresso maker (birthday gift from above-mentioned friends). There's a new barista in town . . . can you guess her name? Can anyone say Fat Free Decaf Caramel Latte last night AND tonight? I think I might just be as good as Starbucks. And definitely cheaper. There's also the added draw that I don't need to leave my kitchen.

*Obama's inauguration tomorrow - we are part of history in the making!

*The MH's birthday invitations are addressed, stamped, and ready to go. Now we just need to pray that the party doesn't get snowed out!

*I have decided that I want to go back to school! Undergrad transcripts have been requested. Advice is being gathered. Calls are being made. I am really hoping that in a few years I will be a certified elementary school teacher!

*I have a list of many goals for 2009, and so far, I'm doing a pretty good job of keeping up with them. I've decided that yes, calling them goals is working far better for me than calling them resolutions.

There are many more things I'm sure I could go on about, but these are what come to mind for now . . . come on and tell me what's on your happy list today!

Edited to add: LOVING Twitter these days! Especially loving the discovery of TweetDeck and its wonder-powers!

3 Fabulous Replies:

Wendi said...

Oh you learned one...
please share with me all things tweetdeck.
I know nothing.
Great list of things making you happy.
I am back in school too. For the same reason!

Patrice said...

Sweet post! I love this idea of listing happy things! Glad you're making it a weekly thing! :)

Julie said...

I loved this post! And yay for going back to school :) I love school! I am so glad not to be a tax widow anymore....