Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rachael Needs . . .

I've seen a few of my bloggy friends do this fun post where they go to Google, type in their name, and add the word "needs" after it. You take the top 10 results and write/comment about them in a blog post.

I've always found them hilarious and have been meaning to get around to my own, so here you go!

1. Rachael needs bargain munching options washed down with a G & T.

Munching options? I'll take 'em any time - bonus points for a good deal! But I'm not so much for Gin and Tonics, I'll take a Bud Light with Lime Please.

2. MySpace profile for Rachael needs a miracle with pictures, videos, personal blog , interests, information about me and more.

Ummmm, MySpace? NEVER! That, friends, is why I am a Facebook girl.

3. Rachael needs to come to the end of herself and surrender control to HIM.

Hmm, where to start on this one? I am nowhere near ready to come to the end of "myself", nor am I ready to surrender to ANYONE!

4. Rachael needs to get a life and there is nothing funny about her, she is just simply annoying and too loud.

Wow, Google. I thought were were BFFs. I've never claimed to be a comedian, but I'm sure people do find some stuff funny about me! And as for simply annoying, that's just mean! I do get a little loud sometimes, so I won't take too much offense to that . . .

5. Rachael needs FOREVER LOVING HOME.

Can't argue one bit with that one. Perhaps one day that home will be a wee bit bigger, but I'm happy with love any day.

6. Rachael needs to learn to accept things even if she doesn’t like them.

I think I do a decent job of this one, but it's sage advice and always good to be reminded. Unless it's something that's just dead wrong, and then we need to talk.

7. Rachael needs something to do.

With a little girl about to turn 4, and a hubby currently working six days a week, this is not normally a problem I find myself running into. Rachael needs to find the TIME for all the things she needs to do is more like it.

8. Rachael needs prayers.

Who can't use a few here and there?

9. Rachael needs a second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth opinion.

Too many hands in the soup spoils the pot. I'm all for opinions (when requested), but if 2 was good enough when it came to my back, I'll stop there for most other things too.

10. Rachael needs numbers.

Preferrably the winning ones to the Power Ball.

Join in the fun when you have a chance - good times, I tell ya!

6 Fabulous Replies:

♥spoiled mommy♥ said...

Ha-that was cute!!

Off subject, but I was thinking about are you feeling??
What did the doctor say? Are you ok?? I was a lil worried & havent had much time on here at night to chat w/everyone...grr, Im trying to do as I said-its so hard!! Being I find this computer my friend since the only one I ever talk to is a 2 almost 3 yo.!!

Wendi said...

Very cute.
I haven't seen this before.
I have only checked my google analytics which is always a scream.
Thanks for the laughs this morning.
I will pray for you and your winning number. And since you don't have anything to do...I could use an extra pair of hands around here!
How is your back? Hope you are feeling better. Happy Weekend!

sandy said...

This is very fun!
Have a great weekend:0)

Julie said...

Hilarious! Julie needs a lot of things....

Cynthiaa said...

I am going to do this today!! :D

The Mrs. said...

That is just hilarious! I have to do this!