Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mad Hatter on Mommy

I recently did this tag (meme) on Facebook and couldn't resist posting it here.

The following questions were answered by the MH, age 4 years 1 month.
Some of them her answers are just plain hilarious, and some are dead-on, and some are both!

The one thing I did not do on Facebook was add my own comments. And this blog entry definitely requires my two cents.

1.What is something mommy always says to you? "I love you."
Thank goodness that outweight the no, no, and more no. And not right now. And absolutely not.

2. What makes mommy happy? "That you're with me."
Well of course it makes me happy to be with her. I also like it when she is a good listener.

3. What makes mommy sad? "When I don't listen."
Oh good, at least she's not completely unaware!

4. How does mommy make you laugh? "Taking pictures of me and making silly faces."
I didn't know taking pictures was such a source of humor for her! I thought it was all the tickles, silly dancing, silly voices, and in general acting like a total lunatic (in private, of course).

5. What was mommy like as a child? "Happy."

6. How old is mommy? "30"
She just earned a free get out of jail free card for taking 3 and a half years off my age. OK, make that 3 and a half. It's only fair since she gets one minute of time out for every year old she is.

7. How tall is mommy? "7-8-6 feet"
Still pondering this one.

8. What is mommy's favorite thing to do?"Make projects with me and do lots of cool stuff and build things with me."
I'm glad she sees me through those eyes and not the "eat, drink, shop, sleep, blog, facebook, etc." ones.

9. What does mommy do when you're not around? "Go to physical therapy and do stuff."
Think she gets that I go to physical therapy a lot? Yes, I practically live there. I guess the rest of my life falls into the category of "doing stuff".

10. If mommy becomes famous,what will it be for? " Because you're having a party".
Kind of funny if you ask me because we don't throw many parties around here.

11. What is mommy really good at? "Doing projects and puzzles and stuff."
Glad to hear I have so many talents in her eyes. I'm just gonna pretend that "stuff" is another word for everything.

12. What is mommy not very good at? "You're not good at waking up when it's 7"
So, so very true MH. Or 8, or 9, or even 10. Yep, your mommy does love and need her sleep.

13. What does mommy do for her job? "Taking care of me and doing fun stuff with me"
Fair enough answer coming from a 4 year old. If hubby said the same without elaboration, he's be in a little hot water.

14. What is mommy's favorite food? "Pancakes and brussel sprouts and green beans"
Well, I do like all three foods. Not together. And clearly she doesn't see me hoovering the Edy's Slow Churned straight from the carton at night. Maybe that's a good thing.

15. What makes you proud of mommy? "Doing lots of fun stuff with me."
Aww, ok, you just earned that extra half get out of jail free card - now you've got four.

16. If mommy were a cartoon character,who would she be?"She's orange, and she wears jewelry, and she's Zoe! (from Sesame Street)"
I know I've posted plenty of pictures on myself here. Wouldn't you say I do a FABULOUS job of covering up my orange feathery fur and hair? It's a GREAT wig. And one of the reasons I love turtleneck sweaters so.

17. What do you and mommy do together? "We have lots of stuff that's fun to do together - like doing games and stuff and eating dinner like a family and baking, and go to playdates."
Hmm, MH. Most of the time you are like a piece of velcro attached to my leg. You forgot to mention that we pee together too. But I'm glad you're thinking about the good stuff.

18. How do you know mommy loves you?"Because she loves me so much and she reads so many books to me. And she plays lots of stuff."
Hey! What about the zillions of hugs and kisses all day long and the fact that I will do anything in the world just to get a smile out of you?

21.What does Mommy like about Daddy? "When you go out somewhere."
Daddy - I think she means when we go out somewhere together. But I feel the need to add that there are many things I "like" about you - especially what an amazing Daddy and husband you are.

22. Where is mommy's favorite place to go? "Stop and Shop and Trader Joe's"
This one bummed me out. While I do love Trader Joe's, most days I would rather stick a fork in my eye than brave Stop and Shop. I loathe grocery shopping. Loathe it. And with the sheer number of visits to Target in a week, I cannot believe this one slipped her mind!

I must say, this was such a fun activity together. When I pick her up at preschool and they've done something where the teachers ask them to answer a question, her answers always crack me up. I had so much fun asking the questions this time and hearing the answers.

If you have a little one who can answer, I encourage you to take this one and run with it - definitely one for the memory book! And let me know if you do - I want to hear the answers you get too!

11 Fabulous Replies:

debbie said...

Love the answers! Especially the one about the number 7..... Dead on! She DOES KNOW YOU!!! Have a great day.

Together We Save said...

sweet comments.

Elaine A. said...

I love all her answers with "stuff" - that's too funny!

And c'mon, you mean you don't eat your green beans with your pancakes? Surely that would be delicious! ; )

OHmommy said...

Awe. What a fun interview! My kids would say the same thing about me waking up. ;) Too cute Rachel!

♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

Oh that is TOO cute!!
So out of the shows she watches Zoe eh?? LOL Not Foofa...hahahha!
Only saying that because of our convo the other day!!

amanda said...

pretty sure that is the best meme ever! i love all her answers and love your responses even more :)

Leslie said...

I'm truly surprised at her answer to "What's Mommy's favorite thing to do?".....twitter ho ;)

Patrice said...

So cute!!! I'm sure MH loved her interview! lol

Lisa said...

I keep meaning to do that little interview - very sweet!

Shana said...

Cute! I am going to have to do this!

designHER Momma said...

fun interview! good to get to know you a little better...