Monday, March 2, 2009

Making Me Happy Monday

I can't believe yet another Monday is upon us! So without further ado, here is what's making me happy this week:

1) SNOW! I cannot believe I'm actually saying it, but as long as I don't have to go out in it (which is going to be unlikely with the MH chomping at the bit to go play), I'm super excited for a snow day that includes hubby! We all spent the morning snuggling in bed, Mommy made pancakes, and now daddy is doing organizational stuff. Since it's the middle of tax season and he's been working Saturdays, this is like having a real weekend!

2) Purim - we went to a wonderful mitzvah (good deed) event yesterday at an assisted living facility, where the MH helped decorate treat bags to be delivered to the elderly, made cards for Israeli soldiers, watched as others made delicious Hamantaschen (it was utter insanity, we will make them at home with Sweetheart!), and played with lots of little friends. My parents met us, and we got to spend time with my great aunt and uncle who happen to live at the facility. Oh, and did I mention that the kids dress up for this joyous and festive holiday? She chose to wear this year's Halloween costume and was a precious little Sleeping Beauty!

3) We had a couple of mild days last week - mild enough to open car windows and expend lots of pent-up energy at the playground! (of course, that little glimmer of hope for Spring had to get squashed under a foot of snow today!)

4) With the Mad Hatter finally back in preschool last Thursday, I was finally able to get to the market and replenish our severely lacking grocery supply. Yes - for this I am thankful! Especially the being able to do it alone.

5) The fact that although our boiler needs to be fixed, it is more to the tune of $300 than the $6000 the idiotic plumbing company had us thinking we were in for.

6) The fact that although we were sans heat for one night, that night was Saturday night and fixed in time for the deep freeze last night!

7) The Mad Hatter is a little star when it comes to the dentist! We had our second visit ever last week, and I have yet to ever see someone quite as excited for a dental visit!

8) My new Snuggie. Yes, DH and I finally caved to the cult of people walking around in glorified backwards bathrobes that make us look like monks in hospital johnnies. Judge as you may, but if you lived in our house, and hung out in our extremely drafty family room every night, you'd understand that the Snuggie is the perfect addition to our couch in the winter. Fear not, we will not be threatening our child's self-esteem by wearing them anywhere outside of the comfort of our own home.

9) Great friends - enough said.

10) Coffee - again, enough said.

So, what's making you happy this week? Create a post of your own and leave me a comment so I can stop by.

Don't have a whole post? Just share a thing or two in my comments section.

I'm sure you can find at least one thing that's making you happy this Monday!

8 Fabulous Replies:

Leslie said...

You got a snuggie??? Oh, you have GOT to post pictures, stat!!!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

I think you are making me want to try a Snuggie too.

Laural Out Loud said...

You know what's making me happy today? I only have one more week until I get to leave for home! Brasil has been lovely, but I can't wait to sleep in my own bed, and see my husband! For some reason, only having ONE week left has really lifted my spirits.

Marni said...

Gettin' my Stampin' MoJo back after a very dry month! Also, hearing Ryan and Megan talk in the other room. It's too funny! Too bad I can't understand just WHAT Meg is saying!

Wendy@RuensOnTheRun said...

Making me happy - the way the older two boys look after and love on the baby.

Lipstick said...

Well, I've just got to know about that Snuggie! so, does it fasten in the back? does your back get cold?

Krystyn said...

Those are some good ones!

And, seriously, I just told hubby yesterday that I needed a snuggie!

Julie said...

I want the Snuggie but I wasn't sure it actually worked....perhaps now I will get one....or five in assorted colors to match my outfits....