Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WW - Beach in Winter

You may have read this post about our wonderful trip to the beach this weekend.

I couldn't let (almost) Wordless Wednesday go by without sharing a few more pictures from such a special day. Can you tell how much I'm enjoying using Picnik?

The Mad Hatter all bundled up and enjoying the swings

Poppy swinging alongside his favorite girl
The MH collecting "treasures"
(please forgive the quality of my cell phone pic - we all forgot our cameras!)
Sweetheart, Poppy, and MH in front of the fabulous jungle gym she spent forever playing on!
Definitely a day to remember, though we'll have to do it again now that Daddy is feeling better!

7 Fabulous Replies:

Popcorn House said...

Everyone looks like they are having such a great time. Our kids absolutely love swing sets. Thanks for sharing.

*jimaie.marie* said...

I ADORE beach trips! I've always loved that they have swing sets out on the sand too, so fun!!

One Mom said...

Isn't the beach great in the winter! If you can take the cold :) and there are no crowds to navigate!

JMom said...

Memorable moments. Beautiful photos :)

debbie said...

It was the best day of a very very long winter. So much fun to be outdoors. Seeing things through a child's eyes is the best thing in the world. Everything is so simple and pure. I'd do it again in a second!!! Thanks for sharing a wonderful day.

♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

Oh that looks like so much fun!!
It be better if you could have taken off the coats-hurry up Spring!!
Im glad you loving Picnik-its great!

Ok-Moma I think Im going to do a Photo linky, Id love to have you play along...Im thinking about doing it on Saturdays.Keep an eye out!

Elaine A. said...

Oh I'm loving Picnik too! Great shots and it looks like lots of fun!