Sunday, March 22, 2009

Making Me Happy Monday

Welcome to this week's addition of "Making Me Happy Monday"! Notice anything different?

I'll get right to my list!

1) I've finally got a badge for my weekly post! It was so much fun and so easy to do! Wanna know how? Go here! Besides the fun and easy part, it's free! And there is so much more you can do there! If you're going to be joining me in my weekly Monday posting, I'd love it if you take the badge and put it on your own post, linking back to me!

2) After an extremely busy, stressful, and nervewracking week, I managed to pull off two events at my Temple, and if I do say so myself, they were a HUGE hit! One of these included a Chinese buffet dinner for approximately 70 people, with RSVPs rolling in until about an hour before the event!

3) The two events mentioned above are a part of my new position as Membership Chair for our Temple. I was shocked and extremely flattered when I was asked to take on this role a few months ago. It's a big job, all volunteer work, and I have some huge shoes to fill, but based on the response to what I pulled off this weekend, I'm feeling pretty good and excited about it!
4) After a really tough week in the world of mommyhood last week, this past week was the complete opposite. It seems that as hard as it was for me to break down and be a complete hard-ass who meant business, my actions did actually mean something (even if it wasn't expressed at the time). The Mad Hatter has been an absolute love bug all week, full of great behavior, listening and comments that have continued to melt my heart (and crack me up) every day!
5) I have a girlfriend date this Tuesday! My poor friend spent her birthday in the hospital having an emergency gallbladder removal. She's feeling a whole lot better now, and on Tuesday we are going for pedicures and lunch, complete with some kind of decadent dessert. I can't wait!
6) My haircut is feeling less traumatic these days. It's been almost 3 weeks, and although I'm not completely in love with it, I'm getting rave reviews from everyone else. It seems so silly and shallow to be obsessing over a haircut, when, after all, hair grows, but this was the first haircut I've ever gotten that actually left me feeling insecure about myself! I mean, I actually went back 3 days later to have it "fixed"! Anyways, it's growing, both in length and on me, and for that, I am happy!
7) We bought a swingset for the Mad Hatter! It's something we've been thinking about for a long time, and while it's an investment, it's something we know she'll get tons of use and pure enjoyment out of. Now, when it comes to DH having to put it together . . .
8) The place we purchased said swingset from was out of stock, but was happy to write us a raincheck - INCLUDING the 20% off coupon we had, which expired today! So, not only are we getting a swingset, we're getting our discount too!
9) It may have been a fluke, but I may have stumbled upon an ingenious trick! In our house, we have "rest time", because although the MH is starting to give up her naps, she needs down time, and some days she still does fall asleep for 2-3 hours. She is in that phase where she still needs it but is resisting. Yesterday afternoon, I was toast after my big weekend, and needed sleep. I knew I couldn't deal with her coming out of her room every 5 minutes asking if rest time was over, so I made a deal - we could watch a movie in my bed, but because it was rest time there was NO talking, and if she talked at all, it was straight to her own bed. I told her mommy might fall asleep and it was ok if she did too, but if she didn't, that was okay as long as she followed the rules and stayed quiet. DH came home from work to find his two favorite girls sprawled out in our king-sized bed, fast asleep! When I woke up, I was astounded to find that almost 3 hours had passed! I am definitely going to have to try this one again!
10) All of my readers who are participating in Making Me Happy Monday! Whether you are writing your own posts or just commenting here, you are making me so happy! Because when you actually sit down and think about it, no matter how rough things in your life seem, it's not that hard to find at least one thing that is making you smile. And, if things are rough right now, it makes it even that much more inspiring to dig a little deep to find one thing that you are grateful for. Your posts and your comments really do make me smile - a lot!
So, as always, please join me again this week! If you have a post of your own, copy and save my new badge (yippee!) and put it on your own post (you can link right up to me from there). If that's too hard, don't even worry - just write your post and let me know about it so I can come read it! And finally, if you don't have time for a post, just leave me a comment with what's making you happy this Monday!
Have a wonderful week!

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C ♥ said...
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C ♥ said...

what a list eh!!

Good job tricking MH into a nap time haha

MarvelousMOM said...

The badge is awesome. You did good!!

Marni said...

We have quiet time every day. Megan naps - and Ryan does about 80% of the time. He knows that he can have books, some juice, and even the TV for a little while if he wants to. He also knows that he can't get off the couch to play. He has to stay quiet, read, or nap. It's HEAVEN for me! If he doesn't do it (which happened today for some strange reason) it's HELL later in the night.