Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feelin' a bit like a suburban housewife . . .

Which in some ways I am.

I mean, I live in suburia.

I'm a SAHM.

I guess that would make me in some ways a "housewife".

Here's what I've already gotten done today:

Up before the MH.

Scrambled some eggs, whipped up some chocolate milk, got us both dressed (she fashionably, me not so much).

Did the preschool drop-off.

Got super excited to find a really cute art project in her "take home" file (a big construction paper apple stamped in different colors - they used a cut-open apple as the stamp!) - oh how these little things make my day! You know, the "keeper" art projects.

Off to Target for a couple of necessities (ok, maybe the perfect long-sleeve tee I found this weekend at a different Target and was deperately looking to find more of were not exactly a necessity, BUT my signing up this morning to provide candy at the preschool Halloween party did mean that I needed to go . . . albeit a couple of weeks early. Hey - I'm nothing if less than prepared!).

I never knew how lovely Target could be so early in the morning. Quiet, cleaner than usual. Nice.
Off the the tailor to pick up the jeans I had forgotten about last week.

Either I am getting shorter in my ripe old age of 33 or "average" length is getting longer. Never have I needed to have my jeans shortened before.

A stop at DD for some much needed caffeine (this trip would have been much preferred on the WAY to preschool, but would have also involved far too much drama in explaining why MH could not have a lemonade Coolata. Athough, by the time I actually got my caffeine, I was wondering if that argument might not have been worth it. Note: I had to hit the Target without the Starbucks, as their clothing department is smaller than the one I needed to go to if I had a chance at finding those shirts. But remember, if anyone asks, I went for the candy.)

Home to make beds, clean up the kitchen, check email, and of course take a moment to document my pride in getting so much done by 10:30 in the morning.

Now I'm off to launder said jeans and other piles of pumkin-farm, apple orchard-ized clothing from the weekend, straighten my house, figure out what's for dinner after not cooking for the last 4 nights straight, make a grocery list, and run some more errands.

Give it to me straight - I am a surburban housewife, aren't I?

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Melissa said...

indeed you are, my dear!

you're so lucky that you have more than one Target nearby! We only have one, and sometimes it seriously sucks! I wonder if other Targets are better stocked than ours....? but, even with a poorly stocked Target, it's still one of my favorite stores!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachael! Wow, that is a lot to do before 10:30 am. I used to sleep on the weekends until that time but not any more! You mentioned 2 of my favorite places in your post- DD and Target. I have a Super Target near me and I LOVE it!!
Love, Keri

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Oh, to have a Super Target. But I will not be greedy. 3 within 10-15 minutes any direction works for me!

Mamasphere said...

It is one of my greatest desires to go to Target on a weekday morning. Some day, some day I'll make it.

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Yep, totally a suburban housewife:)

Beth Anne said...

Now you've done it...I'm craving a trip to Target now. :)

Rachel said...

Ahhh. .. I can't wait for the day when I can venture into a Target sans child (Sigh) How sweet it must be!!

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Shannon said...

Yes, I think you are, my friend!! Sounds like a great day, though. I love the apple-stamped art holder - that is an adorable idea. And I love shopping early in the morning - all the stores are so quiet and perfect . . . and a coffee really makes it just right.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I am so impressed with everything you got done before 10:30. And the fact that you make the beds. You are one rockin' housewife!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

This sounds like my day-especially the jeans!I am 5'5-and all my jeans were to long...then I went to Macy's and tried on every pair until I got it right!!!What a day!

Elaine A. said...

It's 11:20 at night and now I want to go to either Target, DD, or Starbucks or all three... : )

anti-supermom said...

Target is headquartered here in Minneapolis, I have the best of the best in my backyard.

And they are super clean, all the time. I'm pretty lucky too~

You should 'own' that housewifey-ness :)

Dana said...

You definitely sound like a housewife. I'm so jealous!