Monday, October 13, 2008


What a fabulous surprise to come home from a great day of fall family fun to find my Favorite Things swap package on my front steps!

Carrie totally outdid herself!

The big picture of all my loot!

A close up of some stuff . . .

And some more stuff . . .

The Georgia Dawgs baseball hat . . . Carrie is a HUGE fan of G-Dawgs football!

So now for the details, my awesome package included:

1. Candy - mmm, mmm, good. Who does not love Twizzlers and Tootsie Rolls? As for the Mike and Ike's - I've never had them, but I'll let you know . . . anything with the word Tropical in its description makes me happy!

2. A fabulous polka dot tote bag with my favorite colors! I love black, but absolutely adore pink and green together. The polka dots are so cute! I'm sure I'll find plenty of ways to put this great little bag to use!

3. The cutest little garden kit! It's got all the stuff to plant a little garden, which I think will be a lot of fun to do with MH. We've even got a greenhouse window in our kitchen! Hopefully my brown thumb won't come out to play.

4. Georgia Dawgs baseball cap. First off, I LOVE pink baseball caps. Secondly, I love how the big "G" logo is on the front and "Dawgs" is arched around the opening in the back. Sure, I'll get some weird looks (and maybe even words!) from all the New England Patriots fans around me, but I'll wear Georgia with pride!

5. Note cards!!! I love to write notes - I think that in the age of email, it's getting less and less common to receive written correspondence. Nothing makes my day more than "good mail". There is a package of "R" monogram note cards in a turquoise/chocolate brown color combo (another one of my faves) and set of bright and colorful cards with hilarious illustrations and comments on them. Can't wait to send people some smiles!

6. Assorted cookie cutters! These are plastic, which makes them safe for my MH's delicate (read: accident prone) hands, and MH is at the age where she loves to help me in the kitchen. I'm excited to bake some sugar cookies together and this is even more of an incentive to get out the 'ol Kitchen Aid . . .

7. Highliters and a cool pink Sharpie. Who doesn't love a Sharpie? And who (read: me) can never seem to find one when I need it? And now I don't have to steal DH's highliters any more.

8. A super cute snowman pin (although I'm trying not to think about the arrival of winter for a long time - I have just finally accepted that it's fall), a cute wine bottle charm that says Cheers, and a Hello Kitty magnet that MH has already claimed as her own.

9. Warm Vanilla Sugar anti-bacterial gel from Bath and Body works. Yummy smelling AND germ free? Then it's definitely for me!

10. Last, but not least, Carrie was extra sweet to think of MH and send a little something along for her too. Today, MH got her first taste of Pez! Yep, it's a Hello Kitty pez dispenser that MH has been carrying around with pride while offering candy to everyone she loves. She seemed a bit confused when there was no candy, but had a ball 'splainin' to everyone how you just "pull Kitty's head back and look, there's candy!"

Carrie, I appreciate the time and thought you put into this awesome package! Thanks for sharing some of your favorite things with me!

8 Fabulous Replies:

Carrie said...

You are welcome I am just sorry about the mix up. I am so glad you enjoyed everything I knew your daughter would love the Hello Kitty stuff! I am having to fight Brinsley for the Vera bradley wallet! ;)

Mandy said...

Okay, that is an awesome idea!! Such cute stuff!!

Rae said...

What fun loot!! Isn't Carrie adorable? How fun you were swap buddies!!

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

You done good girl!

Julie said...

Wow what great swap stuff :)

Shannon said...

Cool! What amazing loot - Twizzlers rock, I haven't had them in years!

Wendi said...

So glad your package finally arrived.
I think it was definitely worth the wait!
Thats a lot of stuff sista!!!

Carol said...

Wow! That is some terrific stuff.