Sunday, October 5, 2008

The other purchase

It's no secret that Target is one of my happy places.

In fact, if ever a 12 step program comes into existence, I might just have to join up.

No trip to Target for "a couple of things" is just that.

Can you enter the store without perusing the Dollar Spot and not grabbing a couple of things?

And then there's always a great pair of shoes at an equally great price.

How cute are these? (the picture seriously does not do them justice, but I'm sure many of you have seen them live)

I bought them over a month ago, and have yet to wear them. Fear not, I will. They're adorable.

Then there's the makeup section. I'm such a girlie-girl, and even though I don't wear a ton of makeup at one time, I've got a very large selection to choose from every morning.

My absolute fave?
Shade 553 - Au Naturel.

Closely followed by Pink Sand (538).

Seriously, I discovered this stuff about 3 years ago, and figured that at $1.99 (at CVS, Target sells it for $1.79 - sometimes 2 for $3!) I could give it a shot and if I hated it no big deal.

This product has been my best makeup find ever! Unlike most "cheap" brands, N.Y.C. Liquid Lip Shine is the perfect texture and color, and most importantly, is never sticky or gunky.

I have turned many friends onto this awesome stuff, even those who only buy top of the line brands.

I have them stashed everywhere and am even starting to branch out and try new colors!

But I digress.

We ran into a friend at Target today, and while we were chatting, I kept getting distracted by the vision of a jet black rectangle with pale hands holding a delicious-looking perfect red apple.

Any clue where I'm going with this?

I've seen so much hype about this book over the last few months that my curiosity has been piqued.

People rave about it.

I've read and heard that no matter what you normally read, you will love this book.

As in devour it, unable to put it down once you've opened it.

Other than that, I don't know much about it - other than that it's about vampires (something I'm not interested in at all) and love, and that it is soon to be released as a major motion picture.

But alas, everywhere I go, I see this enticing book cover.

And today, that striking display kept taunting me as I tried to concentrate on my conversation with my friend.

Next thing I knew, I was searching for copywright dates to ensure that Twilight was in fact the first of the 4 Stephanie Meyer books so lusciously arrayed on the shelf.

You know, just to be sure that if I were to buy it, I'd be reading the series in the correct order.

I don't buy books.

I'm a library girl.

Love to read, and if it's free, it's for me.

I keep a list of things I want to read and just put them on reserve.

But I knew I'd be on the reserve list for the next 20 years (ok, technically, only one year, since they cancel the reserve after that, just sayin').

Before I knew it, into the cart it was tossed.

What's another $8.97 at Target?

I am super excited to sink my teeth into this one (bad pun intended) and hope it lives up to all the things I've heard.

I'm also super excited about the fact that the entire concept of the book and series is a mystery to me, so if you've read it and want to comment (and of course you know I do love comments!), please don't tell me anything about it (other than that I will absolutely love it, if that's your opinion).

If I'm not blogging, I'll be chomping on that delicious red apple.

18 Fabulous Replies:

Rae said...

Be prepared to disappear while you read this book! You won't be able to put it down!!!!!

I'm heading to Target later this morning with JK. Mondays are our Target days! :)

HappyHourSue said...

OMG -sista from anotha motha. First, your comment at The Daily Mish-Mash caught my eye because I went to school at Cornell! Then I come here and you're posting about Target, which is MY post today! Third, I've been saying the exact same thing about Twilight.

Liza said...

Hi Rach - I am SO with you on the Target thing! I love love love it! Have you been to the new one at the mall? I didn't think Target could get any better, until that one opened ;) We were there yesterday ourselves!

Thanks for the tip on the lip gloss. I printed out the info and and I am going to try it!

Chelle said...

Hehe! Rach, I SO could have written about the Target love. I love Target. Addicted perhaps :)

Love your new shoes. So cute for fall/winter.

I must try that lip gloss...I love lip gloss! And for less than $2?! I'd be crazy not to!

My friend just threw the same book in my arms and told me that I MUST read it. I am in the middle of another book, but that's next on my list :)

Deb said...

Hi Rach!

I'm Deb. I found you at Happy Hour Sue's blog. I did a Target post a couple of months ago. The place is pure evil.

Twilight - you will love love love it!!! I swore I wouldn't, and I did, and now will be starting the 2nd one soon.

Come visit me!

Carol said...

Rach, you've gone over to the dark side eh?

I too have zero interest in vampires so I am just not into readinf them. But one of my room mates at Uni who adored all things buffy and Angel just had her birthday and I got her the first 2 books. 2 weeks later she had read all 4!

They must be good.

Julie said...

I LOVE that lipgloss - I thought I was the only one and didn't want to admit that I was buying the "cheap stuff." I read all four Twilight books in less than a month as has my mom and she isn't into the vampire thing at all. Let me know when you finish #1 - she has 2 and 3 and I am sure would be happy to lend them!

Elaine A. said...

Totally understandable. I can buy just about anything at Target myself. LOVE that place.

I've heard a lot about that book myself lately and I am not an avid reader (unless you count magazines) but I may have to read this one at some point...

Jen said...

I love those shoes! Totally adorable!

I'm a Twilight junkie. I just read the first one so far but I could hardly put it down. I'm starting on the second one tonight and am hoping I won't be up all night reading. I need my sleep! I hope you enjoy it!

Lipstick said...

Ok....I am just ready to jump up and down with joy about the cheap-chic lipgloss tip!

Mamasphere said...

Love the shoes, need to try the gloss (sounds heavenly!) and MUST get the book. I'm a latecomer to the whole Twilight thing, but I'm dying to get on board. I can't do the library, though, I love to have my books around me. My biggest dream is to live in a house with a library.

Mamasphere said...

Love the shoes, need to try the gloss (sounds heavenly!) and MUST get the book. I'm a latecomer to the whole Twilight thing, but I'm dying to get on board. I can't do the library, though, I love to have my books around me. My biggest dream is to live in a house with a library.

Miranda said...

I love those shoes! They really are adorable. Target is one of my favorite places to shop.. when I have money to burn anyways, because I can never leave with JUST the things I had intended to buy there and they always have lots of fun goodies in that darn dollar section.

anti-supermom said...

I'm coming around to the Twilight thing, since this is the millionth time I've seen something about it. Keep us posted.

And yes, LOVE TARGET!!! Of course...

Megryansmom said...

So when you're done reading Twilight will you send it to me? I'm in a Target 12 step program.

Krystyn said...

Funny, I got some of your favs in my last swap. The lipgloss is perfect, and the book is pretty good, too!

McMommy said...

Holy moly...guess what lip gloss I own (besides nipple cream)??? NYC PINK SAND!! Love that brand!!! So cheap and super shiny! That is so funny that it is also one of your favorites!

The Mrs. said...

I got the same shoes and I loooooove them!