Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not so WW - Boo!

We went to a great family Halloween party this weekend!

DH and I could not have had more fun carving pumpkins, and MH was the hit of the party (such my little social butterfly!).

She was so well-loved that one girl insisted on carving an additional pumpkin for her, and another one was in the midst of making another one but we had to leave!

We've been trying to light them every night, but it's been so windy they keep going out!

My awesome creation - simple yes, but done completely freehand (I'm so proud).

Family of 3.

Admiring the "Mickey" pumpkin (notice Mickey had to come admire it too!)

Super M!

My favorite pumpkin of all!

Now we just need to carve our huge family pumpkin - I've got a trick up my sleeve for that one that I think will blow the MH away!

Happy Halloween!

13 Fabulous Replies:

Lizzie said...

love her fabulous skirt! kids are so silly. great pumpkin carving!

Poppy said...

She can come trick or treat at our house (sweetheart agrees too Ms MH)anytime she wants...:)

Liza said...

So cute! Love this time of year!

Chelle said...

It sounds like you guys had a blast! I love your pumpkins, by the cute! Can't wait to see pics of the big one you carve!

PS--you have now gotten me addicted to Scrapblog...I blame you! :)

Julie said...

Love it! HB's poor pumpkin is rotten already but mine is still going strong since it wasn't carved out. :) Can't wait to see the next one!

Miranda said...

Love the pumpkins. Her little tutu skirt is just too cute!

Krystyn said...

Love the tutu! And, the pumpkins are cute, too.

beth said...

Very nice.

And I love the skirt. I have a feeling she would get along very well with my daughter!

OHmommy said...

I love that there is another girl out there that wears a tutu over street clothes.

We do that all the time. Well... not me. But the girls. LOL

Elaine A. said...

Those pumpkins are awesome! Great job. I love all the fun at Halloween!

Shannon said...

Those pumpkins are great - and free hand??? - NICE job!! I love the tutu over her pants - adorable :-)

chelle said...

awww what a cutie pie!
The pumpkins look fabulous!

Wendi said...

Love your mad pumpkin carving skills!!!
Love the tutu even more!!!