Monday, September 22, 2008


Lately DH and I have noticed just how literally MH takes everything we say. Most of the time we find it humorous, others we end up having to give a long sordid explanation for something we wish we'd never said (when do they learn the term figure of speech?) just because of the long tedious process associated with what we really meant.

Anyways, this AM I was awaked by MH to her latest greeting (I have to say, I do prefer it to the screaming of MO-MMY! over and over until I can unglue at least one eye and figure out that it's not still the middle of the night).

MH:(wearing her Flounder hat and carrying her light-up butterfly from yesterday): Mommy . . . wake up! It's morning, time to open your eyes!

Lucky for her she's adorable and her little sweet voice is the best thing to hear first thing when I wake up (I just wish that happened at say, 10AM. OK, I'd even take 9 - I'm not that greedy).

(For those of you with older kids, do they ever get that "waking up" thing like we do? As in, I am most definitely not one of those peeps who opens their eyes, pops out of bed, and shouts "Hello, Day! Let's get going!" C'mon - I know the rest of you are {insert eye roll here}. I need a little time to greet the world.).

Me: Did you have a good night sleep? Look at you with all your stuff!
MH: Yeah, I had so much fun yesterday. (Then she gets all serious) But next time I'm going to hold the bag and share my cotton candy with Daddy.
Me: We did share our cotton candy with Daddy (she doesn't need to know that Mommy is a glutton and ate the majority of the bag, she's still young).
MH: Oh. Well maybe if they come back and we can go again, I can hold the bag.
Me: OK, well that's really sweet. But I don't know if they'll be back for a while . . .
MH: Of course they'll be back!
Me: Really MH, they travel all over the country so all the little boys and girls can see their special show. It'll probably be a while.
MH: Mommy, they're going to come back. At the end, Mickey and Minnie said "See you real soon!"

It was still early.
It took me a minute.
They did say that.
They say that at the end of EVERY Mickey Mouse Club episode.

Yep, we're definitely in that literal phase.

Sweetheart just walked in to watch her so I can go to PT. MH just proudly showed off all her garb (she's already spoken to Sweetheart about 6 times since yesterday - even made Daddy call her cell phone so she could tell her more about her day.). The first words out of her mouth after her initial excitement were "Sweetheart! Can we go to your house for a little while? Cassie (my parents' dog) would love to see my cool stuff! And as I type, she has requested a visit to Poppy's office as well - we must show off our fabulous swag.

MH, I say it every day, but I adore you. You are the light of my life. And adoration is such an understatement. You are the true light of my life.

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Shannon said...

I love the taking it literally phase, lol. It's almost as fun as the copying phase. It is hard not to adore them, though, isn't it????

Marla said...

your own little amelia badelia

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Love that hat! And cotton candy? Yum-o!

Anonymous said...

soooo precious. I lol when you described her wearing her Flounder hat and carrying her light-up butterfly from yesterday....

Carol said...

Thomas has always needed time to adjust in the morning. He is such a lazy sleeper. I adore it.

Eli has always been a super jolly morning type never stops talking from the second his eyes open.

MH is adorable as always.

Julie said...

Awww guess Disney was a huge hit! My brother LOVES Disney ever since we took him to the ice show when he was little - he is even a seasonal employee!

Chelle said...

MH sounds so sweet! I can only dream and hope that Isabella will be sweet :)

I love all of your stories about her. I cannot wait until Isabella starts talking in sentences :)

Wendi said...

Love this stage.

MH is adorable!