Monday, September 8, 2008

When Daddy Cuts the Cheese

Sometimes I wonder where this stuff comes from. I swear, we couldn't make it up if we wanted to.

Let's set the scene: MH and I are in bed (it's 7:27AM) watching TV. Daddy is in the bathroom clipping his toenails.

MH: Daddy's cuttin' cheese
Me: (incredulous, and thinking I'm having another misheard moment) What's Daddy doing?
MH: He's just clipping his nails.
Me: Oh. Did he tell you he was cutting cheese?
MH: No. He just does that in the kitchen.
Me: Really? When does he do that?
MH: On Fridays.

Daddy: (under his breath) Daddy cuts the cheese everyday, not just on Fridays.
Mommy: silently agrees.
Daddy: You're not going to blog about this are you?

I'm that quick this morning. Daddy just came over and said, seriously, you're already blogging about this? Nothing is off limits, huh? I'll pay you back tonight with some fresh cheese.

Don't worry honey, I get paid plenty. I'm stocked up for, say, a lifetime.

4 Fabulous Replies:

Rae said...

Too funny! I know DK gets anxious about what might or might not make it on the blog!!! Gotta keep them on their toes!

The Mom said...

That sounds exactly like something that would occur at my house, LOL!!

Marni said...

Heh! "You're not going to blog about this..." is something I hear at my house too! :)

Elaine A. said...

Too funny... sorry though, I just scrolled down and got distracted by that donut cake and had to wipe drool off of my chin AGAIN! ; )