Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Top 5 Tuesday - What's on my mind

Of course it is Tuesday again, and that means another Top 5 list!

This week, Dana has made it super easy - list the top 5 random thoughts floating around in your head.

There are many, this will be good for me.

1) This is my first blog post since last Wednesday and I'm so glad because it makes it really easy for me to post and I have been feeling guilty about not posting or commenting on other blogs (didn't I cover this a couple of weeks ago?).

2) I can not believe it's already Tuesday again. This MH going to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays really makes the week go so fast.

3) I feel overwhelmed right now. As in, trying to get a new business off the ground, trying to be as independent as my back will allow me to be, and doing fun, special things with MH, trying to keep up with physical therapy, having lots of stuff going on this month in our social calendar, trying to read my bloggy friends' blogs and leave comments for them (I promise, I have been reading, just through reader and have not had time for comments - much love to all of you!), being in disbelief that we're halfway through September, just OVERWHELMED in general!

4) I am pissed off that my job (which I never did get around to blogging about but was a job where I was doing bookkeeping on Quickbooks - my dear hubby the accountant taught me, the job literally fell into my lap, and the money was great) has gone to shit because the client is in such major financial trouble that she can't afford to pay for bookkeeping services. But she can't afford not to have them. And I was supposed to be working the 2 days MH is in school. And she changes her mind more often than my dad takes showers (yes that sounds weird, but my dad needs to take a shower any time he changes clothing, and has been known to take 4 in a day - sorry, Dad, for sharing your OCD compulsion with the world - this is a string of random thoughts). Ok, she changes her mind more than Britney changes her hair. Or than John Mayer goes through girlfriends. Or MH asks WHY? You get my point. For 6 weeks, I have had a job, but not really because every week it changes. One week she can't do it, the next week she can. Yesterday she told me not to come today. I'm done. I feel like I've been jerked around. She's a nice lady, and I completely understand that she's under tons of stress and not thinking about how her actions affect me. But they do. And she hasn't paid my "boss". There will be work down the pike, but for now I quit! I'll find something else to do while MH is at school. Like work on starting up that business with my Mom.

5) I'm thinking that this might just be the most boring blog post ever. I am sorry for the ranting and raving. However, it's been therapeutic and that's one of the reasons I started blogging. I am wondering if any of my thoughts have been coherent. I'm not even going to proof read like the anal self I usually am when it comes to blogging. So there.

Ahhhh, that felt wonderful. Join me by doing the same, I promise, it'll be freeing. And then go link up to Dana at Supernanny, Where Are You?

Or, just post your list right here in my comments.

And a special thanks to all of you who humored me last week and shared your top 5 list of reasons for blogging. I loved them all - even if I didn't comment (see #3).

Much love,

6 Fabulous Replies:

poppy said...

dearest daughter, my record to date is 6 showers in one day - hahahahaha :)

Mamasphere said...

I'm sorry to hear about the job not working out. You'll find something so much better than that, without being jerked around.

Julie said...

I had a boss just like that when I was up in Mass. I would be supposed to work on Tuesday and she would call me Monday night and cancel and I really needed that money! It drove me nuts....

Dana said...

I completely unerstood every word of it. And I can totally sympathize with the job. Been there, done that, it sucks. I hope you get on with your business and all that. If that lady can't afford to pay than she needs to learn how to do her own accounting. (I'm not very sympathetic, huh?)

Krystyn said...

That stinks about the job....but I sure hope it starts to work out.

If not, I'm sure that you'll get that business off the ground in no time:)

Jen said...

Maybe this job situation is actually a blessing in disguise. I'm not really sure what type of business you are trying to start, but if you have less additional stresses in your life (ie the indecisive bosslady) then you will be more open to new and exciting opportunities. Change can sometimes be a very good thing! :)

PS This wasn't a boring post at all.