Friday, September 26, 2008

Man, they ask for a lot!

As moms we know our kids ask a lot of us.

Some of their request are easy to honor, some difficult but achievable, and some not so much.

Today's request from MH was one of the most humorous I've heard in a while.

Scene: I've just returned from physical therapy and she wants some "Mommy Snuggle Time". It is dark and chilly, and the rain is pouring down outside. It's the perfect day to be doing just what we're doing - we are snuggled up in my "nest", watching Imagination Movers (I have to say, I find the show a bit strange but she loves it, and is highly responsive to it - if it means I can lie down and relax, it's good with me). MH repeatedly and randomly professes her love for me and in return I do the same. We're having a lovely time.

And then she comes out with this (keep in mind we're in the nest, and snuggled quite closely):

MH: Mommy, can you make all that noise stop?
Me: Oh sweetie, that's just all the rain outside! I can't make the rain stop, silly!
MH: no, it's no the rain. The noise is making me cold.
Me: (confused) what kind of noise are you talking about?
MH: The one you're making.
Me: Huh?
MH: (I can't do this one justice) Whhhhsshssshhhhhhh. You're making that noise right in my ear and it's making my hair move.
Me: (still taking a minute to process): You mean my breathing?
MH: Yeah Mommy, can you stop that?

Hmmmm, I'll see if I can work on that.

Side note: The nest is the pregnancy pillow I used while carrying MH. It made its reappearance earlier than I expected with all of this back nonsense, and MH gave it its name (which is pretty appropriate). Her favorite thing to do every morning is politely ask "can you make room for me?" and climb right in for a good snuggle. We both love it, but it's a really close fit.

12 Fabulous Replies:

Rae said...

MH and I have a lot in common. I can't stand hearing or feeling anyone's breath either!!! :)

Julie said...

You need to get on that no more breathing thing....I mean, how annoying, breathing in MH's ear! :)

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Snuggle time is the bomb! Kyler slept with me last night since daddy was gone and we snuggled all night. I love it!

Now, what can we do about them growing up?

Krystyn said...

Yes, you should get right on that...stop that breathing already.

Don Mills Diva said...

Could you get to work on that?

Clearly you were hogging her oxygen...:-)

Elaine A. said...

HA! Can I just tell you how much she sounds like my oldest son? I think they would get along fabulously. This is SO something he would say...

The Mrs. said...

That is so funny!!!

Marni said...

hehe! Too funny! The other day Ryan said, "Mommy, I want to spend some time with you." Ummm...last time I checked, that's ALL we do all day! :)

Patrice said...

Lol too funny! Snuggle time is the best! I still love to snuggle with my Mommy sometimes. of course I don't mind if she breathes...
cute story!

Mamasphere said...

This had me in stitches! Our girls are two peas in a pod, that's for sure. Gabi asks me without fail when we snuggle to please turn my head so she can't hear my breathing. She says it also make her hair move (my breath is very windy I guess). At least she just asks me to redirect instead of stop. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

i'm the same way too.

[it's still funny though]

Anonymous said...

Yeah, work on that one would you?

Thanks for the laugh.